How to Arrange Two Different Sofas in Living Room?

How to Arrange Two Different Sofas in Living Room?

Arranging two different sofas in a living room requires intelligence, skills, wisdom, and understanding of organization and decoration. 

How to Arrange Two Different Sofas in Living Room? You can arrange two different sofas in your living room by considering its size and complementing it with the room’s dimension and layout. You can place two sofas facing each other or in opposite directions, and make a corner seating.

House owners always want to add more sitting places in their living room, and sofas are best in providing comfortable seating. Proper arrangement and placement of sofas are necessary to keep the living room more spacious and organized.

How to Arrange Two Different Sofas in Living Room?

Living rooms are essential in a household, and without them, you may suffer too many problems in organizing house setup. Living rooms are not only a place to seat guests, but they are the ultimate comfort zone of many people.

You need to understand the suitable furniture choice and selection for the living room. Differently-sized and differently-shaped sofas can bring out the life in your living room. 

Sofas are a significant part of a living room, and you can not neglect their importance. You can spend your whole day on these comfy pieces of furniture watching TV, listening to music, doing projects, and other household works.

It can also act as your dining space, sleeping area, and workstation. Two different designed sofas in a living room can give an ultimate stand-out look to the living room. 

Usually, two sofas suit well in large living rooms, but you can also put them in small living rooms using your organizing skill.

It is easy to arrange two entirely different sofas in a living room by contrasting and coordinating with the room’s layout. Bring out the best of yourself and try to incorporate them in the living room.

Things to consider when adding two different sofas in a living room

Before setting up the sofas, you need to understand some things regarding your sofas and room. You can not put them anywhere in the room and find the best location for their placement.

For this, you need to make a rough sketch of the whole setup on the paper considering, some necessary things. They are:

Sofas size

Determining the sofa’s size, you can get an idea of their arrangement in the living room. Small-sized sofas are relatively feasible to incorporate into the room, while large-sized ones look more stunning and appealing.

Usually, sofas do not vary much in size unless you make custom sofas. Three-seater sofas have a length of around 75 to 80 inches, but both may differ in size.

It is necessary to consider the size of other items in the room, such as tables, chairs or single sofas, couches, and others.

When choosing large-sized sofas, you should keep all the other things small and minimal. For instance, two master-size sofas with a small-sized round or rectangle table are enough for a living room.

Dimensions of Living Room

A living room can have the capacity to settle two to three sofas, depending upon its dimensions. You have to measure the length and width of your living room before purchasing sofas.

Usually, living rooms are big enough so you can set two normal-size sofas in them. In small living rooms, you may need to compromise big sofas.

It is preferable to keep some free space in the room to give it a broad and open look. For this, you have to select sofas with moderate-length, so they look more well-organized.

Also, some living rooms are not square, or you can say they are angled structures. In this case, you may need to build custom sofas that match well with the room’s angle. 

Available Space in the living room

When you are changing furniture in your living room, you have to adjust according to the room’s space.

You can not put any sofa in the room, irrespective of the room-space and coordination with other items. Arranging the new furniture in empty room spaces is something that will take more time and effort.

Talking about two different sofas, you have to keep them in empty spacing as they may differ in size and style. Also, you have to shift and replace a lot of other furniture or decorations in the room.  

Style of sofas

Two sofas may have different styles and coordinating them together requires clever-thinking. One can have extended or royal-like, and one can be sleek.

Also, they can be entirely different in terms of frame material, padding and upholstery. You do not have to worry about the look as they can go well with each other when you arrange them correctly in the living room.

Considering all these factors, you have to set them in a living room, but it is not too hard. Nowadays, dissimilar sofas are more in demand than similar because they look outstanding when you place them in the same room. They catch the attention and make the living room more attractive and appealing.  

Arrangement of sofas

The first thing you have to look for is the arrangement of these different sofas in your room. Look to the room carefully and try to figure out the best placement for these sofas.

The appropriate setup of the room can save the whole look of the room. While their wrong location can destroy the aesthetics of the room and the spent money on sofas.

Make two different seating places

Some living rooms have such structure or construction that they provide you a look at two separate portions.

This structure is very beneficial for you to arrange two different sofas in it. You can make two setups in a single room by placing the sofas in two separate areas. 

It will make it too simple for you to organize other things with them. You can place two chairs or single sofas and a table with both of them to make two sitting portions.

