Can You Put a Wood Burner in a Bedroom?

Can You Put a Wood Burner in a Bedroom?

Wood burners are gaining popularity among house owners as they provide comfort and style to the bedroom. They also reduce the need to use fuel for generating heat in homes.

Can You Put a Wood Burner in a Bedroom? You can put a wood burner in a bedroom because it is reliable, budget-friendly, an energy saver, and a powerful source of heat. Moreover, it adds style and coziness to the room.

In addition, they are not a source of global warming because the fumes they release in the air are not harmful. However, you need to keep combustible things away from it.

Why would you put a wood burner in a bedroom?

Wood burners are essential gadgets in homes built in cold climate areas. 

They not only provide heat but also add value to the home. Moreover, they do not need excessive cleaning and maintenance.

Adds style

Nowadays, everyone wants to add a touch of style, and ambiance along with practical use. The installed wood burners give a stylish look to the place.

It is considered an essential piece that can add great style if matched with the interior design of the room.

Moreover, the focus is given to its designs because they can help in providing a signature look to your place.

They are available in many styles, such as contemporary, vintage, modern, and traditional. Furthermore, they are cylindrical, square, and rectangular shapes.

They add character to the room and give a cozy ambiance. The flames burning in it create the orange hue in your space that provides the feeling of calmness. 


They are more trustworthy sources of heat than those electrically operated appliances.

In addition, the situation of electricity and gas is worsening day by day. This facility is not available in many areas, especially in extremely cold places.

Moreover, you never know when a sudden power cut could happen. This is an essential source of heat for people living in colder climates.

It is better to switch to manually operated burners as the wood in them last longer. It does not need oil, gas, or electricity to work. Moreover, you do not have to fill in the wood again and again.

Energy saver

These are excellent energy savers, not because they need less gas to work. The wonderful aspect of this heater is that it does not require any power source.

In addition, it is efficient in consuming energy because open fire is 10-15% efficient in saving energy, whereas it is 75% effective in saving energy.

Moreover, you do not need to be worried about keeping only one in the house. It does not require an extra electric meter like other expensive appliances.

You can have a separate wood burner in your lounge, kitchen, and bedrooms. This beneficial aspect makes it environmentally friendly as well. 

Powerful heat source

They are small in appearance, and you can doubt that they would not be effective in large places. However, they can clear your doubts because they work wonderfully in big rooms.

One standard-sized burner is sufficient to provide heat in the lounge. Moreover, they are available in various sizes and shapes.

They are a great source of warmth as it spreads heat quickly. In addition, it is a powerful and natural source of providing heat. 

However, you can select the size which is suitable for your need and the size of your bedroom. 

It provides varying heat levels according to its size because a bedroom does not need a large one. 


They are an excellent source of saving money as they are budget-friendly.

It is a lifetime investment and does not need high-end maintenance. The average wood burner costs around $3000-$4000.

Moreover, the cost of living will continue to rise in the coming days. It saves money as you do not have to pay electricity and gas bills.  

It is cheaper than the other fuels if you pay for the wood. 

Where to put a wood burner in a bedroom?

There are no specific rules to put a wood burner in a bedroom. It depends on how you want to keep it in a way that does not occupy much space.

Moreover, you need to be mindful of the style of the room. You can put it in the ways mentioned below.

Under the chimney

It is better if you already have a chimney constructed in your room. There is no better place to put the wood burner in a chimney.

Chimneys are built for a fireplace, and all the essential safety measures are included during the construction.

It will not need additional space when the chimney is already in the room.

Twin wall flue system

A twin flue system is like a premade chimney made of stainless steel, which comes in a series of pipes.

This stainless-steel pipe is attached to the burner and goes outside the house, leaving through the ceiling.

The pipes are installed to give a route for the smoke to go out of the room.

In the corner 

It is better to keep it in the corner because it should not be in the middle of the walk-through.

You can put it in the corner, away from the other stuff. Although it will not cause the risk of catching fire, the heat can hurt if your pet and kid can go near it.

Moreover, placing it in the corner will not grab much attention. 

How to decorate around a wood burner?

You should décor the area as people prefer to sit near it and feel cozy. There are so many ways through which you can décor, and it will be a fun activity.

You can style the chimney by painting the inner wall. It will be better to paint the inner wall of the chimney in a dark color if the rest of your room is painted in a light color. 

Furthermore, you can place fancy wood holding baskets near it to glamorize its look.

However, do not worry if the room does not have a chimney. You can create a new look for your wood burner in the corner.

You can place tiles in the background and on the part of the floor where you are going to fix them. Then, make a boundary by placing stones around it and under it. 

Furthermore, you can put a single sofa near it and a footrest to enjoy reading a book and drinking coffee to add a cozy feeling.

Things to consider when putting a wood burner in a bedroom

You better be careful in placing a wod burner on the bedroom floor as it is not suitable. Place the right type of hearth under it, and it should be 2 inches thick. You can place marble or stone as a hearth.

It is essential that you keep it 16 inches away from the walls where it is fixed and 9 inches away from combustible material.

It is better to make a habit to lower the air vents before you go sleeping as you do not want to overheat your bedroom.

It is a need to clean the chimneys once every year because the stuff accumulated in the pipe can cause the hazard. It can become a reason for catching fire.

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