Why is Removable Wallpaper So Expensive?

Why is Removable Wallpaper So Expensive?

Removable wallpapers are getting expensive, but many interior designers prefer to use these to add style to the dull rooms.

Moreover, you can quickly transform your room by adding attractive designs on a single or all four walls.

Why is Removable Wallpaper So Expensive? Removable wallpaper is so expensive due to the high-quality raw materials used in its production and its extreme durability. A single roll of wallpaper can cost you around $30 to $60 for a 200×22 inch in size due to high demand and market competition. Moreover, they are reusable, removable, and resistant to water damage.

You can choose these for your room if you do not want to change its look permanently.

It also protects walls from damage, but its price is slightly higher than less durable paint.

What is removable wallpaper?

There are two types of wallpapers; traditional and removable or peel and stick.

The traditional products require glue or adhesives to fix them, while the removable ones have an adhesive backing that helps stick directly to the wall without using any glue.

Furthermore, these come in a roll shape but have small stripes compared to traditional ones, which are wider.

The cost of each roll is around $30 to $60, but it can go higher when you choose good-quality brands.

24 Examples of Removable Wallpapers with their Cost and Size



Dimensions (In inches




Tempaper Peacock & metallic Gold


200 x 22



Nuwallpaper Astrilde


218 x 22



Tempaper x Genevieve Gorder


22 x 180



Tempaper Blue Moon


200 x 23



Spoonflower negative photograph wallpaper


26 x 110


Polyvinyl chloride

Tempaper Harbor Swell


201 x 21



RoomMates Tan Faux


200 x 21



Brewster Edulis Bamboo


398 x 22



Graham & Brown Wallpaper


397 x 21


Non-woven paper & vinyl

Scalamandre Denim Zebra Safari


218 x 22

Feature wall


RoomMates Accent peel and stick


22 x 17

Tin Tile


Tempaper Ink Leaves


200 x 220



Norwall William Series


398 x 22



Spoonflower Abstract wallpaper


25 x 145


Peel & stick

Brewster Bataan wallpaper


27 x 38



York Wallcoverings


11 x 9



Novogratz x Tempaper


200 x 22



Spoonflower Art Deco Swans


13 x 25


Polyvinyl chloride

Graham & Brown Superfresco Crocodile


395 x 22



Nesting with grace x Tempaper Lemon


200 x 22



Novogratz x Tempaper Greige


199 x 21



Art3d self-adhesive


19 x 80

Grey marble


Blooming wall removable wallpaper


214 x 120



Spoonflower swatch moody


14 x 26


Waterproof paper

Why are removable wallpapers so expensive?

The increased price of peel and stick wallpapers is due to high consumer demand and production costs. However, many other reasons, like their properties and durability, make them costly.

Professional application

These products are sticky enough, so you have to apply them quickly after removing the back cover. However, any delay in attachment leads to a reduction in stickiness.

Moreover, you have to be quick, which can sometimes form bubbles or creases in the paper. It is challenging for an amateur person to apply it correctly.

You have to seek professional help for their correct application.

However, they can do it within a few hours with accuracy, and you do not have to reposition them again and again.

So, professional help can increase the overall cost because you have to pay the amount for their work.

High manufacturing cost

The total cost of manufacturing a product increases its price ultimately.

You have to pay more for the products when the manufacturers use high-quality materials like vinyl paper, ink, adhesives, and coating material.

Some have a basic design of lining, while a few of them have complex designing that increases the cost of production.

Better durability

The expensive products have better durability than the cheaper ones because manufacturers use better raw materials for their production.

Therefore, they can remain intact for almost 2 to 6 years, unlike paints which can turn into scrapes and flakes after a few years.

Quick replacement

In addition, they are quick to replace an old wallpaper that is permanently attached to the surface. After cleaning, you have to peel it off and paste it on the solid surface.

You can also paste them on a painted wall. Moreover, they provide an opportunity to be replaced with a new one when you are getting bored of it after a few years.

