How to Fix a Recliner Footrest that Won't Open?

How to Fix a Recliner Footrest that Won’t Open?

Fix a reclining footrest that does not open by cleaning and lubricating. Maintain this structure because it remains in excessive use. Never pull or push the footrest when it sticks in one position.

How to Fix a Recliner Footrest that Won’t Open? You can fix a recliner footrest that won’t open by changing its position and adjust the newspaper under the cushion. Next, discard the screws and add lubricating oil to the footrest joints. Finally, clean the surface and reinstall the screws. 

Move the footrest to find the problem. If it sticks at one particular joint, then lubricate it. 

You can fix it at home without any professional help. The process is less expensive, and you can purchase penetrating oil from any machine store. These are also available online for lubrication.

The method is beneficial for that recliner footrest that sticks in one place. However, the movements become challenging in these conditions. Below is a procedure that helps to resolve such issues.

Remove things from the recliner footrest

Remove the cushions and cover from the recliner. If it arrives at the footrest of your furniture, then loosen it. 

Roll it upwards so that it does not interfere in the process. Moreover, there are chances of dirtiness, and it is not an advisable condition for the cover.

You can adjust the cover and cushions in one corner. They can fall during the procedure. The movement of the sofa is confirmatory in these methods. 

Protect the upper things, and it is a gesture temporarily. You can adjust them back into their original states. 

Alter its position 

Change the position of your recliner and footrest. You have to access the bottom portion of the recliner but on the front side. 

The footrest is near the ground portion. You can approach it by sitting in front of it. Also, move it in a way that the footrest is upward. 

It is an optional way to perform this procedure. Move the sofa towards the required side and then carry out the method.

Save footrest cushion

You can save the cushion of the footrest by adding a newspaper or tissue paper under it. It is confirming about the anti-staining property of the footrest cushion and other parts.

You have to adjust the material between the footrest and cushion of the structures. It helps the damages of material and not the sofa cushion. 

The process is about fixing the movement of the footrest. It should never harm the structure of the cushion and another surrounding thing. 

A rough piece of fabric is also an excellent choice in such a situation. You can prefer this material when the sofa is on a carpet. 

The fabric resolves the staining and damage issues. The falling material can never penetrate the carpet. 

It is a preventive measure before starting the fixation procedure.

Remove its screws

The footrest of the recliner has multiple screws. It connects with the wood with these attachment tools.

You have to access them for their removal from the overall structure. There are at least 5 to 6 screws for the attachment of material. 

They are high-quality gadgets, and the number depends on the overall structure and design of the sofa. For example, the metal part requires attachments for firmness. 

They acquire equipment with multiple points. So you can count them and comprehend their design. 

You can also open the recliner with a broken handle. You can resolve multiple screw problems by just counting them appropriately. Then, access their locations and mark them with chalk or a non-permanent marker. 

Adjust the screwdriver on these crews and discard them. Loosen them one by one and collect them in a small bag. 

You can utilize similar equipment in the further steps. First, it detaches the metal from the wooden section of your recliner.

You can also access the inner joints of your sofa after such detachment activities. The visibility of footrest parts becomes feasible for a person.


Use a lint-free piece of fabric and rub it over the surface. It decreases the layer of dust particles. 

The reduction of rusting material is also convenient with such cleaning techniques. Discard the dirt and leave the surface for some time. 

Move the footrest to find other dust or rust particles. Appropriate cleaning is a beneficial step in these procedures because it allows the flexible movements of inner joints. 

Add lubrication material 

Purchase high-quality and sufficient lubrication material. The machine oil or any penetrating oil performs an excellent task here. 

Select these oils in a nozzle bottle. The flow of oil becomes convenient with the lesser downward flow. 

Adjust it on the screws and press the bottle. Lubricate all of them one by one and keep them in one corner. Repeat the similar process after every 10 to 15 minutes. 

You can add the lubrication oil to the screws 1 to 2 times. It makes them fresh and rust-free.

They can move inside the metal and wood parts. You can discard them conveniently due to their standard functions. 

Check its metallic joints

The joints of the metal part and wood are those structures that help a footrest to move on a recliner. But, first, you have to add the lubrication material between these joints. 

Add the oil until it flows backward. Repeat the activity to get the best results. Start by adding smaller drops, and then fill the joints with this lubricating oil.

You can clean and lubricate the joints one after the other. It helps the footrest to move in the required direction of the user.

Discard excessive material

The oil can move in the surroundings due to flow properties. Therefore, if you leave it without cleaning, then it can accumulate. 

The dirt mixes with the oil and makes clumps.

Remove the excess oil with the cleaning process. Use tissue paper for such cleaning activities. The tissues paper can absorb excessive oil by staining the surrounding.

It also removes the dirt that flows out with the lubrication oil. Clean it until you find the clear upper surface of the joints.

Clean the screws and discard excessive oil. Next, adjust them back into the footrest structure. Finally, retighten them with the specific screwdriver. 

Check the adjustment of screws after the insertion of oil. Readjust the cushions and sofa cover after the process completion.

The footrest moves due to proper lubrication. There are no more problems with footrest movement and breakage. It never sticks after the lubrication. 

You can follow a similar process whenever its footrest stops working. It keeps the furniture in excellent moving conditions and prevents damages.

What is my recliner footrest not opening?

If your recliner footrest is not opening, you should find the main cause of this problem.

Old material

The old recliner has these problems commonly. The joints of the metal and the screws become vulnerable with time. 

They do not work appropriately and ultimately stick. It does not open and works inappropriately. You can replace the handle on a recliner

The problem is resolvable, and you should never pull it abruptly. It can age the footrest, and the repairing costs are high.

Broken springs

The broken springs of the recliner affect all the moveable parts. The footrest cannot also open and get stick.

You can replace the broken springs with new ones. It instantly allows the footrest to open according to the user handing conditions. 


The rust can accumulate on various attachment tools of the footrest. They do not allow the opening of the recliner footrest. You have to remove the rusting or discard this issue.

Broken parts

It does not open due to broken parts of the footrest. Repairing resolves these problems, and you can enhance flexibility. 

The cushion of the footrest can break due to various conditions on a recliner. 

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