What to Put in Front of Window in Bedroom?

What to Put in Front of Window in Bedroom?

Beautifully decorated windows are essential in giving a modern finish to your room. You have to select suitable furniture to put in front of the window to enhance the overall look of the room.

What to Put in Front of Window in Bedroom? You can put a desk and reading chair in front of the window in your bedroom. In addition, you can also place the coffee table or a console table to give it a modern touch. Furthermore, you can use hanging ornaments, a dresser, and storage shelves to utilize the space.

It is challenging for some people to organize their furniture when they move into a new house or apartment.


A desk provides you with a comfortable environment to do your tasks. Several people like to keep their desks at this place to get a beautiful view. 

It is good to keep it in this place but make sure not to face the window. The changing weather, noise from outside, and direct sunlight can distract you from your work.

You will not be able to see your PC directly because the reflection of light blocks visibility.

It is better to use a medium size desk because it will be most suitable to provide you with a comfortable position.

You can place it perpendicular to prevent direct sunlight and to enjoy the view as well.

Console table

Putting a console table in front of a window is a great idea to give an aesthetic look to your room. However, it is challenging for many people to find a suitable place for their plants.

You can efficiently utilize this space without making big changes in the house.

It will give a vibrant and lively look to your bedroom. You can place a desk table at this position to put or hang your houseplants on it.

You can also put a good color console table in the room. In addition, this location will provide plants a good exposure to sunlight which is beneficial for their growth.

Put some plants on the console table and hang some others in flowerpots with the help of a strong thread.

Sometimes their pots get leaked and make the floor dirty, so it is essential to place a rug or small carpet under this table.

Reading chair

This location is a blessing for you if you are fond of reading. It is an ideal location to place a reading chair to get the maximum light. A large window that allows much sunlight is cost-effective because it saves electricity.

It is essential to place the most comfortable chair in this place because you cannot sit on it for a long time.

In addition, you will not be able to focus on the reading and will become distracted if the chair is not relaxing.

You can put a lamp near it to get enough light for reading at night. It will give a modern touch to your bedroom due to its warm lights. You will definitely enjoy reading in this cozy environment.    

Coffee table

A fantastic idea to create a relaxing environment in your room is to put a small coffee table in front of the window. You can place a round table between the two small but comfortable chairs.

 It is a great idea to enjoy coffee with your loved ones, especially in winter. The pleasure of having coffee will increase in front of this beautiful scenery.

It provides the desired relaxing environment when you feel down and wants to spend some time with your close friend in your place. In addition, you can put some flowers on the table to enhance its look. 

Hanging ornaments

Hanging ornaments make your bedroom lively. You can hang their different kinds in several colors to create a colorful combination. In addition, you can use a fine rod to support them onto the window frame.

Connect one end of the thread to the ornament and one to the rod at different positions. It will create a unique style by increasing visual interest.

You can also hang Christmas balls to give a festive touch to this place. Windchimes are a good addition as they give a decent look to your room.

They are beautiful glass, or metal ornaments hung with fine threads to a central supporting structure.

They create melodious sounds with a gentle breeze that is soothing to the ears. They help to keep your mood fresh and become the cause of positive energy. 

Bed headboard

Sometimes you want to hide the bad paint from your window by placing some furniture in front of it.

You can do it easily without investing extra money in the paint. For example, you can change the bed position in your bedroom such that its headboard faces the window.

 You can use its double frame to minimize sun exposure during the daytime nap.

In addition, using contrast curtains will give it a more open and bright touch which looks cool, especially in summer.  

Storage shelf

The effective method to utilize a small space in your room is to place a storage shelf in front of the window. Sometimes you do not find its suitable position due to less space in your room.

It does not block the light as it is small in size, and you get the storage capacity in its addition. Therefore, it maximizes the storage capacity and makes the room interior streamlined.

It is better to use backless shelves if your room has large windows. You can also put small and colorful plant pots on these shelves to give it the look of a corner garden. Put several small shelves in different shapes if their size is small. 


You can place a dresser at this place with special care. It should not obstruct your way to close and open the window. It is essential to leave some space between the dresser and the window to handle it comfortably.

It is a good location for you if you are facing difficulty in getting enough light for the makeover.

Place it in such a position so that it does not block the way for natural light. It is better to use a long mirror to save space and to make the room spacious.

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