Can You Put a Console Table in Front of Window?

Can You Put a Console Table in Front of Window?

A console table is a type of furniture often used as a side table. However, some have legs, and some are fixed into the wall against it.

Can You Put a Console Table in Front of Window? You can put the console table in front of the window to cover the window, utilize the space, to decorate the room. Moreover, you can use it as a buffet table in the dining room and as a bookshelf.

It should not block the light, crowd the area and not be higher than the window. You can decorate it with artificial plants, candle holders, vases, and frames.

Why would you put a console table in front of the window?

Often the space in front and under the window is empty. Moreover, the empty spaces give an uneven and unbalanced look to the room.

There is no better option than to put a console table in front of the window. It not only adds style to the room but also gives you a chance to creativity.

Cover the windows

You can use this furniture to cover the empty space near the window. You can utilize that space by adding a style of furniture that suits the interior of the room.

It could be vintage, modern, or traditional. Moreover, it can give an excellent finish to the window area. Instead of placing one large table, you can use small and lower tables.

Use as storage space

It not only adds style to the room but also provides storage space. It is an excellent piece of furniture that decors and can be utilized as a mini storage area.

There are many kinds of console tables, those with drawers and shelves. Moreover, you can utilize the space under the desk.

You can use the space to put your kids’ toy baskets and other storage boxes. In addition, if it has drawers, you can store many things in it, such as baby clothes.

To decorate room

It has been used as a decorative piece of furniture. However, the ways of using it have also changed as people use it for practical purposes.

You can place decorative pieces on it, such as antiques, vases, and lamps. The primary purpose of this counter is to be used for keeping these items to add more style.

However, you should consider balancing out the entire look of the room when decorating the counter. You can go natural and choose a statement piece to match the interior of the place.

As a buffet table

Its use as a buffet table is more for a practical purpose. For example, sometimes you do not have a big dining table, and the dishes of food cannot be placed on it.

In addition, you would want a piece of furniture which does not occupy much space and give you benefit. For example, you can place it in front of the window in the dining room and put dishes over it. 

As a bookshelf

The console table works well as a bookshelf, especially when you do not have a bookcase and shelves. You can décor it with fancy book holders and some candles.

Moreover, leaving the desk empty makes the room look duller and more unbalanced. Using it as a bookshelf will give a sophisticated and decent look to the area. 

Things to consider when placing the console table in front of the window

There are a few things you have to follow when placing any furniture in front of the window. 

The entire look of the room depends on how you have utilized and styled the place.

You have to be mindful if you are adding a new piece of furniture in front of it. Measure the area under it and measure the height of the console furniture.

The top of the table should not be above the sill of the window. It would be better if the sill and top of the table are at an equal level.

Moreover, it should not block the light coming from the window. Sunlight coming from it is an essential essence of a room. 

Its counter should not cover the whole area as you only want to complement the space. Covering the entire place will make the room look small and congested.

Be considerate when you are decorating it in front of the window. 

Avoid putting tall lamps and vases on the console table. Decorating it with a small lamp and miniature plant pots will give it a minimalistic look.

What are the other areas to put the console table?

You can put a console table anywhere in your home. There is no specific place for it and no specific style of use.

You can place it in the bedroom and use it as dressing and storage space. Moreover, you can use it as a side table with your bed.

Moreover, you can put it in the living room as a bookshelf, wine counter, or photo frame table. You can also use it as a divider if your lounge and dining area both are in a big room. 

Furthermore, you can place it in small spaces helping you in expanding a storage place.

You can place it behind the sofas for decoration purposes. It can be fitted into the walls considering the space of the room.

The most common places for console tables are hallways with big mirrors or overside pieces of painting. It is also placed in the foyer of the house, which is used as a counter to place keys and cell phones. 

You can also place it in a library in front of the window as your working desk.

Moreover, if it is in the kitchen, then you can use it as a counter to display crockery and store food items on its shelves and drawers. 

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