Why Is IKEA Furniture So Expensive?

Why Is IKEA Furniture So Expensive?

Everyone loves IKEA furniture, but it is expensive compared to other furniture brands. You can place a customized order and get the best design for your home.

Why Is IKEA Furniture So Expensive? IKEA furniture is so expensive because of its appealing design, variety, durability, and higher shipping costs. In addition, the company has highly paid employees, inspection teams of experts, and inspection tools. Moreover, it is expensive because the company uses high-quality raw materials during manufacturing. On average, an IKEA sofa costs between $600 to $950 while a table is between $480 to $750.

The IKEA furniture company works on the upcoming demand of the people and fulfills their dreams. 

20 Examples of IKEA Furniture with Cost, Size, and manufacturing material

Type of furniture



Size (in inches)

Weight (in pounds)

Manufacturing material


IKEA Gateleg


11 x 32 x 30



Gladom tray table


14 x 14 x 4



FLISAT children table


20 x 33 x 20


Wood & Acrylic

MALM dressing table


18 x 49 x 32



Linnmon Multi-purpose table


25 x 49 x 29




Morabo Loveseat


71 x 39 x 22


Polyester & steel

KIVIK 4-seat


66 x 127 x 35



UPPLAND loveseat


38 x 74 x 38


Steel & wood


Nordviken White


22 x 19 x 28



Poang Children Armchair


25 x 19 x 29



Blue Mammut kids Chair


17 x 12 x 28



Ingolf white


18 x 22 x37




MALM bed frame


86 x 85 x 33





84 x 41 x 48


White pine wood

SLATTUM upholstered frame


83 x 63 x 35


Steel & wood


IKEA – white stain


15 x 19 x 29


Wood & acrylic

Knarrevik Black


16 x 13 x 18





21 x 43 x 31



IKEA Nordkisa


16 x 17 x 28



IKEA 2 drawer dresser nightstand


17 x 21 x 23



Higher shipping cost

The shipment of IKEA furniture needs more protection and careful handling. Many people order the bed from an online store and pay the higher transportation charges.

Moreover, the experts deal with its loading and safe transportation to the mentioned address. They pack each part of the bed and load it o the truck.

The careful packing with extra protection material and wraps higher its charges. Furthermore, the shipping time and cost also depend on the size of the furniture.

Many people order the tables from other cities and states. Sometimes the company contacts the transportation company for the large size and number of items to transport.

The customer pays its charges either the company transport it through small services or trucking companies.

Appealing design

The IKEA furniture company offers appealing design that is different from the market.

For example, you can make your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and offices look cool by placing unique tables and chairs.

The unique and graceful design of the furniture makes them expensive. The designer makes it according to the emerging demand and trends.

When you select the more innovative and modern design, you will pay according to it.

Many people rely on the IKWEA furniture because of its best design. You can select the design from simple to fancy making your room charming.

Manufactured under inspection

The best thing about the IKEA Company is that it makes the furniture under high inspection. In addition, the inspection tools include cameras, lasers, and other gadgets.

When you order the tables, it also includes the manufacturing charges. The inspection team looks at every step with higher consideration.

The slight difference in cutting and joining matters a lot to the owner. It can change the design dimensions and make it different from the craft.

More durable

The company used high-quality particleboard during the manufacturing of office and home furniture. It is more durable than the other material as it lasts for years.

Moreover, the particleboard provides strength to the chairs. You can drag it anywhere in your home as it is lightweight. However, durability is one of the most significant factors that increase its price.

The furniture has an extra coating that protects from moisture and radiation. Furthermore, its color does not change as early as the other bands and maintains its texture for a longer time.

Many people prefer to place the table and chair in that area of home and offices where the direct sunlight falls on the furniture’s surface.

Highly-paid employees

The IKEA furniture company always hires experts in their field and experienced workers. Therefore, the workers’ pay is according to their qualifications and skills.

The company gets the expenses from the customers and offers a handsome salary to the workers. You will receive a welcome from the employee when you go to the store for a visit.

In the same way, when you order a chair from an online store, you will get the best customer service at any time.

You can ask for anything related to the furniture and get all the information from the order to the shipment.

Moreover, you can also access the company through the contact number and email.

The management team is also very active and responsive, so all the company’s expenses come from the customers.

It is highly-priced because expert employees handle the process from raw material to the end shape of the furniture.

Use of good quality raw material

The final shape and structure depend on the raw material used for its manufacturing. Therefore, IKEA is costly because the professionals use the best raw material.

The company imports the wood from different parts of the world to maintain its quality. It never compromises its quality, even in a shortage of raw material.

When there is a limited number of furniture available at one store due to the shortage of raw material, its cost increases to cope with the department’s expenses.

The import of raw materials from other states increases the price of the furniture item. In case of emergency demand for the couch, the workers arrange it from another store.

In addition, the workers are loyal to their duty and always use the best quality wood, nails, paint, glue, and other hardware for manufacturing.

Depend on season

The price of IKEA products increases or decreases according to their demand in the market. Many people change the interior of their homes from July to August.

It is the season of earning for furniture manufacturing and selling companies. 

The cost increases from July to August because of the sales increase. However, its higher prices do not change the customers’ minds because they know its quality and reliability.

In addition, the expert increases the cost wisely, which will not put an extra burden on the customer economy.

The company has all the information regarding the changing of the home interior vas it has many regular customers.

It takes reviews from the customers and utilizes them from time to time for improvements. This way, it increases the cost in a specific time by estimating it from the reviews.

Saves space

The demand for less space-taking furniture is increasing day by day. Many people live in small flats and apartments, but they want to make them attractive by placing everything in them.

Experts manufacture this furniture so that it takes less space but performs its function well.

For example, you can easily clean the floor under the couches because there is enough space beneath them.

Furthermore, you can arrange the bed, sofa, and table in one small-sized bedroom. You can select the size of the furniture according to your home and office size.

Its less space occupying quality increases its cost in the market. You can fold and unfold the table according to the need.

The one important thing is that the company does not compromise its quality and comfort while making the furniture functional and small.

Take less effort to assemble

Their furniture takes less effort in assembly. For example, you can assemble the bed parts if you cannot access the expert. 

Sometimes, the assembly tools are available separately or with the furniture at the store. You can assemble it at home without taking help from the experts.

Moreover, you will get the instruction booklet and follow the steps to join the parts of the large couches.

Furthermore, it is challenging for the manufacturer to make the joining parts. When you join the two separate parts at their position, you will see a level surface.

It is better to use glue in the bed and couches assembly to prevent wobbling. The cost of the furniture items increases when you get the innovations in it.

Available in variety

You can get whatever you like for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and lawn. A variety of furniture is available at the stores in different sizes and designs.

Many people change the interior of their houses after one or two years. Therefore, it is better to visit their furniture store and select the variety than before.

You can change the chair’s design from simple to armchair and e from king size to queen size. Moreover, some people like folding dining tables due to less space in the house.

The company designs new and functional designs every year, and hence IKEA furniture is more expensive than the other brand.

Popular brand

The IKEA future is popular among all the brands in the market due to its durability and reliability. The people take whatever they want and furnish their rooms according to their desires.

In addition, they have earned fame in the market and have many satisfied regular customers. Therefore, it is increasing the prices of the furniture day by day.

Many people are brand conscious and want to get everything from a famous brand.

They do not think about the cost and take the furniture from IKEA without considering the price. Therefore, customer satisfaction makes its cost higher compared to other brands.

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