How to Open Recliner With Broken Handle?

How to Open Recliner With Broken Handle? 2 DIY Methods

Opening a recliner sofa with a broken handle requires skills and takes around 40 to 50 minutes. I have added 2 DIY methods to open the broken recliner.

You can open a recliner sofa with a broken handle by changing its position and detach the hooks. Alter the handle, pull the recliner base and open the sofa. Access the metallic bars at the bottom and unscrew the screws and bolts. Discard them, open the recliner and stabilize its parts. 

Below are two efficient easy to open a recliner with broken handles. The procedures help you to open this particular piece of furniture in less time. In addition, the chances of error are minimal when you follow the guidelines accurately.

Open the recliner by removing its metal guides

It is a method for those who have an understanding of the different parts of the recliner.

Approach sofa bottom

You have to change the direction of your recliner. The overall activity carries out at the bottom side of this furniture. 

The heavyweight of these structures does not allow quick flipping. Instead, take the support of family members and then flip it slowly. 

Reach to its bottom side in a way that the lower side is on the front side of your face. Check the fabric and access the process during all-time conditions. 

Control the broken handle

The broken handle of the recliner can move abruptly in these moving conditions. Hold the handle or ask a friend to control it. 

Hold it firmly and check the damage. You can add a temporary repairing thing to this device.

Fix it in one position for the opening of this piece of furniture. Leave the handle slowly and check its movement. 

If it is still moving, then add support with it. It helps you to handle the structure throughout the procedure. 

Remove recliner cover

The lower side of the recliner contains part of the cover. Open it from one edge and then fold it upwards. 

You can roll the cover over the sofa and tie it to the upper side of your furniture. It prevents the interruption of fabric during the opening method. 

In this way, you can find the hooks and metal guides of your sofa. Unfastening of the cover is a challenging thing in few cases. 

Alter the tools with other efficient equipment. Always select edges to start such removals. They allow detachment of fabric fast than the sides.

Access the bolts and guides

Access the hooks and those metal guides that attach the recliner with the sofa. These are on the sides of the bottom, and you can also find them through the manual. 

They have a black appearance and are large enough. You can insert your fingers inside them for the unlocking of these structures.

Repair broken handle 

You have to repair it or replace the handle on a recliner.

Hold the metal hook firmly and check the unlocking position. Then, you can pull it upwards for the unlocking conditions.

The unlocking of these structures helps the opening of the bottom side. In addition, you can detach it because these are attachment tools.

These metal parts have unlocking abilities within 2 to 4 seconds. 

Hold both sides of the recliner

Hold the bottom sides of the recliner on your sofa. Apply a particular amount of strength to move it upward. Pull it slowly but keep the strength firm.

You can detach the bottom recliner through the pulling activity. Again, hold both sides simultaneously for these removals. 

In case of difficulty, ask a supporter to handle one side. Then, you can pull the metal structures upward for the complete detachment.

Detach old bottom

Detach and discard the old bottom area of the sofa. You can open the sofas after the removal of a recliner.

The removal of attachment tools makes it a free-flowing system. 

You can repair, install and remove machinery and other parts after opening this piece of furniture. 

Detachment of recliner bars

The removal of bars is a significant step for the overall opening of such structures. 

Below are the guidelines to open the recliner with the detachment of metallic bars. 

Add the screws and bolts and tighten them firmly. Repair the damages or change the overall structure. Add side support to reduce the free-falling conditions of the system. 

Flip sofa upside down

You have to flip the furniture to access the metallic and bolted bars of the material.

They are on the bottom side of the sofa, and you can access them conveniently with these directional changes. 

Hold the headrest corner and move it downwards. The structure should touch the ground surface, and the bottom faces the ceiling. 

In this way, the overall structures appear on your front side. Never push it with an excessive amount of strength. It can free fall towards a forward direction. 

The condition is not suitable because it results in wounds. Furthermore, it can also break due to sudden falling, which is not beneficial. 

Remove cover from the bottom

Detach the bottom side cover and roll it upwards. Access the metallic bars and the fixation tools. 

Count them and make a layout for accurate removal. Then, take the help of an expert for the cover removal.

It helps you to reinstall the fabric with precise instructions. Hold the material and avoid any damage to the overall appearance. 

Access its metallic bars

Access the metallic bars on the bottom side of your recliner. These are long rods of metal.

They have dual ends and connect on either side of the structure. They are 3 to 4, and it also depends on the overall design of the recliner.

These bars connect to the base of the furniture. They have bolts have screws to fasten them accurately. The visibility of metal bars offers convenience in the detachment procedure. 

Loosen and detach bar bolts

Use a screwdriver or bolt puller according to the fixed tools. Adjust the gadget over the equipment and loosen them. 

Pull them slightly outwards manually. Discard fixing tools and disconnect the attachment point of the metallic bar with the lower side of your sofa. 

The use of an electric machine is excellent in unfastening procedure of these tools. Always select one side and discard the equipment one by one. 

The screws have unique designs, and they have particular removal tools. Utilize the high-quality material and then discard them from the system. 

Therefore, the support of a friend is feasible in these procedures.

The handling of the metal bars becomes comfortable with the helping hands. 

The connection loses with every removal. Ask an assistant to hold the seat and central parts together.

In the last stage of bar removal, the fear of free-falling is present. Avoid such conditions and handle the bar during the discarding of the screws. 

Remove all its parts

Remove all attachment bars of the recliner one by one. In this process, 2 to 3 people can hold the free-flowing structure together.

The removal of the joints helps to open the sofa completely. You can divide the structures into relevant sections. 

Stabilize the seats and adjust them in corners. Prevent them from falling and avoid damage to the internal structure. 

Consider the design of the structure and avoid its rubbing with sharp things. It can damage the foam and other parts. 

Collect the metallic parts and adjust them in one corner. Then, you can use them in the reinstallation activities. 

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