Why is My Kitchen Faucet Hard to Turn?

Why is My Kitchen Faucet Hard to Turn?

A kitchen faucet is the most commonly used appliance in the kitchen as it helps in washing the dishes. This faucet is more exposed to the water, and the deposition of minerals leads to damage to the surface.

Why is My Kitchen Faucet Hard to Turn? The kitchen faucet is hard to turn due to the accumulation of minerals and deposition of dirt. The improper installation of the faucet causes the over-tightening, and the O-shaped ring is forcefully closed. Furthermore, the rust accumulates on the surface due to tap leakage and blocks the movement. Moreover, poor lubrication and the use of low-quality products cause this issue. In addition, the rubber seal wears out with time, and the tap will not rotate. 

A rotating faucet allows you to use it in the right direction and helps you to clean the sink. Moreover, you can easily wash your vegetables, fruits, and even your hands in the kitchen.

Accumulation of minerals

Hard water is problematic due to the buildup of calcium and magnesium that results in the blockage of faucets.

The tap is hard to turn if it is more exposed to the hard water and gives a cloudy appearance due to the stains.

With time, the minerals deposit inside the taps or around its base and affect the functionality.

Moreover, it gives a bad appearance to the interior, and you cannot rotate it in any direction as it becomes hard.

The dishes do not look clean, and the stains form on them with the hard water. It also damages your skin, making it dry and rough while washing the dishes.

For this, you can install a water filter with the faucet to prevent minerals buildup. It also improves the quality of the water and does not cause damage to the taps.

Moreover, using soft water also helps in minimizing the issues caused due to the accumulation of calcium.

Buildup of dirt

Over time, the kitchen faucet becomes hard due to the accumulation of dirt or debris.

While washing the dishes, there are more chances that the food particles get inside the assembly of taps and block the movement.

Moreover, the stubborn stains of utensils need high-pressure water, and the food residues are stuck in the faucet due to the splashes. Therefore, it results in dirt buildup and leads to the faulty swiveling mechanism.

It is better to clean the faucet with a cloth after washing the plates. It prevents the dirt from trapping inside the tap and blocks movement.

I always use good-quality detergents to clean the surface of the tap to resolve the issue.

Poor installation

The swivel faucet connects the main body with the O-shaped ring or washer. It helps to turn the tap in any direction and prevents water leakage.

Sometimes, the faucet is not correctly installed, and its bolts are closed tightly. Then, when you try to turn it, you feel the grinding noise, and it is stuck in one place.

Moreover, the water pressure decreases due to the over-tightening of its ring. It may be annoying as it takes more time to clean the dishes due to less water flow.

For this, you have to use the wrench as and rotate it in the opposite direction to loosen it.

You can adjust the faucet that allows it to move freely in the direction. Faulty installation leads to damage of the nut and causes clogging.

Rusting of kitchen faucet

The faucet is hard to turn if the rust accumulates on the surface due to water leakage. 

Water leaks from the rusty valve, and you hear the dripping sound instead of closing it tightly. Also, it results in the wastage of water that is not an environment-friendly thing.

The continuous leaking of the water also damages the kitchen sink and develops the formation of molds.

The greenish layer on the surface of the sink and looks terrible. Moreover, the faucet turns yellowish orange from the center due to the corrosion, and it worsens with time.

It also damages the protective layer, and your faucet starts to deteriorate.

Turn off the tap properly to prevent the buildup of rust inside the faucet. Some people prefer to use vinegar on the soft cloth and apply it to the surface to clean it.

You can also fix it by replacing the leaky valves to prevent corrosion. Moreover, you can use good-quality cleaning agents to remove the stains of rust.

I also use bleach or lemon to remove the rust from its surface.

Old kitchen faucet

These require cleaning and maintenance to increase their functionality. These faucets are mostly overlooked as you do not give attention until it stops working. Some people also complain that their faucet is leaking at its base.

The average lifespan is around 10 to 14 years, depending on the usage. You should replace it if the maintenance of a tap costs more than installing a new product.

The use of low-quality taps is challenging to handle, and after some time, it wears out due to the constant use.

You have to regularly clean and properly maintain it to increase the lifespan. Moreover, using good quality products requires less maintenance, and you do not have to replace them more often.

You can fix it by installing a new faucet in the kitchen instead of spending money on its maintenance.

I also prefer to replace the old faucet with the chrome one as it is more durable and easy to clean.

The rubber seal is worn out

The rubber present inside the tap also worn out with time due to water leakage. The increased exposure to hot water and the air results in the breakage of rubber.

Due to this, the faucet does not swivel in any direction and results in hardening. Moreover, the worn-out rubber increases the friction in the tap, and it is difficult for you to turn it.

You have to replace the old rubber with the new one to fix the issue. You can also use good-quality rubber inside the faucet so that you can easily rotate it in any direction.

Moreover, you have to change the internal parts instead of the entire faucet for its normal functioning.

Tightly closed

Sometimes you turn off the tap forcefully when you have kids at home to prevent water wastage. Moreover, when you are not around kids, try to open these taps and wet their sleeves or kitchen floors.

As a result, you close the faucet tightly so that the kids do not open it. It gets blocked due to the over-tightening, and you cannot turn it freely.

It does not function properly, and also the rubber fittings bend inside it. Many of my friends try to close it forcefully to prevent the water from dripping which blocks the faucet stem.

Sometimes people rotate it in an anti-clockwise direction instead of clockwise, which leads to the hardening of the faucet.

It is recommended to close the faucet with care and do not close it forcefully.

Make sure to rotate it in the right direction to prevent the over-tightening of the tap. My friend applies petroleum jelly to the faucet stem to soften it.

Poor lubrication

The faucet gets hard with time due to dirt, minerals, and rust buildup. Moreover, the washer gets gummy, and it becomes difficult to rotate in the other direction.

Sometimes you hear the squeaky sound from the faucet stem when you open the tap. The immobility is due to poor lubrication of the ring that connects the tap with the faucet stem.

You can fix this by greasing it with silicone and using good-quality lubricating agents.

Close the water valves with a wrench; next, you can remove the handle. After this, unscrew the nuts by turning or loosening them with the help of a wrench.

Then remove the cartridge and unscrew the sleeves with your fingers. Next, carefully remove the faucet grease the upper and lower rings with the lubricant.

Finally, reassemble the faucet and ensure that the nuts are in place.

Low-quality kitchen faucet

The kitchen faucet is difficult to turn if you use low-quality products and used ones. However, some people do not prefer the quality and save money.

These low-quality products wear out soon, and you have to spend a lot on maintenance. Sometimes you fix the poor quality rubber that breaks easily with the increased water pressure.

Moreover, using the bad quality material faucet makes it challenging to turn freely.

For this, avoid using low-quality tools; instead, you can invest in good quality.

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