Can a Console Table Be Taller Than Couch?

Can a Console Table Be Taller Than Couch?

You can determine the ideal height of a console table with the couch according to your requirement, whether you want to use it as an empty platform, desk, or bar with some decorating elements.

Can a Console Table Be Taller Than Couch? The console table should not be taller than a couch because it looks odd to see taller furniture behind a sitting platform. It can be equal to or at least one inch smaller than a sofa. Moreover, accessing any object like books from a taller table becomes inconvenient. The shorter benches provide better display and consume lesser space in the room due to their narrow size. Furthermore, the short console tables are trending in style and are easier to decorate with only two lamps and a single ceramic tray in the center.

These are popular because they provide a luxurious look to the room when you decorate it with beautiful decoration items like lamps and flowers.

Furthermore, you can get this furniture in different colors and wood materials that are cut in different elegant shapes to give a beautiful final look.

What is a Console table?

A console table refers to a particular type of furniture that is present close to a sofa or wall. Many people consider it a sofa table because it is usually present behind a couch.

You can use the space on the top surface for multiple purposes due to its high versatility, like a productive space to put some objects like bags or books and for decorative purposes.

These benches can fit into any place like the living room, dining room, and entryways as elegant furniture pieces to attract visitors.

They are named consoles because the upper rectangular-shaped slab is present on the four legs or consoles and has four sides.

Furthermore, you can see them commonly against the walls of halls because they can easily fit in the narrow spaces.

What should be the size of a console table?

It is better to keep the size of a table smaller than the height of the couch due to many reasons.

Consider its height before purchasing the furniture because it should be one inch smaller or precisely equal to the sitting platform.

The top of the bench is wider and sometimes looks like a casual coffee table. However, it does not look suitable and appealing when it exceeds in length and height than the sofa.

Moreover, there are chances that you can bump into the legs or top of the slab when trying to reach a sofa. So, it is essential to leave a space of 4 to 6 inches behind both sides of the sofa.

It can be 28 to 30 inches taller when the height of the sofa is about 29 to 32 inches.

Therefore, it is clear that there should be a difference of at least 1 or 2 inches in height to ensure convenient use.

Furthermore, you can place stylish furniture that is almost 2 inches lower or higher than the arm height of a sofa.

It has a standard height of almost 26 to 30 inches, which means the sofa arms can be 24 to 32 inches.

In addition, the average length and depth of a console table are almost 24 to 26 inches and 12 to 14 inches.

Calculate the exact size of the couch from the backside to get correct readings because it is a completely flat surface.

Why console tables should not be taller than the couch?

Ideally, the height of console tables should be lower than a couch in the living room when you are placing them together.

Better display

The presence of a small bench close to a couch looks better and adds to its beauty. It improves the looks of a living room or the hallway and appeals to your guests when they come inside through it.

Moreover, a stylish bench with beautiful curved or straight legs gives a better display.

Moreover, some wooden tops with four legs have cabins for storage purpose that helps smartly organize the items.

Some slim benches with shiny tops give a welcoming impression and fill the space elegantly.

This furniture’s sophisticated color and design blend seamlessly with the color of the furniture, wall paint, and floor tiles.

Require less space

A small table requires less space than a larger one and provides a free space to move easily in front of it.

The narrow and slim structure of the furniture fills up the empty space in a room elegantly. The drawers allow to put different objects inside them and clean the area.

In addition, this wooden furniture with longer legs provides extra space beneath the top to place anything like a vase or a basket containing blankets and pillows.

Easier to decorate

It is easy to decorate a flat top surface of the slab that is shorter than a couch without any fear of falling objects from maximum height.

You can place metallic sculptures of different colors in the center or corners that give a vignette look.

The presence of lamps and beautiful metallic trays on the top appear aesthetically appealing.

In addition, some glass-like elements or decoration items with beautiful patterns look good.

Furthermore, ceramics that are a mixture of glass and metal adds visual interest to the benches. You can place ceramic vases and trays on the edges.

I have placed a set of 5 to 6 magazines and a few books on the slab so that my guests can enjoy reading them while sitting in the lounge.

Convenient to use

A short table is easier to access than a taller one because you can look at the top while sitting on a sofa.

You can turn to get your favorite book or magazine from the bench slab. Moreover, the guests can place their bags and mobile phones on the bench behind a couch.

The taller ones do not look good because you have to raise your hand to some height to place anything on them.

Furthermore, there is a risk of falling vases and lamps on you when it is a few inches taller than the sofa.

Latest designs

Small tables are trending, and interior designers prefer to add them behind a sofa or against the living room walls to gain visual interest.

Many people prefer to add shorter benches due to the feasibility of getting free access to anything you want.

Currently, you can see only these close to the backside of a couch, while larger ones are also common, but they are only present against the wall.

How to decorate a console table behind the couch?

You can add a pair of lamps present on the two corners of a long slab. It is better to leave some free space on the top because minimum looks better most of the time.

In addition, you can also display some art pieces like small paintings and pictures or put small pots with artificial scented flowers and empty vases.

You can get stylish, long, and narrow furniture that do not require extra decoration to enhance their beauty, and a single piece of the ceramic tray can fill up the space on top.

Small-sized plants add colorful shades to bring a living and positive effect to the room. In addition, the large woven baskets and trays with pillows inside add functionality to the furniture.

How to select a console table size?

The selection of the perfect size of console table that looks better in a room depends on the location where you want to place it.

The placement of a table behind a sofa is common, while some people put it in the entryway. In addition, it adds to the beauty of a room by placing it against the wall and in the hall.

Its height should be lesser than a sofa when you want to place the narrow furniture behind it.

Similarly, it should not be lesser than 2/3 the height of the sofa. Ideally, it can be 1 to 5 inches smaller than a couch because a 10 to 15 inches taller bench looks odd.

However, it can be almost 44 to 50 inches taller when you are placing it against the wall.

Tall console tables look attractive and provide more space beneath the slab, but these options suit those wooden structures close to the wall.

Is it good to leave space between a console table and couch?

It is better to leave some space between a couch and the table to avoid bumping into the wooden furniture.

You do not have to leave space to allow traffic of people to move between a sofa and a table; instead, it is for safety purposes.

The sofa can move when you sit abruptly on the seat, and it can lose balance if touching the furniture. As a result, decorating items like lamps and vases can fall on you.

So, a space of 16 to 18 inches is sufficient between the two furniture items to ensure the safety of the people.

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