How to Anchor Furniture to Wall Without Drilling?

How to Anchor Furniture to Wall Without Drilling?

It is challenging for many people to anchor their furniture to the wall. You are not allowed to damage the wall or its paint if you live in a rental house.

How to Anchor Furniture to Wall Without Drilling? You can anchor furniture to the wall without drilling by using floor brackets, anti-tip kits, heavy-duty glue, and Velcro tape. You can attach a television, a bookshelf, and a dresser to a wall.

The drilling process creates a mess in your room which takes a lot of time and energy to clean.

How do you anchor furniture to wall without drilling?

Here are easy and proven methods to correctly attach your furniture to the walls without drilling. You can secure some furniture to the wall for the safety purpose of your children and pets. 

Floor bracket

These are common L-shaped metal roads having small holes in their structure. It can support the furniture in front of a wall and prevent it from falling.

You have to place one smaller side on the floor and the larger one on the wall.

Secure it on the floor and place the furniture with the help of fasteners on its long arm. You can use it to support wooden room lamps and decorative shelves.

Anti-tip kits

It is budget-friendly because it is inexpensive compared to other securing methods. In addition, it prevents expected damage and objects from falling on the ground.

Several manufacturers claim it can support up to 250 lb objects on the wall. You attach its steel stud with the help of glue on the wall, and its other end supports your object. You can use it in kids’ bedrooms because of less risk of falling the object.

It is durable and does not cause much damage if it falls because the object is not high in weight. You can use it to attach small size cabinets and shelves in their room.

Heavy duty glue

The easiest way to anchor your furniture to the wall is by using heavy-duty glue. You do not need assistance to perform this activity because it is not a difficult task.

You do not need additional tools because you can perform the procedure with the help of already present items in your house. Clean it thoroughly, use a pencil for measurements, and mark the attachment points.

You should keep in mind that the object you are going to anchor should be at an equal level to these marks.

Therefore, apply it thoroughly on the spots and back side of the mount bracket and anchor it to the wall.

You can not attach the object to this bracket during its drying process. Give it 18 to 32 hours for complete drying to harden its adhesive properties. 

Velcro tape

Purchase a good quality Velcro tape from a nearby hardware store according to the weight of your object. 

Some of them can tolerate weight of up to 400lbs and are a good choice, especially for furniture. For example, you can use it to secure a bookshelf, a dresser, or a storage cabinet to the wall. 

You need to clean it with the help of a clean duster before starting the process because dirt particles can weaken its adhesive properties.

You can dip a small cloth in isopropyl alcohol and rub it on its surface to ensure cleanliness.

Mark it with the help of a marker and remove its sticker from one side. Attach its long edges first and then apply gentle pressure on its surface.

Repeat the process to cover all marks with this tape. Take the cabinets near it and ensure all sides are aligned correctly to the adhesive tape before removing the other side of the sticker. 

What furniture can you anchor to the wall without drilling?

It is easy to anchor lightweight objects to the wall without drilling according to the weight-bearing capacity of the supporting item. 

A bookshelf

It is better for you to attach a bookshelf without drilling if you plan to move it in a few days.

You can purchase good quality Velcro strips from a nearby hardware store that is made to perform this function.

You can also use urethane glue to secure it to the wall without making holes. Sometimes the bricks are not of good quality, and there is a risk of further weakening due to the drilling process.

It is better to secure it without making holes in the wall because it can become harmful due to its heavy weight.

Flat-screen television

Television is a furniture item because it meets the criteria explained by the oxford dictionary. It is an object which is suitable for living and can be moved from one place to another.

Television fulfills this requirement because it serves entertainment purposes. Using wall mount brackets is the best method because you do not need any nails and screws for this process.

High-quality adhesive glue is available in the market, which is suitable for holding heavy objects like television.

However, you have to clean the wall surface with the help of a duster because dirt particles can weaken its bond.


It is necessary to keep the furniture in a fixed place because you can face any undesirable situation when children run all around the house.

It can become dangerous if the mirror breaks down and harms your child or pet. You should keep in mind that it is essential to maintain its structure and paint while anchoring it to the wall.

It takes a lot of time to clean the floor under the dresser because of its heavy load.

You can reposition it for cleaning purposes after a large gap, but it is hard to do it daily. It is the main reason that you should attach it to the wall. 

Why would you anchor furniture to the wall without drilling?

Sometimes you do not want to use a drill machine to support an object to the wall due to the risk of its damage. It can damage the paint and affect the overall look of your room.

You should not use the drilling procedure if it is non-load bearing. It gives a decent look without holes and screws for supporting objects.

You can relocate them because you do not need additional equipment to detach them from their surface.

Putting the extra furniture on the bedroom floor makes the room congested. Anchoring some of them to the wall frees up some space and gives it a spacious look.

You can easily clean the room if there is less furniture on the floor because it is hard to remove dirt under such heavy objects.

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