Why Are Sofas So Expensive?

Why Are Sofas So Expensive?

Soft and comfortable sofas are expensive, but they provide a cozy environment and look appealing to the eyes.

Moreover, the price tags on the stylish furniture like couches give a surprise when it is more than your expected price and budget.

Why Are Sofas So Expensive? Sofas are so expensive due to excessive demand, latest designs, high-quality fabric, costly wood, and metallic springs. On average, their cost is between $900 to $1500, depending on the material and brand. In addition, low supply, larger size, customization, and transportation cost add to its price. Furthermore, the recognized brands sell them at high rates because of labor-intensive manufacturing processes.

Many people raise questions about the high prices of sofas. However, all of these are not costly, and their rates are dependent on user demand.

It is better to spend money on long-lasting and high-quality products rather than replacing cheap furniture quite often.

23 Examples of Sofas with their Cost, Weight, and Manufacturing Material



Size (In inches)

Weight (in pounds)


Manufacturing material

Merax Linen convertible sofa


29 x 80 x 33




ELOMBR Reversible Chaise couch


52 x 79 x 37


L shaped

Wood & foam

KVK PU sofa


40 x 37 x 42




ZUNMOS adjustable sofa


37 x 39 x 40




GDFStudio Mason


36 x 29 x 40




LOKATSE Futon sofa


65 x 32 x 31



Faux Leather

IULULU Modern convertible sleeper


33 x 73 x 33


Armless Futon


Casa Andrea Arm tufted


35 x 86 x 30




Christopher knight Resaca three-seat


80 x 32 x 37




Christopher knight Evelyn


34 x 33 x 34




Christopher knight Faye


28 x 51 x 35



Faux Leather

Lifestyle solutions couch


35 x 33 x 35




Christopher knight Quentin sofa


34 x 29×40



Textile & Polyester

Serta Harmon Sectional sofa


60 x 82 x 37


L shaped


ONCIN Home seating couch


86 x 34 x 31



Faux Leather

Mellow Adair tufted sofa-armrest pockets


30 x75 x 31




Rivet Alonzo Contemporary


65 x 39 x 37




Peciafy reversible sectional couch


116 x 60 x 34


L shaped


Stone & Beam Slipcovered


91 x 43 x 34


Classic contemporary

Transitional Wood & fabric

South shore couch


35 x 35 x 34


One seat


Ashley Olsberg two seat couch


70 x 40 x 40



Faux Leather

Rivet Revolve caramel couch


81 x 36 x 37


3-seat Track arm style


Rivet Thomas Sofa Modern


103 x 42 x 28




What factors make sofas so expensive?

Some factors directly relate to the price of sofas, like their design and the use of fabric covering the filler material and springs.

Use of high-quality material

The quality of material used for manufacturing the furniture determines its pricing.

For example, they are costly when the springs and fillers inside the couch are good enough to stay for a long time.

Moreover, the use of better wood like oak and maple wood is strong and improves the durability of the products but increases their prices.

Different fabrics are used for their construction like leather, linen, wool, etc. I have searched for different couches when I want to get one for my living room.

I found that leather furniture is more highly-priced than wool or linen fabric couches.

Furthermore, the Barcelona sofas are not cost-effective as they provide luxurious seats as manufacturers use full-grain leather in their construction.

Both cheap and super-quality leather sofas are available that can cost you from $620 to $8255. At the same time, a 2-seater linen couch can cost you about $599 to $780.

High demand

The furniture sellers increase the price of products that are in high demand. The regular selling of products affects their prices because it goes out of fashion at some stage.

It is common among people that costly products indicate high-quality products. Therefore, some brands try to improve the profit ratio by increasing the prices of their products.

Some sellers increase their prices to get extra money for the same products.

However, the same rule does not apply in all cases because some manufacturers provide better products at reasonable rates.

Labor-intensive manufacturing process

It is a complicated process to manufacture the couches and other furniture. Manufacturers have to cut and mold the wood to design its basic frame.

Similarly, cutting and stitching fabric for making covers to hide the springs and fillers is labor-intensive.

