Where to Place Chandelier in Dining Room?

Where to Place Chandelier in Dining Room?

The chandeliers are essential to light up the dining rooms and living rooms. These are available in different shapes like rectangular or round.

Where to Place Chandelier in Dining Room? You can place the chandelier above the table and in the dining room center. It should be at a distance of 34 to 38 inches from the tabletop and 7 to 8 feet above the dining room floor. Chandelier width should not be more than two to three-quarters of the table width and should match the table shape. You can hang more than one chandelier in one dining room but of the same shape and style.

What are chandeliers?

These are light fixtures containing multiple lights or lamps hanging from the ceiling. Usually, these light fixtures are used in the living room, dining room, or entryways.

These lightings are available in different styles like rustic, modern, and contemporary are the most common styles of them. 

Why would you have a chandelier in the dining room?

Chandelier lights up the room and gives a focal point to our room. Hanging them above the dining table will give a different statement style to your room.

It will illuminate the dining table with bright lights and create a peaceful atmosphere for the table conversation.

In addition, decorating the dining area will create a welcoming atmosphere for the guest to get their attention towards the table.

The chandeliers are also space savers because you do not need to place side table lamps or floor lamps to illuminate the area.

It is also economical because it can spread light in the greater area; you do not need to use extra lights.

Unlike wall-mounted lamps, they do not damage the wallpaper and wall paints. In addition, open dining areas provide greater coverage and spread light to each corner.

It can transform your boring dining room into something more attractive.

In addition, it can fit well in any interior style; you do not need to match it with the rest of the lighting and lamps in your dining room.

Where to hang the chandelier in the dining room?

Chandeliers are an essential decoration piece, and their placement should uplift the elegance and beauty of your room.

Hanging it in the wrong place will create a dull look and reduce the aesthetic appeal of your room. For example, before hanging it in the dining room, consider the location of the dining table.

You can hang these lighting fixtures from the ceiling above the dining table.

First, it should be hung above the table in the center to spread the light on the whole table surface.

Secondly, consider the electric wiring and location of switches before hanging them in the dining room. No matter where your table is placed, hang the chandelier above it in the center point.

You can have a dining table in the center of the room, so hang it in the center of the room at a certain height.

In some cases, the living room is joined with the dining area, or a large hall is used as a living room and dining room.

The dining table is placed on the sides or against the walls. Therefore, you can hang them on the sides from the ceiling and above the table in these halls.

However, you should not hang it in other areas because it will disturb the symmetry of the dining room.

How high to hang a chandelier above a dining table?

Before hanging a light fitting above a table, consider its design and functionality. Its distance from the table surface should be such that it illuminates the whole table.

When the chandelier has numerous lamps and is used to light up the room, hang it higher.When it is specifically used to illuminate the table, hang it at a lower distance.

In general, the lower point of the lamp should be 34 to 38 inches high from the table surface. This rule is applicable when the ceiling is 8 feet high.

For rooms with a higher ceiling, you have to calculate the distance between the lowest point of the lighting fixture and the tabletop. When the ceiling is higher than 8 feet, add three inches for every foot of the ceiling height.

For example, when the ceiling height is 10 feet, calculate the distance by adding extra inches. Add three more inches for every foot of the ceiling height.

Here you have to add 6 inches to compensate for two feet height difference. So the lowest point should be 42 inches above the tabletop.

In the case of 12 feet ceiling height, you should hang it at a higher distance from the table.

Add 3 inches into the distance for each foot of ceiling height. Here the chandelier should be 48 inches above the table surface.

How high to hang a Chandelier from the floor?

There is no rule on how high or low a light fixture is from the ground. It depends upon your choice or functionality of the lighting.

Generally, it should not be hung low than the tallest person in your dining room. You can temporarily hang it in the entry, then adjust the height according to your dining room design.

Generally, designers recommend the distance between the lowest point of the lamp and the floor should be 7 to 8 feet.

You can increase or decrease the distance depending upon its style and purpose. For example, this rule is for an 8 feet high ceiling, and you can add extra inches when the roof is high.

Chandelier size considerations

The size of the chandelier should be according to the size of the room and table.

In general, it is recommended that it should not be wider than two to three-quarters of the table width.

However, this recommended size can vary depending upon the style and shape of these lighting fixtures.

You should select them according to the table shape. For example, select an oval or round-shaped chandelier when the table is round. When the table is square or rectangular, choose a square shape lighting.

Here are some assumptions of the chandelier size following the room size. When the room size is 10 feet wide, select a light fixture with 18 to 22 inches.

When the room is 12 feet wide, you can choose a lighting fixture with a 24 inches width. For rooms larger than 15 feet, select 28 inches wide light fixtures.

Can you add two or more chandeliers in the dining room?

It depends upon the size of your dining table and the light-fitting shape. You can hang more than one lighting fixture when the table is large.

For example, to hang two or more chandeliers, divide the table area by the number of lighting fixtures you want to hang. Then divide the tabletop equally to hang each mini lamp above each segment.

When you are hanging multiple chandeliers, their size should be small. Select the same style and design to enhance the elegance and charm of your dining room.

But you can contrast by choosing the different designs of light fittings and arranging them in a unique symmetry.

For example, you can hang one different lighting between two matching chandeliers to make the view more eye-catching.

You can choose the same design with different colors of lamps to make the dining table stylish and attractive.

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