Is Henredon Furniture Out of Business?

Is Henredon Furniture Out of Business?

Henredon was famous for its traditional furniture and classical interior items. Many people still look for its products when buying items for their homes.

Is Henredon Furniture Out of Business? Henredon Furniture is out of business due to bankruptcy filed by Heritage Home Group and failed to pay its required amount. As a result, they were unable to compete with all the leading interior brands. Furthermore, Authentic Brands Group took control of Henredon in 2018 along with 2 to 3 home decor companies while continuing its legacy.

Many companies cannot maintain their legacy for different reasons and collapse within a few months or years of working. 

What is the history of Henredon furniture?

This leading furniture company originated in 1945 by four people named R. Edwards, S. Collet, D. Vanoppen, and T. Henry Wilson in North Carolina, USA.

They started their business with just three cabinets that became the most iconic pieces, and everyone applauded their work.

After a successful start, they released various home decor products.

These items include stylish sofas, innovative bedroom sets, dining sets, and other high-grade upholstery within a decade.

Moreover, they focused on making their items unique and innovative with a vintage look.

Why is Henredon furniture out of business?

Henredon was bankrupted by its parent company and could not provide its customers with its products.


In the late 80s, few leading home decor companies had strong competition with each other.

These include CR Lane, Broyhill Furniture, Hickory chair, Bensen, Capris furniture, and Jofran. These groups provide their customers with luxurious and best-quality home decor products.

Furthermore, they come with elegant and attractive designs and crafting in every new release.

However, this company could not provide its customers with unique and lavishing products as they faced bankruptcy.

Import of Raw material

They started importing some products for manufacturing to compete with other companies.

Many people like this furnishing company just because of their handcrafts and traditional design, but people stop buying their items when they start importing a few of their items.

After that, it became an imported furniture company rather than a native brand. This is the reason for its loss, and the company is still unable to recover from that loss.


In 2018, its parent company named Heritage Home Group filed for its bankruptcy.

Many companies want to purchase it because of its classical-style products. After that, a company named Authentic Brands Group purchased it.

High pricing

It was the most expensive home decor brand and it used to deal in luxurious wooden items and upholstery.

They use expensive wood to give the most luxurious finish to their wooden items like Cherry, Rosewood, Walnut, Zebrano, and other high-cost timber.

Moreover, they also decorate their products with hand carvings and gold and silver plating to give them an elegant touch.

These luxurious designs and decorations make these items more expensive, requiring the best designers and craftsmen.

Furthermore, they use expensive and best-quality leather with longer durability and an elegant appearance in their upholstery.

They also provide you with customized traditional products that give a sentimental value to their customers.

Shortage of products

Due to bankruptcy, they had a shortage of products as they failed to regulate their inventory correctly.

The shortage of staff and products ruined this great company, and people were unhappy to say goodbye to their favorite interior company.

Is Henredon furniture still in business?

No, this classical home interior company does not exist as they collapsed after bankruptcy.

The Authentic Brands Group bought all its stores located in 10 to 15 States among 20 to 27 locations.

In 2020, officials announced closing one of its showrooms on Brevard road.

Moreover, they also said that the owner of this company keeps making few products along with less than 200 employees.

Who owns Henredon furniture now?

The Authentic Brands Group now owns this high-end furnishing brand as they took over this company in 2018.

This company also purchased Drexel Heritage and Thomasville along with Henredon and combined all these companies.

These all are working now as one body with its headquarters in New York City.

What does Henredon furniture provide?

They deal in home and office decor items like living room, dining room, bedroom, and other accessories.

Bedroom furniture

This company deals in Bedding, Ottomans, cabinets, Mattresses, Nightstands, Bookcases, Dressing tables, and other accessories in the bedroom category.

Living room Furniture 

They also provide their customers with Chaises, Loveseats, Settees, Slipcovers, Upholstery pillows, sectionals, couches, and other living room accessories.

Dining room furniture

This furnishing brand provides you with antique and handmade dining room items that give your place a sentimental look.

These items include Entertainment centers, Cabinets and buffets, Storage and carts, Bars, Chairs, outdoor benches, and many more products like this.

Home office Furniture

You can give your home office a retro look by decorating it with their classical furniture items.

It includes Bookcases, Desks, Home office sets, Cabinets, chairs, and tables.


You can also buy aesthetic accessories for your home interior, including Rugs, lighting, bakers-racks, Artwork, Mirrors, storage and carts, pillows, and cushions.

How to identify Henredon furniture?

They were experts in hand-crafted antique pieces that make them different from others. You can recognize it with this unique feature using specific tips.

Brand mark

Every brand has a specific tag on its items that make its products unique and easy to identify.

So, to recognize the original products, you have to look keenly on all sides of the products in search of the Henredon Heritage tag, which has a serial number.

If you buy a chair or couch, you must look for a signature tag beneath the seat. Moreover, you have to search for that specific mark on corners if you want to purchase tables or cabinets.

Without tag

You have to check which company manufactured that item if you are buying a product online.

In online shopping, it is quite challenging to identify the original items as you do not have any source to confirm their authenticity.

So, you have to access their official websites in search of brand logos that will confirm their originality.

Examine details deeply

You have to gather all the information about its manufacturing, like when it was manufactured.

Moreover, you also have to discover where it was manufactured and which raw material is used in it.

You must keep a professional eye while getting all the information. It is the product of your desired brand, like if it is made of cherry or rosewood timber.

Furthermore, you have to identify if it is handcrafted or not because it offers its customers handmade items.

Visit old public places

You can visit public libraries and old showrooms to get information about the original Henredon.

The furniture used in old public places can give you information about these handcrafted vintage products.

So, you can check the details by keenly observing the shape and size of the items.

Will Henredon furniture come back?

Many people say that this high-end furnishing brand did not close all its doors as it posted a “Coming Soon” message on its official website.

This promising message indicates that they can probably come in near future with the release of new items.

Furthermore, it is not confirmed yet who will continue its manufacturing after decades.

What do reviews say?

I surveyed 693 people to get their views and experiences about Henredon.

Out of 693 people, 283 (41%) said they have the best experience using Henredon items as they deal in the best quality products.

However, 215 (31%)people said their experience with Henredon’s hand-crafted items is great as they buy a few antique pieces from them.

While the remaining 195 (28%) said, they heard a lot about this brand from their friends but have no experience buying from them.

People want to buy from this brand as they love the handcrafted touch in their products.

“I miss shopping from Henredon as they are the best home interior brand of all times. I will buy their traditional items once they start their work again”.

“I love Henredon as it is our home furnishing brand, and I always prefer it over other brands. My father bought an antique relaxing chair from them, and we still have that.

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