Can a Bedroom Door Be a Pocket Door?

Can a Bedroom Door Be a Pocket Door?

Pocket doors are elegant and space-saver architectural units that increase the beauty of your bedroom. However, they are not suitable for every room because they have different dimensions and designs.

Can a Bedroom Door Be a Pocket Door? You can use a pocket door in a bedroom due to its small size, and these are ideal for narrow rooms. These doors are a good source of ventilation and are beneficial when you want to connect the wardrobe with the master bedroom. However, these are hard to lock and require more maintenance than regular doors. In addition, they have privacy-related issues because they do not block the noise like standard doors.

Can a regular bedroom door be used as a pocket door?

Some people like pocket doors so much that they want to use them instead of regular doors.

Do not use the hollow core door for this purpose because they are not durable. You must keep the wall cut larger than this because it has to slide and go within the cut.

For example, if the length of your door is 30 inches wide and 70 inches high, you have to cut the 34 inches wide and 75-inch high wall. Then, carefully arrange it on the roller track and fix it with wall fasteners for long-lasting use.

Pros of using a pocket door for your bedroom

There are many advantages of using this type of door for your bedroom. I will explain all the reasons here in detail:

Good for small bedroom

The foremost benefit of the pocket door is that it saves the rolling space of the door and the bedroom.

Many people get confused when deciding the design of the home. For example, big size stable doors cover more room space, that is why they are not a good option for your home.

However, these are more suitable if you have a smaller room carrying less space. Many people use wooden doors that always open into the room.

Connecting to hallways

Most people like to connect their bedroom with the hallway in an elegant American style.

However, if your place is linked with a long hallway, you need some elegant partition that does not fade the beauty of your home.

If your regular door collides with the corridor wall, you can use a pocket door. It will help in the easy passage and save you from any disturbance

Increase the beauty of the bedroom

You can beautify your room by using different styles and colors of the pocket door. You can easily play with colors and experiment with them to give the room a beautiful look.

In addition, you can use single side or double side doors according to your room size and design to give it a wider touch.

Good for wardrobe

These are a good choice if they connect your wardrobe and master bedroom because they are modern and aesthetically appealing to your eyes.

If your clothes or shoes are scattered in the wardrobe, you must install these pocket doors because regular ones look boring and out of trend for cabinets.

They give style and easy access to the wardrobe without any disturbance.


Humidity is dangerous for you because excess moisture affects your sleep quality and causes restlessness.

It also affects the furniture present in your bedroom because the high amount of moisture deteriorates the wooden core.

The continuous deterioration ultimately destroys the wood and becomes a burden on your budget.

You can use the mesh or install a window on these doors for proper airflow. Using the net in this window can cause good ventilation and prove the best pest repellent.

Cons of adding a pocket door with the bedroom

Many people do not like the pocket doors. I have explained all the disadvantages of using these doors in the bedroom.

Loose screws

Their main drawback is that they are not so tight to their track. Screws get damaged easily and are difficult to repair.

You have to remove the entire structure to fix the problem if you find any fault in rollers or screws.

Their rollers can be slipped or fall from the track if you use them carelessly. The track gets continuously scratched, which will lead to damage to these sliding doors.

It can lead to severe privacy issues, and you can’t keep your precious things in that bedroom having a pocket door.

Do not reduce the noise

These doors don’t block the noise and increase the privacy issues between you and your near ones.

If it connects your master bedroom with any corridor, other people can easily hear your secret, which can be problematic.

In addition, you will constantly disturb and hear unwanted sounds if it is joined with a home office by a pocket door.

These continuous sounds from corridors can be problematic if you have any patient who needs a peaceful environment.

Moreover, these can not prevent much smell from spreading from one room to another compared to regular doors.

Low-quality doors

Texture and material of your door matter a lot in durability because if you are using hard material for this door, it mostly proves durable.

The Hollow-core of your sliding structure makes them non-durable and can allow doors to break easily. Also, many people complain that these bedroom doors open by themselves and these are not safe.

You should use good-quality nylon rollers for smooth functioning; otherwise, these rollers can slip out of track and cause stiffening of the wooden frame.

Difficult to maintain

These are more challenging to maintain than regular ones because they are more likely to malfunction.

You have to regularly lubricate these doors because they will become noisy and constantly irritate you if you do not do so.

You should use such a lubricant specifically made for pocket doors because its composition is different from another lubricant used for regular ones.

If you find any problem with the fasteners of this door, you have to open the wooden whole frame, which will take your much time and energy.

It will damage the bedroom paint and wall from that site, and you have to repair and repaint this area. It can worsen with tiled walls because tiles are so difficult to put exactly in the same position before the damage.

Difficult to lock

Pocket doors are hard to lock because they hide into the wall when you close them, making them difficult to lock.

In addition, they can get misaligned if you apply much force on them, and this can cause damage to the door latch of your bedroom. If you don’t lubricate timely and regularly, it will get stiff and not move or slide.


Its installation kit is so expensive that it contains a track system, glides, and all other types of hardware which is why they are not cost-effective.

In addition, it is better to have good-quality nylon rollers because low-quality rollers are not durable and break easily. Finally, go for a highly professional installer because it requires efficiency and capability.

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