Can Mice Climb into Beds?

Can Mice Climb into Beds?

Many people are afraid of the presence of mice in their beds. They bring dirt, waste, and smell to the home. In addition, it will be a nightmare if you find them in your bed.

Can Mice Climb into Beds? Mice can climb into the beds due to the presence of food, wires, bugs, and fungus. Moreover, they can come to the bed as it can be the fastest route for them, and sharpen their teeth by chewing on wooden furniture.

However, you should be aware of your surroundings for mice in your house. You should regularly clean the corners of the house and look out for any small entrances.

How do mice climb into bed?

Mice can leap into the air because they are excellent climbers and reach any surface. In addition, the bed frames are made of wood, which is an easy source for climbing into it.

Moreover, they are tiny animals, which gives them the benefit of sneaking into small places. You cannot even know if they were in your room. 

Furthermore, they can jump up to 1 foot into the air, and it gives them easy access to a mattress. The sheets or blankets hanging down also helps them in climbing.

Why do mice climb into bed?

Mice come into houses and buildings to search for food, shelter, and warmth. They can be harmful to human health once they are in your home.

They come into your house and invade every corner. Moreover, they make a hiding spot or nest in your home and enter every part of the house, such as the kitchen, storage places, and wardrobe.

Furthermore, you can examine their presence in the room if you see their droppings, hear unusual noises, and sense a bad smell.

Searching for food

Food ranks first in the reasons for mice climbing into beds. Often people eat their breakfast or dinner on sheets that leave food crumbs on them.

They come in search of food to store for winter. 

They like collecting small chunks of leftover food, and they are fond of nuts, grains, and sweets. These food particles can be around your sleeping area if not on your bed. 

Short route 

Mice climb into them when they need to go somewhere far away to look for food. This is because they have a better sense of smell and can detect the presence of food from far away.

The wooden frames provide an easy grip to them. Moreover, they access the bed when moving toward the food. 

They prefer climbing on it as it can short route to where they are trying to reach. They also run fast so that you cannot trap them or kill them.

For warmth in winter

The probability of mice coming into your homes becomes high in winter. They are looking for shelters in the cold temperatures.

They can sneak into your sheets or blankets to get warmth and heat. In addition, bedrooms are the best place for them to hide. 

Moreover, they cannot maintain their body temperatures to the surrounding temperature. This is the reason behind their invasion of a house.

Wood bugs & Fungus

Mice can eat anything because they do not have any specific preferences in food. However, they are fond of eating insects and bugs.

They can climb when there are insects hidden in the corner of your furniture. You probably have no idea of the presence of insects in your bed. 

Food particles are the reason for the presence of ants on it. Moreover, they come after wood bugs that are present in the wood and eat them. 

Furthermore, the mold on the wood also paves the way for them to climb. The humidity and moisture can cause the production of fungus in the wood.


Mice are big fans of eating rubber material or wires. They can damage the wires by chunking on them. Moreover, they have sharp teeth through which they can eat anything.

The wires of your lamps, laptop, and mobile chargers can be a source of them to climb into bed.

More often, you do not pay attention to the wires on the floor of your room. They can even make a nest in the cars to chew on wires.


Wooden furniture attracts mice because they do not want their sharp teeth to grow anymore. So they gnaw on wood as it helps them sharpen their teeth.

Furthermore, they eat wood to shorten their teeth. Perhaps they are trapped in your room and want to sharpen their teeth.

How to keep mice away from your bed?

Here are easy methods that you can use to stop mice from climbing onto your beds.

Clear the area under the bed

A closed and clustered area can give mice a better place to hide. Therefore, it is essential to clear out such areas in your room.

Examples of clustered places are storage boxes under the bed, which you do not bother to clean. It could be your shoe boxes and storage of the stuff you do not use anymore.

You should regularly clean the area under it so they cannot turn it into their hideout.

Avoid eating in bed

Eating on it not only attracts them but insects too, and it can be harmful to your hygiene. Sometimes you need to be more careful and clean it after eating snacks.

However, it is better to place a tablecloth on it when eating on your bed. This habit can help you to avoid sprinkling your food on it.

Always clean it to avoid insects and mice after eating your food. 

Close the small holes

Mice being small creatures, can pass through small places and holes. Examine your house if you have seen one running in your room.

Look out for small holes in the walls of your room. Moreover, look for leakages in your washrooms, as all these are the routes for them to come into the house.

The gap under your doors can also provide enough for them to pass through. You should always be alert about them if your house is near the forest or sewerage.

Essential oils

Eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils are the enemy of mice because the smell of these oils can help you get rid of them.

The sense of smell is excellent in a mouse, and the fragrance of essential oils makes them irritated, and they cannot stand it.

Spray the mixture of any essential oil and water into the possible hideouts of the mouse. Drop the solution in closed, dark spaces and around the bed.

Keep a pet cat in the room

Your pet cat can help you get rid of the mice because cats are good at preying. Keep your cat in your room if you have a mouse in your room.

It would be better to keep the cat in your bed with you. Cats can sense small movements, and they have a sharp sense of smell.

Mouse traps

Mouse traps are specifically designed to catch and kill mice. It has a metal bar that snaps when it detects its presence on it.

You can keep it in the areas of your house where you suspect the presence of them. For example, place them under your bed, in dark and closed places, and in your kitchen.

What type of mice comes into homes?

There are three types of mice that you can encounter in your homes such as house mouse, white foot mouse, and deer mouse.

You are most likely to see a deer mouse in your house. They have large ears and big black beady eyes. They like to eat fungi and insects.

House mouse is the common type of mouse you can see in your surroundings now and then. They have short gray fur, but no hair is present on their tail and feet. 

They do not travel far from their hideout. They like to eat seeds and flowers.

The white-footed ones are not into living inside houses or buildings. However, they search for warm places and store food in winter. 

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