How to Replace Handle on a Recliner Sofa

How to Replace Handle on a Recliner Sofa?

Replacing a handle on a recliner sofa takes at least 30 to 40 minutes. Check the furniture after these modifications. 

How to Replace Handle on a Recliner Sofa? You can replace the handle on a recliner sofa by placing it in an upside-down position. Next, remove the screws and bolts and detach the lower protection cover. Pull the handle and remove it. Install the new handle and tighten all screws with other parts. 

The broken handles have no fixation abilities. You can detach them with a pull, but it can harm the overall sofa structure.

I have added 9 easy steps to replace the handle on your recliner sofa. First, adjust the relevant structures and align everything. 

Combine the recliner sofa

Combining a recliner means controlling the seat and foot resting structures. Make sure the sofa seat is in upward condition before starting the process. 

Close the foot resting portion and keep it close to the recliner. After this proceeds, you can proceed to the next steps.

The resting section of the foot can interfere with the overall process. Therefore, close it firmly so that it does not open during the activity.

Access the broken handle

Access the broken handle in this step. It has both sides hand supporting structures. Observe this structure to find the error. 

In most situations, the damage is irreparable. You have to replace this handle with new and similar equipment.

It makes the adjustment convenient for the performer. Moreover, it does not appear as an odd structure. Pull it slightly to check the vulnerability of this part.

Change recliner position

These are heavy, and you cannot alter their position without any support. 

You have to change the position of this structure in a way that the broken side faces the upward side. 

Access the attachment point

The broken or damaged handle of the recliner still has the attachment point. 

The handles contain few screws or other bolts for proper adjustment. In those situations, when the structure damages hardware parts also lose. 

Also, move the handle on either side and access the screws. They provide an idea about the utilization of tools for their removal.

These attachment structures are at different positions. 

Detach the screws

Use the screwdrivers and wrenches according to the presence of hardware. For example, few of them can open with a Philips screwdriver, and others require wrenches. 

The bolts can open with a precise size wrench. Adjust the tool over the attachment structure and loosen the screws.

 Detach them one by one and preserve them. Then, you can use parts in the reinstallation method, and it depends on the present condition. 

Remove the bolts with the wrench. Adjust the equipment over the bolt and rotate it in a counterclockwise direction.

 You can save these tiny structures or discard them. The handle loses all the stability and attachment on the sofa. The removal becomes convenient for the performer. 

Pull recliner handle

Hold the broken handle and pull it upward. It takes a lesser amount of strength for the removal of such tools from the recliner.

There is minimal resistance after such detachments. The lower portion can resist the removal in few designs. You can even open the recliner with a broken handle.

Cut that portion and pull it gently. Never apply excessive force because it can also damage the top cover of the sofa. 

There is a handle cover on the lower side of this structure. You have to remove it for the complete removal of the handle. 

It is like protection covering for the handle from the bottom side. 

It supports and controls this equipment. In addition, the handle performs adequately due to the presence of such structures. 

It cannot attach directly without these protection covers. The material is fabric, and it is conveniently detachable. 

In few situations, it has 1 to 2 screws on both sides. 

 In few models, it attaches with glue. However, the removal is suitable because you have to apply the pulling strength for such detachments. 

Remove lower parts of the handle with efficient techniques. Take the help of an expert person. 

The top cover remains safe, and the surface is also stable for installing the new handle.

Adjust the new handle on the recliner

The adjustment of a new handle on a recliner sofa is a challenging process. First, clean the bottom surface with a lint-free piece of cloth.

Adjust this on the surface to check the adjustment capability. Then, spread the new protection cover on the top surface.

You have to adjust it firmly for the accurate adjustment of the new handle. Purchase the fabric and the handle of the recliner couch according to the particular specifications. 

Adjust it and fix it through glue over the surface. Finally, add the handle on the armrest section and start the installation process. 

Add one screw in the relevant hole. You can perform this step from the top and bottom sides. However, people prefer bottom sides to make the screws invisible.

It enhances the appeal of their furniture, but it is a tricky process. First, add the screw and tighten it with efficient equipment. Then, insert all the screws one by one and fix the new handle on the armrest compartment. 

Make sure it adjusts with the lower protective cover. Pull it slightly to check the stability of the structure.

In case of any error, tighten the bolts or the screws accordingly. Spend time on such procedures because they determine the overall performance of the method. 

Reinstall removed equipment

Change its position and push it back to the upward direction. 

Add the cushions back if you have removed them. You can also open the foot resting equipment because the sofa is stable. 

Why would you replace the handle on a recliner?

In few cases, it damages the recliner. It leads to the overall replacement of the handle. 

You cannot change the inner foam of the structure. This is because it costs more than the alteration process. 

No adjustment of arms

The handles of the reclining sofa are for the adjustment of arms without any error. However, sometimes the handles deform and lose the ability to stabilize in one position.

It happens due to the brokenness and loosening of screws. So you can replace such uncomfortable structures with new and stable items. The adjustment of arms becomes comfortable after such additions.

Improper sitting arrangement

The recliner sitting arrangement is different than a standard sofa. It offers comfort and smoothness at the same time.

A damaged handle has various apparent errors. The fibers and patches of broken foam lead to uncomfortable experiences.

People avoid such furniture due to these issues. It is a leading cause to replace these structures with new items. 

Poor balance

The broken handles have no balance, and they cannot adjust the arm on them. 

People prefer to change the non-supporting structures with comfortable equipment. Moreover, it offers balance and convenient sitting time for long periods.

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