How to Replace the Fabric on the Underside of a Sofa?

How to Replace the Fabric on the Underside of a Sofa?

Select good quality fabric with designs for the underside of the sofa. The adjustment of the material with the sofa frame is necessary. 

How to Replace the Fabric on the Underside of a Sofa? You can replace the fabric on the underside of a sofa by approaching the bottom and remove staples. Then, pull the fabric and fold it. Next, utilize the old material as a template, shrink and cut it. Finally, adjust the new fabric on the sofa underside, fold it 1 to inches, and secure it with staples. 

The damaged sofa liners are not appealing to anyone. Instead, change them with new fabric to offer an excellent look. 

I have added 10 easy steps to replace the underside fabric on your sofa. The process takes time of around 55 to 60 minutes. It also depends on the skills of the performer. 

Purchase new underside sofa fabric

Purchase a new fabric for the underside installation process. You can select the cotton and muslin fabric for accurate adjustment. 

The new material should add neatness and appeal to the structure. It should fit the lower part perfectly without any loop.

The cotton material can stretch under the sofa structure. 

You can purchase these items from online stores. A vast range of materials and colors are available. 

You can purchase the stuff at moderate to expensive rates. 

Flip the sofa on its side

You have to change the side of your sofa to change the bottom fabric. The removal is also convenient with such changes. 

Take the help of 1 to 2 people for the error-free flip of your furniture. These heavy structures can generate few issues. 

It can result in accidental conditions. The sudden turn of the sofa can harm the performer. All of these conditions are not suitable during such conditions. 

Use the help of people to handle the heavy structures. Flip it and bring the bottom side on the upfront. It offers visibility of the lower material and adjustments section.

Access old fabric

You can access the old lower fabric on your sofa. Touch the material and observe the damages.

You can also find the adjustments and attachment points by such observations. You can reach it without flipping the sofa, but it does not help in removal. 

You have to approach it from all edges and corners for complete detachment. They have multiple colors according to the choice of the user.

Use tools to remove the old fabric

The staples attach the material firmly, and you have to remove them. 

The fasteners are removable, and you must utilize enough strength. Use a sharp cutter of wires to remove the staples. 

You can also use other such sharp tools for the removal process. Then, cut them and discard them from the below side fabric.

Always consider the condition of the fabric. Then, you can take dimensions from it for the reinstallation procedures. 

Detach all the attachment tools and remove them permanently. You can demolish them because the installing activity requires new tools.

A sudden manual pull of the staple can lead to wounds. The pliers are a better choice for the removal of fasteners.

They have firm attachments due to insertion. Pulling is not enough for these removals. Detach them by cutting the tools. 

Discard them one by one and hole the fabric. You can also roll it for accurate removal. Ask a friend to hold the fabric roll for the error-free detachment activity. 

Cut the sides of the sofa fabric

The sides of the fabric are challenging in the corners and edges. Therefore, you can face difficulties in the removal of such materials. 

Allow the gentle pulling gesture during the removal of material from these portions. It also keeps the surface smooth, and the fabric remains intact. 

You can remove it slightly from the corners without any tearing when you cut it from the bottom side. Scratch it and move forward slowly.

In this way, you can pull the material with slow speed, but the finishing is high. 

Adust the corners of the fabric

Pull the fabric from the bottom sides and fold it appropriately. Never leave the corners of the material. 

You cannot discard small pieces on the bottom surface of the furniture. 

Moreover, the layout demolishes, and you cannot adjust it over the surface. As a result, the bottom of the sofa is different than the top side.

You can compare the lower material and new items. It offers an accurate dimensional layout and makes the process less time-consuming. 

It also enhances the expertise, and you can conveniently install the new material. Remove it and then discard it professionally. 

Prepare new fabric according to a template

Prepare the purchased fabric according to the old removed material. Place it in the water for 40 minutes and allow it to shrink, and then take measurements.

You can use a non-permanent marker or chalk during such procedures. Mark the spots according to the observational estimation. 

Use the method of ironing to reduce the lines from the fabric. It prepares the material in its original form, and the measurement procedure becomes convenient.

Take dimensions 

Use measuring tape and chalk throughout the process. Check the attachment points of the old fabric.

It comprises a few holes and spots due to previous attachments. You have to leave this space because it goes under the sides.

Attach the smaller pins to combine both of them. 

You can remove them after the process completion. 

Adjust the fabric in one corner while working on particular portions. It declines the frustration, and you can take precise measurements. 

Cutting and installing new fabric on the underside of a sofa

The inaccurate cutting can generate fitting issued. You have to repeat the process, and it is not possible for the performer. 

Adjust the new bottom cover on the surface. Never press it from the middle side because the pressure ruins the overall system. 

Hold the side of the fabric and fold it. Keep the fold of about 1 to 2 inches. It also depends on the dimension of the sofa sides on the bottom section.

Select one corner and start the fixation process. Adjust a staple over the fabric and use a specific tool. 

Inset the staple on the material with the sofa side. Add the folded portions of the bottom fabric to the sides. 

Push the staples after every specific distance. Adjust everything in one particular place and keep moving until you reach the next corner. 

Never pull the fabric on the sides. The pulling can result in damage to the material. 

Also, you should not allow the formation of loops in the middle section of the sofa bottom. It declines the overall appearance of the material. 

The situation is not advisable, and you can cut the excessive portions. However, avoid the appearance of threads from sides and always keep it neat. 

Offer a plain appearance to these structures for the appropriate and fresh look.

Place the sofa properly

Change the position of your furniture. Then, flip it back to the original state with other people. 

Make sure the bottom side is safe and free from any damage. Never insert fingers and avoid pressing the middle section of the fabric.

Observe the fitting and adjustment of the bottom sofa cover. Then, you can get on the floor and observe the neatness. 

In case of any sagginess, add more staples by pulling the specific area. It allows you to get the proper adjustment of material and removes all issues.

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