A molded foam is present on the seat and backrest over a wooden frame.

You have to use instruments like power saws, motorized machinery, and some hand tools to mold it properly.

Skilled labor can manufacture a full set in almost 15 to 25 days. However, the daunting task of preparing the furniture requires time.

So, the whole manufacturing process requires craftsmanship and expertise in the work to be completed within a month.

Recognized brands

The products of recognized brands are usually more priced than the products from local stores.

They provide costly furniture items as they claim to be high-quality through advertisement.

They spend a lot of money to gain social value by marketing and advertisement and build recognition for themselves.

Additionally, people consider their products to be more luxurious, which helps them build social recognition in society.

Therefore, this furniture from recognized brands like Allform is expensive and provides a corner sectional sofa for $2650 to $3090.

Similarly, Maiden Home provides stylish custom products, and the Muir sofa from this brand can cost you around $4800.

Supply chain problems

There is an opposite relation between the supply and product price as a low supply results in a price rise.

Lesser availability of products in stock makes them rare. Additionally, the supply of newly introduced furniture is usually low and has high consumer demand.

However, their prices go down when their supply increases and demands decrease.

I purchased a recliner from Wayfair that was around $980. However, its price increased to $1150 when I saw it on their website after a month because only 12 items remained.

Transportation and assembly cost

All furniture brands do not offer free shipping, and you have to pay a delivery fee.

This fee depends on the distance between a warehouse and the shipping address.

They ask for delivery fees because some vehicles remain specifically bound to serve you.

In addition, the vehicles need fuel to reach your doorstep, so the oil rates affect the price of products.

Large and heavy furniture consumes a lot of space, so it is not convenient to deliver the products by public transport.

In addition, you have to pay an assembly fee when you want the deliverers to assemble different pieces of the product.

There are 3 or 4 parts of the sectional platform that usually requires appropriate assembly by skilled persons.

One of my friends ordered an L-shape sofa that was about $2680. He had to pay $90 for the transportation and $150 for its assembly, so the total cost was about $2920.

So, the overall cost of transportation and the product assembly adds to the price of the furniture.

Bigger size

The size and shape of the furniture take extra space in the cargo and home, and it can cost you more than the small 1 person couch.

Large couches require more fabric and upholstery material to build a smooth and luxurious platform for sitting.

You need a large wood frame for bigger products like sectionals and sofa beds. Therefore, the extra fabric and wood increase the overall price of the product.

Customized furniture

The price of customized furniture is higher than the one available already in the stock.

When you ask them to provide a custom product, the manufacturers have to make many adjustments in the design, shape, and fabric.

They can provide a customized couch at a higher price as they do extra efforts to construct the product according to your requirement.

Is it worth buying an expensive sofa?

The expensive sofas are worth it because you do not have to make many efforts to maintain them. There is no need to clean the high-quality fabric and frame regularly.

Moreover, it can be a burden on your pocket, but consider it a lifetime investment. They are not cost-effective but remain soft, intact, and comfortable for an extended time.

In addition, it provides a comfortable place where you can sit and relax and enjoy reading a book.

Some modern designs can easily convert into beds and provide a suitable platform to lie down straight. You can put your legs over its surface to relax your body.

Furthermore, you can play with your pets on this sitting platform. I used to enjoy coffee while sitting comfortably on a loveseat.

What type of sofas are expensive?

Its price depends on its shape and design. A wide and stylish piece of furniture can cost you more than the small and simple one.

A large sectional couch covering two or more sides of the walls is almost $1500 to $5000. In contrast, a small armchair can cost you around $300 to $900.

The recliners are available at an average price of $350 to $820 and $1199 to $1530.

Sofa beds are highly-priced because they offer easier adjustments with charging ports on the side arms.

Additionally, the loveseat and armless couches provide lesser sitting space and are only suitable for 1 to 3 persons. You can get loveseats from $750 to $1099.

The price of armless couches depends on their height and size as the low-end products are available from $399 to $999.

Furthermore, furniture with wooden frames and upholstered seats and backrests is affordable due to the lesser use of fabric and fillings.

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