Add beautiful, live plants besides the sofas and add a plain, solid color rug beneath them to enhance the coloration. You can set up one sofa in front of the fireplace and one in front of the TV. 

Placement along with the room break

Another idea to place two sofas in the living area is to keep one sofa in the room break. Several houses have no wall to separate the kitchen and living area, and you can utilize this area.

Choose the one that has less design, patterns, and styles and is monochrome. It will act as a room divider and look more symmetrical with the room’s dimension. 

Place the other sofa in a typical seating arrangement along a wall or front of the TV with other chairs, tables, or couches.

Add lamps and artificial plantar beside the sofa to compliment it. You have to choose a heavily-styled or patterned sofa for this arrangement.

Place sofa at 90 degrees angle

Placing two sofas at a 90 degrees angle is common in almost every household, but this practice is typical for two similar sofas.

You can also keep different sofas perpendicular to each other as it will give a unique look. You should check and adjust the space between both sofas. Do not attach both but keep some sustainable distance between them.

You can match other furniture and decorations with them to make them well-suited with each other.

Concisely, match the rugs and curtains with one sofa and coordinate side lamps, plantar, chest of drawer with the other sofas. It will create coordination between everything in the living room. 

Two sofas facing each other

Another typical arrangement you will see this in almost all household is the sofas facing each other. This arrangement is best for small living rooms when you do not have much space to place them in separate portions.

The idea is to make this arrangement more beautiful by organizing things in the surrounding in the most appropriate way. 

With this arrangement, there are two small or single sofas or a couch around these larges sofas. Together they make a round or square seating pattern with a center table.

You do not worry about the look as different sofas when facing each other look stunning. None of these sofas mask or suppress the beauty of others. You only have to match other things with these two.

Make corner seating

Despite making a center seating system, place sofas in a room’s corner. When you arrange such a seating pattern, it will give you a large center space to add more furniture and decorations in the living room.

The ideal is to set them in the window corner so the light coming inside will glow up and enhance the color and beautify these differently designed sofas.

In this setting, you need to focus more on the pattered and bold colored sofa as it can mask the coloration and aesthetics of a simple one. When you have differently-sized sofas, place the bigger one on the side and the smaller one in front of the window.

Enhance its look by adding bold color cushions on it. Choose a simple table and do not add more single sofas or couches with them. Make it simple and minimal with only a few plantar and table decorations. 

Sofa along the bookshelf

When you have differently sized sofas, you can easily set up smaller ones beside or below the bookshelf. It will provide you a reading area, and you can use this area as your workstation.

It will look more organized and ethereal when you contrast the sofa with the most prominent color on the bookshelf. Also, you can place live plants to give a more fresh look.

Arrange the large sofa with some other furniture in the open area of the living room. You can select couches and singles with this sofa with a light-color rug underneath. This setting is best for a living room which you use as your working office as well.

Make a semicircle arrangement

For an angular living room, it is preferable to choose angular sofas. The most necessary thing while setting up a living look with furniture is to correlate with the room’s flow.

Most people add some solid-colored and broad-structured, horizontal sofas in such living rooms. It creates the most unmatched and out-class look. Choose curvy sofas for this room, and these can be different in color or design.

The necessary thing is the same size of sofas to make a semi-circular or angular seating arrangement. You have to place them along the room’s curve and angels.

You can add small couches or single-sofas to break the whole curvy flow, which is necessary to add some texture in the room. Color breaking is also essential in such a type of setup and does not go with monochrome.

Place two sofas opposite to each other

When you have enough space in the living room, you can place the sofas in an opposite position. It means that they are not facing but showing their back to each other.

This setup can eliminate the issue of contrasting and matching them to create coordination in the living room.

Place them opposite each other in which one should face the TV, and the other should face the opposite wall.

You do not need to add extra furniture with the one-facing TV, and a center table is enough for it. You can add two single sofas with a table and decorations to complete the look on another side. You can also place a console table between them to create a break and add decoratives to it.

How to color coordinate two different sofas?

Color coordination is essential when you are setting up two different sofas in a living room. It will help you to create similarities in the room and prevent suppressing the beauty of other items.

Go monochrome

The best way to correlate two different sofas in a living room is to choose the same color upholstery for both. It will make two sofas look-alike despite their different frame styles.

