Can You Use Febreze on Leather Sofas?

Can You Use Febreze on Leather Sofas?

Many people prefer to use Febreze fabric cleaners on the leather sofa to remove the bad smell quickly. It can mask the smell for some hours until you properly clean the couch.

Can You Use Febreze on Leather Sofas? You cannot use Febreze on leather sofas because the manufacturers do not allow you to use it on this type of fabric in addition to silk and suede material. Its chemical ingredients are harsh on sensitive leather and affect the quality of the material. Moreover, it can crack and peel the leather material and cause discoloration when used frequently. Additionally, the fabric freshener leaves residues on the sofa surface, and yellow stains start to appear. 

It is better to read the instructions before applying this product to the fabric’s surface. You can avoid the damage to your furniture by considering their suggestions.

Similarly, you can assess the efficacy of the products by yourself; otherwise, follow the manufacturer’s recommendation to maintain the integrity of the furniture.

What is Febreze?

Febreze deals in odor-eliminating products which can act instantly. The chemicals target the bad odor molecules and give a refreshing smell for some hours.

Moreover, you can use it to dissipate the smell from any fabric except suede, silk, and leather. This is because their products do not add to the smell, unlike other air fresheners.

The fabric fresheners contain donut shape molecules that can trap the bad odor molecules inside the sofa and lock them properly.

It dissolves the odor molecules as it contains water in the solution.

What type of odor does Febreze remove?

It can help remove all types of odors from the fabric, like the smells of pets present on the furniture that gives a foul odor that restricts you from sitting there.

Additionally, the smell of popcorn is common on a couch when you are enjoying a movie in a living room.

The scent of sweat drops inside the couch gives off a foul smell when you do not clean it regularly.

It can also help tackle the scent of popcorns and sweat drops immediately. Furthermore, cigarette smoke can go deep inside the fabric and remain there for a long time.

Similarly, the cat litter and the drink spills can make it comfortable to sit. Therefore, you can use it to prevent any bad smell that makes it difficult to sit on the couch.

How do you use Febreze on faux leather sofas?

Some people use Febreze on their sofas because they find no visible damage to the fabric. You can also use it, particularly on faux leather, but follow the safety measures and do it carefully.

Clean the surface

Dirt can accumulate inside the fabric, so you have to clean its surface before applying the odor eliminator.

Use a wet cloth to clean the dust, and be careful it should not be watery. Squeeze the dripping water out of the fabric and then rub it on its surface.

Spray the Febreze

You should avoid spraying this solution directly on the sofa because it can lead to stains formation. Instead, spray a little amount of mixture on the cloth and wet it.

Rub it gently because harsh movements can affect the quality of the fabric.

Furthermore, you can also use a rag instead of the cloth for better soaking.

Wipe out the surface

Leave the solution on the couch for some time and let it absorb the ingredients efficiently.

Use a piece of cloth to remove the solution from the surface if any residues are present.

Then, buff the fabric with a clean cloth that must be completely dry.

Air drying

Let it dry for some time in the shadowy area where it gets maximum air. Then, the air can pass inside the fabric and evaporates the alcoholic agents of the mixture.

Why should you avoid using Febreze on a leather sofa?

The fabric fresheners do not suit all types of stuff and can damage the furniture’s quality. Similarly, Febreze is not suitable for leather use for many reasons.

Sensitive nature

The manufacturers of this fabric freshener do not recommend using this product on furniture because it is sensitive to chemical reagents.

Its ingredients, particularly alcohol, can react with this stuff and cause peeling or cracking.

In addition, it decreases the fabric’s durability because it loses strength.

Moreover, it suits many fabrics like cotton and can efficiently remove odor from the upholstered couches.

It is better to avoid using it on your furniture because its material can react due to alcohol, the main ingredient in this freshener.

Leaves waxy residues

Some people prefer to use it because it does not damage this stuff badly. In addition, it can resist the negative effect of ethanol present in this freshener.

You can also reduce the extent of damage by applying it correctly.

Moreover, this accumulation of the spray ingredients makes it sticky because the residues remain on the upper surface. As a result, the sofas give you a sticky feel and make you uneasy.

Therefore, it is better to find alternatives to reduce the smell of your furniture because you would never want your furniture to give a sticky feel.

Appearance of yellowish Stains

This fabric requires great care to remain shiny and intact for a long time.

In addition, the use of chemicals containing an excess of alcohol as an ingredient can affect their integrity.

Similarly, faux leather contains many chemical colorants which can react adversely when you spray a mixture of surfactants and alcohols.

The Febreze freshener can remove the smell but leave stains deep inside the fabric, which are not easy to clear.

In addition, the process of removal of stains can damage the inner material of the couch.

Discoloration of fabric

In addition to surfactants and alcohol, the perfumes present in it can lead to fading of its color when you use it frequently.

This fabric starts discoloring with time and looks unappealing.

So, it is better to use other conditioners and some available online cleaners to get rid of this smell.

Things to consider while using Febreze on a leather sofa

It is suitable for removing odors from fabrics because the perfumes that act as odor eliminators can bind to sulfur and ammonia compounds.

It can convert them quickly into water and removes the foul smell.

You have to consider a few things to protect the fabric from damage, like avoiding direct spraying of solution and using a cloth as an intermediate surface.

You can spray the mixture on a cloth and then rub it on the sofa surface.

Additionally, it is better to do a patch test if you do not know whether this product suits the fabric or not.

How do you deodorize a leather couch?

There are many alternatives to deodorize a couch when you do not want to use Febreze on the furniture. You can use DIY methods to remove the bad odor from the sofa.

Leather conditioners and cleaner

Many effective conditioners are available in the markets and online platforms that can help get rid of the stinking smell of furniture.

You can get specific conditioners that suit your couch and remove bad odor by entering deep into the fabric.

Some professional cleaning products can help remove the stains.

Baking soda

It is one of the good neutralizing agents that can help remove the foul smell.

Apply a small baking soda to the couch and spread it properly.

Then, vacuum cleans the surface after some time. You can also apply it to the targeted spot for better results.

Vinegar solution

A vinegar solution is effective against the smell when applied to the furniture. Mix the vinegar in water in equal quantities and then spray on the cloth.

Rub the cloth on the furniture’s surface and give it some time to set it on the surface properly.

Use a damp cloth to clean the surface before it gets dry.

Mix the solution properly because poor mixing can lead to drying of the leather material because vinegar can be harsh for this material.

You can mix a small amount of lemon juice in olive oil to apply on the couch surface to make it shiny.

Newspaper wrapping

The presence of pores in the newspaper allows it to absorb the smell.

Pack the small products inside the newspaper or apply them on the couch directly.

Keep it covered for almost 20 to 25 hours which gives you better results, and you do not have to apply the harsh chemicals to its surface.

Mild exposure to air and sunlight

The easiest method to eliminate the smell from a sofa is to keep it in the air and allow the smell particles to evaporate.

You can also put the furniture mildly exposed to sunlight that helps dry.

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