How to Replace Sleeper Sofa Mattress?

How to Replace Sleeper Sofa Mattress?

Sleeper sofas are ideal for small spaces. You can fold its mattress and use them as a sofa or open it to use it as a bed.

How to Replace Sleeper Sofa Mattress? You can replace the sleeper sofa mattress by unfolding the sofa bed and discarding the zip cover. First, estimate the length, width, and thickness of the mattress. Always choose the right type of innerspring and place it on the bed. Next, put the mattress in a zip cover and place the mattress top inside the sheet. 

Sleeper sofas have metal frames or mechanisms that hold the mattress. They are better than the usual bed in some way because you can read books or novels without doze or sleep.

I have added easy methods to replace the sleeper sofa mattress and make them look new.

Unfold sleeper sofa bed

Open the sofa bed and pull it as much as possible. If you can not take out further, lay down the root. 

Few older sofas have inserted the bottom lever to unfasten the middle section. Grab the lever out to unlock the couch. In newer bed couches, there may be cloth straps hooks inside the folded bar.

These clips are using to prevent the sofa from unfolding when using as a couch. Next, unlock the bolts by pressing each pin to evolve the mattress.

If it already unfolds, remove any object from the sofa sheet, like glasses, pillows, books, mobile, cups, or other things.

Now remove the bed sheet carefully, do not let the nail burst the sheet. Be sure it does not stick on the mechanism or bed frame and remove the sheet.

Unzip the sofa cover

Find the zip from the cover. Usually, it seems tranquil but, it is not as simple as you think. Mostly you are unaware of the zip placement.

However, you can find the zip on one of the four corners of the mattress cover. After revealing the zip, take a safety pin and, it will act as a handle.

Now put it in the zip hole properly. After inserting the pin, you begin to grabbing the zip until it opens the whole cover. Safety pin helps to appropriately or smoothly open the mattress top and, it also saves your time.

Measure the dimension of the sleeper sofa mattress

Before purchasing, measurement is necessary to get the right-sized mattress. Take a measuring tape and start the calculation. 

With passing time, it may be thin or become spread due to wear and tear. So you should calculate the bed frame width and length and buy few inches larger for folding purposes. 


Determine the mattress length by calculating it from the above head of the mattress to the toe side. The average extent is about 69 to 80 inches.

You would also calculate the inside metal mechanism tubing. Take 2 inches extra for mattress folding. For example, if your sofa mechanism height is 78 inches, you should take it 80 inches.


Evaluate the mattress width from one side to the next side. The width merely depends on the size of the sleeper sofa.

Mostly, a twin size width is about 28 to 40 inches. The large size mattress width ranges from 40 to 50 inches. The super queen size width is 59 to 66 inches and, the Queen size mattress width is 54 to 60 inches.


Now measure its thickness, but it does not matter how thick your mattress is because it will slightly affect the sofa bed frame. 

They are different from bed mattresses because they are available in a wide variety of density even 10 to 12 inches deep.

Choose a high-quality sofa mattress

Always select the high-quality innerspring and check their firmness, thickness, memory foam, spring, soft material, dimensions, air system, and polyurethane.

To check the innerspring quality, you should check the firmness and density of the foam.

Make sure they fulfill your requirements and can provide comfortable sleeping. They should not much heavier than the frame can not bear. There are typically five to six innerspring types that have distinct features.

It must have an air pumping system that adjusts the temperature.

Add its Covering

After testing their dimension, insert the futon in a zip cover again. Get the assistance of someone and take the innerspring vertically. Both of you should stand on the two sides and start pulling equally.

Now zip up it and use tape on the cover’s zipper. Few experts suggest using tape on the zipper. However, it will avoid penetration of holes in the zip teeth. Finally, place the innerspring back on the sleeper sofa and never slide it on the frame.

Add mattress top

A mattress top is placed under the sheet. It seems like a cushioned layer that you can remove when you want.

They are available in multiple sizes, material types, and cushions. They make your sofa bed more comfortable and, they deliver plushness and support.

They are the addition in its layer, which makes them thicker and softer. These are preparing with gel implant foam, foam, cotton, and microfiber.

The standard thickness is around 3 to 3.5 inches.

Use air pump

The newer mattress has come with an air pumping system and helps in reducing the temperature. You would pump according to your needs.

A panel is inserted into the innerspring, and it comes with the pump. You can plug the switch and turn it on to start compressing air in the mattress. After filling the air, close the panel cover.

Cover the sleeper sofa with a sheet

Bedsheet prevents the mattress from damage and enhances the beauty and warmness in the room. You can choose the stuff according to the season, such as cold or hot.

In the summer season, always put the cotton or light sheet. In a cold atmosphere, select the thick or soft fabric stuff sheet.

How much does it cost to replace a sofa mattress?

They are less expensive as compared to the comfort they provide the users.

Their price depends on various factors such as their tallness, thickness, quality, memory foam, how much they are wide. The average price of a 6-inch sleeper couch mattress is between $150 to $200.

Why would you replace the sleeper sofa mattress?

Here are the signs that you should replace the mattress of your sleeper sofa. Wear and tear start after a few months or years, depending on how o use your furniture.

Wear and tear

There are common signs of wear and tear, such as coils, drooping, and chunks that you can feel in your mattress.

Odor or smell

Due to excessive time duration, a smell or odor begins coming that interrupts your sleeping pattern and lasts an impression on your guest. So you have to change it.

Muscle pain

You may feel restless and muscle pain while sleeping. 

You can not sleep well and feel stiff and painful. Therefore, you have to purchase the new innerspring since it will enhance your sleeping pattern and decrease back pain.

Squeaking springs

The worn mattress producing sounds when you shift the posture while laying. It is a common sign of an expiring futon. The coil gets damaged and incapable of keeping up your body.

Allergies and asthma

Innersprings absorb the majority of germs and dust that cause issues such as asthma and allergies. However, many people also complain that the sofa is causing itching.

You would vacuum them regularly to increase futon durability. But after a specific time, you may fail to remove these symptoms. 

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