How Long Does IKEA Shipping Take?

How Long Does IKEA Shipping Take?

IKEA is the world’s leading home furniture brand, and it offers many products for home furniture and decor. The shipping depends on the type or location and takes a few days to reach the destination.

How Long Does IKEA Shipping Take? IKEA shipping time depends on the order size, location, stock availability, and delivery demand. Small orders take fewer days with minimum charges of $6 to $10, while the large order deliveries offer selected day and express delivery which takes 3 to 30 days and 2 to 3 days respectively. In addition, the click and collect service offers you collection at the store within three days. Moreover, the parcel delivery takes 7 days with $14 to $15 charges, and truck delivery takes 3 to 5 days with $70 to $75 shipping charges. 

IKEA usually informs the delivery day at the time of checkout when you enter the zip code. During shipping delays, it tells you through mail or message with a window of 4 hours.

Factors that Affect IKEA shipping Time

IKEA has many stores or outlets and offers shipping in areas with no stores. It provides a wide range of products, and you can order them through its website.

Moreover, remote areas, stocks unavailability, large orders, or type of delivery cause delay and takes longer than usual.

These are expensive furniture, and it is also affected due to high order demands during Christmas or other festivals and bad environmental conditions.

Order size

The order size also determines the shipping date, especially during their sales.

In promotional sales, the order size increases due to the overwhelming response. As a result, it takes longer to prepare their order and then deliver at the doorstep on expected dates.

You are informed by mail or message when there is a delay of additional 3 to 4 days. The higher the order size, the more it takes to reach at the address.


The delivery address is the essential factor, and it takes much time to deliver when the location is far away from the warehouse or store.

Moreover, the areas with no stores expect delays in their orders due to distance. Therefore, the remote area delivery takes more time than the nearby areas.

Product availability

Sometimes, there is a supply availability issue that affects the delivery of products.

Therefore, it takes longer as you have to wait for more for the product availability, then IKEA informs you about the product and prepares your package.

Moreover, you can check it online by entering the article number and adding it to your favorites. Finally, you get a mail or message by leaving your contact details if it is out of stock.

It takes 2-3 days once the product is available.

Delivery demand

You can select the delivery date of your furniture or any product during checkout. However, the large truck order takes more time if the environmental conditions are not favorable.

Moreover, during check out, you can get an estimated time and the cost to make the choices.

Small order deliveries

The small order includes home décor things like pictures frames, textiles, and even hangers. They offer $6 to $10 for smaller shippable products packed in boxes.

Its charges depend on the package weight or distance from the nearest store and are calculated at checkout.

You cannot choose the delivery date or time for small orders, and they provide you with an estimated date.

Sometimes, you can receive the products within the same date if it is in stock and nearest to your address.

It takes almost 2 to 4 working days to reach the destination, and it informs you of the window of 3.5 to 4 hours.

Large order deliveries

Large order includes beds, furniture, wardrobes, and other appliances and the charges range from $49 to $50 accordingly.

In addition, the large order deliveries charge for the cost of order processing, handling, or packing.

It offers two types of delivery options: home delivery and delivery at the doorstep.

The charges for home delivery start from $50 once you confirm the order. You can choose the date in large orders and also you can reschedule it if necessary.

But you have to pay the additional charges if no one is available on the shipping day. The doorstep delivery allows you to have your order in an outdoor location like a garage, porch, or at the door and costs $39 to $40.

You have to pay an additional $9 to $10 as a storage fee if you reschedule it more than 15 days after your order.

Selected day delivery 

You can also select the day of your products for your large orders. Its charges start from $50 to $52 and are shipped to your address in 3 to 30 days.

Express delivery

You can also choose express delivery as it ships within 2 to 3 days for your large orders. However, it costs more than $60 to $62 for shipping to the apartment of your choice.

Online order

While ordering online, you have delivery options depending upon your choice and weight.

Pick-up at store

You can put the items in your shopping cart and select the click and collect option at the checkout.

You can collect your products from the store while choosing them online.

You can save on charges and pay fewer charges, around $4 to $5.

Once the products are ready for collection, it informs you with a margin of 2 to 3 hours at stores and within 2-3 days at the collection center.

But they have selected products for pickup in stores and extending this service soon to facilitate the customers.

Parcel delivery 

The parcel delivery online order allows 38 to 40 kg weight products at your location. It takes 7 days at the time of purchase with $14 to $15 charges.

Truck delivery

The large orders that come on trucks usually take 3 to 5 days after making an online purchase.

The charges for the truck are $70 to $75 with access to a lift on the building floors.

Additional charges are included $20 to $25 when there is no access to the elevator and items delivered to the third floor.

It can take 2 to 3 days due to high peak orders during the holidays season.

Does IKEA deliver to my zip code?

IKEA is delivering within many states or locations, and you can check it by entering your zip code.

You can track the store locations near you before purchasing as it does not deliver the furniture everywhere. Moreover, you can enter your zip code on their site and check the availability.

If you find difficulty, you can call them on their customer service number and email them. However, there might be some issues to your zip code due to the unavailability of items and remote areas.

You can also select a pick-up point at their nearest store if they are not sending it to your zip code.

You have to make sure that your location matches your zip code. For example, I am currently in Las Vegas, and it delivers the order to my zip code.

How to avoid or decrease IKEA shipping costs?

The store usually does not offer free shipping as it provides you good online or delivery services with ease.

You can decrease this cost by combining all your orders, and in this way, you have to pay once as it charges money per order.

You can also order via the Amazon store, and members get free delivery when their order costs more than $24.

Moreover, you can choose the products online and select their click and collect service to avoid the charges or pay less.

You can also purchase third parties and save on high costs. During Black Friday and summer sales, it offers a significant decrease in the cost.

Does IKEA ship out of State? 

IKEA ships at an international level when there are no stores in the states and charges shipping costs.

You can check the availability in your state by simply tracking your zip code.

They can ship at your location when the warehouse or store is available in the nearest State.

All the online purchases are delivered from the warehouse or the nearest local store.

Moreover, the shipping charges depend on the weight, location, or delivery type.

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