Monochromes are the best choice for any living room, especially when you choose light colors. You have to match the color of furniture, walls, curtains, and rugs, but you can add slight color change with decorations and cushions.

White, gray, blues, browns are the best colors for a monochrome room set up. They look stunning and well-organized and create a flow in the room.

Choose paintings and lamps that coordinate well with the color and create a more spacious look in the room. Remember, monochromes look good when you have sufficient lighting in the room.


Contrasts are the best way to bring colors and brightness to the living room. Contrasting two sofas eliminates the issue of mismatching and can relate two entirely different sofas with each other.

The best way of contrast is to add more colors that are bold and attractive. You can match the upholstery of one sofa with the cushions of the other. 

The more vibrant colors you choose more they will look classy and appealing. Blue and brown, whits and blue, white and gray, black and gray, white and gold, red and mushroom, aqua and dark blue are the best color contrast for living rooms. You can also contrast sofas with the curtain, rugs, and decorations of the room.

Statement piece

This idea is quite risky but looks outstanding when you do it cleverly. It will suppress the colors of others but can make a center of focus in your living area. You can choose a vibrant color fabric for one sofa and keep all the other things monochrome.

For instance, choose dark blue or orange color fabric for one sofa and keep all the rest minimal by selecting the white or gray color for them.

The orange or blue sofa will dominate the whole area and make a statement piece of furniture for the living room. This idea is more suitable for the small room and chooses the more elevated or styled sofa for this change.

Go with light colors

Light colors are best when you have a small living room, and you want to keep it simple and minimalist. The white or light gray color is becoming the most demanding color for living rooms nowadays.

They give a more spacious and open look to the room, and this kind of setup looks more decent and soothing. Also, the overall light tome will mask the difference in the styling of two different sofas.

When choosing a light-tone, you should add some textures to it to prevent it look too plain. Light can sometimes look very dull or dim, so you must wisely organize other things to save the room’s look. 

Use dark shades

Dark colors are another way to match and coordinate different sofas in a living room. Usually, dark brown, dark blue, teal, and turquoise are preferable when choosing a whole dark look.

In this case, you have to keep the flooring and wall paint lighter in color unless it will look too scary.

The whole dark look is suitable for large living rooms with at least one window in the room. Also, keep the room full of lights as much as possible to prevent it look smaller. You have to pay more attention to decorations and painting to create a color break in the room.

Patterns for sofas in a living room

Patterns add texture and drama into the living room, and when you have different styles of furniture in a room, you should try to coordinate them using room-patterns and designs.

Mix and match patterns

It is a good idea for a living room with different pieces of furniture. When you mix and match patterns of curtains, rugs, sofas, couches, settees, and other items, the room looks more organized and coordinated.

You can match cushions pattern of sofas or upholstery patterns of sofas depending upon your ease. Also, you can add some matching pattern painting and decorations in the room.

Go with room layout

When you add sofas in a renovated living room, it is necessary to match the sofa patterns with the room’s layout.

For instance, you have a printed or patterned wall in the room, so it is preferable to coordinate the sofa fabric patterns with the wall. It will look more organized despite different styles of sofa. Also, you can match sofa patterns with the ceiling design.

Match sofas with rugs

Another best way to compliment two sofas with the living room is to match them with the rugs. Most people have furry-rugs in their room, and they like to keep it simple with light color and pattern.

So choosing the sofas according to the rug design and rug’s pattern is necessary to keep everything in balance.

Match with curtains

Coordinating sofas with curtains is the best idea to bring optimization to the room. Most people like to keep curtains simple with no patterns but choosing simple patterned curtains and matching sofa fabric with them is preferable.

Everything should complement each other, and matching sofas with curtains is a good idea.


For people who love to add several colors to their homes, mismatching is the best idea. Usually, in this set up you need to mismatch everything in the living room, such as colors and patterns.

It looks like a colorful drama scene in the room in which nothing compliments with other. You can choose several colors and bold-patterns for sofas, curtains, and rugs to create this look. It is quite experimenting but will eliminate the issue of differently styled sofas.

Stand out prints

Stand-out prints can bring life into your living room. Choose some bold or heavy patterns for sofas to make them stand out loud in the whole room.

Do not match anything other with them and keep them distinct from others. Keep the rest of the things simple and minimal with no prints and light colors. This way you can have two sofas in your living room.

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