Moreover, this extraordinary property makes them ideal for use and increases their cost.

Marketing competition

There is lesser competition in this market because a few manufacturers produce them.

Their prices can go down when the competition increases, and the brands have to survive by offering attractive prices.

So, this less competition in their production and sales makes them costly.


Water damage is a common problem with paints which can decrease their lifespan.

Therefore, many people prefer using thick coats of paint that can resist water.

However, some water-resistant peel and stick products can help prevent water damage by blocking their movement across the surface.

The cost of waterproof products is usually more than those that are not resistant, so this property distinguishes them from others.

High demand

The price of products automatically goes up when demand increases from the consumer side.

Similarly, these products have high demand due to their extraordinary properties.

They offer a feasible solution to make your room look appealing in the long term.

In addition, many people prefer to use them in their rooms because they can change them quickly with another one.

It is not essential to put the paper on the wall for a lifetime, particularly when renting. You have to leave the house as it was at the start of the tenancy period.

So, you have to pay an extra amount for these because they are highly in demand.

Reusable and removable

As their name indicates, they are easy to remove when you want to replace them with new paint or wallpapers or put them in a new room.

You can reuse them by removing them and pasting them on the other surface.

Additionally, it is easy to reposition them when a crease forms during application.

However, you have to be careful and avoid frequent reusing because they can lose stickiness which can lessen their durability.

Easier maintenance

They do not require proper cleaning methods and particular cleaners to remove the dirt and grease from their surface.

You can wipe out their surface with a clean and dry rug that can revive its shine.

So, you have to pay some extra pennies for them, but it reduces physical efforts later.

Is removable wallpaper cheaper than paint?

It does not cost you lesser than paint to color the walls.

Moreover, the cost depends on whether you want to add removable wallpapers on all the 4 walls of the room or just a single one.

You need 4 to 5 gallons to paint a room 11×11 feet in dimension.

Each gallon of paint can cost you around $25 to $42 when using high-quality paint.

The total cost of a single room is almost $160 to $220, including all the expenses of primers and other supplies.

However, you have to pay almost $325 to $360 if you want to apply these in the same size room.

A room of 11×11 feet requires 8 rolls, and each roll can cost you about $30 to $60. Therefore, paint is more cost-effective but less durable.

How long does it take to apply removable wallpaper to the wall?

The time taken to apply these products depends on your expertise.

It can take almost 90 to 140 minutes to apply it correctly if you have some experience.

However, this time can exceed 4 to 5 hours when you are an amateur because you have to remove and reposition it continuously.

The professional persons can do the task in only 70 to 90 minutes because they know how to manage it correctly.

Furthermore, you have to give it a drying time of 2 to 2.5 hours after applying.

Is peel and stick wallpaper worth the money?

The peel and stick wallpapers are worth the money by providing a long-lasting attachment to the wall surface.

Moreover, they are made of good quality and can stay intact for many years if you take proper care.

You can choose the best product from multiple designs and materials available in the market.

Furthermore, you can use it many times by removing it and sticking back.

You can use them in another room by peeling them off.

It can reduce its adhesiveness but does not make it a waste product entirely.

Why would you use removable wallpaper in your room?

You can add a peel and stick to add fantastic contrast to your boring room from other rooms.

The bright colors and complex designs can make your walls look beautiful.

Moreover, you can use them on the solid surface where the paints do not last long due to water damage.

They can resist humidity and make them suitable to use in high moisture bathrooms.

Furthermore, it is a good option for renters to modify the rooms without damaging walls and paint. 

How to use removable wallpaper?

First, clean the wall surface using a dry cloth or a sponge and remove the stains of dirt and grease as it can reduce their stickiness.

Draw a line on the upper side of the wall by a scale and reach the baseboard. Expose the sticky surface by removing the cover and pasting it along the line.

Use a plastic tool or smoother to smoothen the surface and remove creases. Then, cut the extra piece by using a knife.

Furthermore, apply it in the same way and cover the whole wall and areas around windows. Look carefully and remove the bubbles, if any.

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