How to Replace a Recliner Sofa Cable?

How to Replace a Recliner Sofa Cable?

Replacing a Recliner sofa cable is a tricky process. However, expertise helps to change the broken or vulnerable structure.

How to Replace a Recliner Sofa Cable? You can replace the recliner sofa cable by removing the hook and opening the clips. Next, unscrew the Philips screw through a drill. Finally, add a new recliner cable and reinstall everything back.

Leaving the broken cable without replacement decreases sofa performance. It can also harm the seat and arms of the structures. You can also take professional help for such activities.

I have described a stepwise guide for the replacement of such structures. 

You can complete the activity in around 10 to 15 minutes.

Purchase new recliner sofa cable

In the method of replacement, you require a new recliner cable. The selection of such items depends on the overall design of the sofa.

 They have a specific design and structure and offer comfortable installation techniques.

These are cost-effective products, and you can also purchase them online. Make sure that the sofa cable is intact form before buying it.

The hooks and clips must align in a pattern. Any damage leads to improper installation and reduces time. They are usually black and long enough to cross the side to the bottom area of your sofa.

Gather tools

The removal and replacement of the recliner cable require sufficient tools. You can open the screws manually, but a Philip screwdriver is an excellent option.

 Use a screwdriver adjustment drill in this step. First, adjust the Philip screwdriver on the front side of the drill machine.

These are electric gadgets that offer instant removal of screws. As a result, they keep the surroundings clean and damage-free.

There is no need to apply excessive strength when you have such tools. The drill and relevant screwdriver are expensive products.

Flip the recliner sofa

Discard the cushions and pillows from the sofa. Instead, hold its sides to move it downward.

 You can also take help of assistance according to its weight. Flip the structure and stabilize it on a smooth surface.

 You can observe the adjustment of old and broken cables. The other structures and machinery are also visible.

You can find the broken edges of the cable. Estimate the damage. Few people prefer repairing activities more than replacement.

The overall damage of this cable is not beneficial for the sofa performance. 

Access the recliner and open

Get on that side of your sofa that comprises the recliner cable. You can find a moveable steel structure.

 Hold it firmly, and then apply an amount of strength. Next, open it backward or in the upward direction.

You have to open it to observe the recliner cable on your sofa. The bottom surface allows such opening movements of the recliner in a couch.

Leave it open and observe the back movements. Then, remove the errors or adjust a screwdriver to hold it in one position.

Remove its hook

There is a hook that adjusts near the recliner and sofa cable. Access the small steel hook for its displacement.

Hold it manually by inserting your finger and thumb. It is a small structure and comprises steel as a manufacturing material.

 Few of them have plastic coverings for the control, but it is rare. Instead, they have a long steel body behind them.

 Remove the hook from the opener of the recliner cable. Leave it without any modifications.

Remove the attached clips

Access the clips of the cable manually. They are present right behind the hook structure.

 These clips are beneficial for the attachment of cable with the recliner. One of them is present at the top surface, and the other lies at the bottom side.

They have fixation ability and keep the system firm. You have to remove these clips one by one. Hold the top one and lose it.

Remove the bottom clip as well to ensure complete detachment of the device. Again, the pulling force is beneficial in such methods because it can detach the clips instantly.

Discard screws from the recliner side

Hold its sides and then move it in one direction. Make sure you never drop the furniture abruptly on the ground.

It can damage the vulnerable structure because it lacks support. Stabilize the side that comprises the plastic covering and handle.

 Open the handle and adjust the drill inwards. Again, the Philips screwdriver is beneficial to remove the attachments.

The covering material contains two screws on both sides of the structures. Adjust the front edge of the drill on the open screw and remove it.

 You can discard them or retain them for future uses. Hold the handle throughout the process for quick screws removal. 

Pull out the sofa cable

Pull out the cable manually after detachment of holding structures. Hold the handle section and pull it outwards.

This cable passes through the bottom openings. Again, the position of the structure helps in the quick removal activities.

Discard it in a dustbin and never reinstall it after repairing.

Make sure no excessive part remains attached to the small device. Remove it in intact structures because the shattered pieces are challenging to remove.

Add the new recliner cable

Take the new recliner cable and insert it from the handle position. Make sure you are facing the sideways of your couch.

Push it in a perpendicular direction to reach the openings. Again, they have specific designs for such approaches.

They can reach the opening without any difficulty. There is nothing in the middle section that can restrict the movement of a long cable.

Push it until you have the top handle, and adjust it on the previous open surface. Hold it for some time to understand the adjustment techniques.

You can trim the sides for accurate adjustments but always select the standard structure for these procedures. It hides the opening and covers the top surface. Adjust the holes accordingly for the adjustment of screws.

Handle cable from openings

Leave the handle on the side surface and get yourself at the bottom side. 

Pull the cable outwards from the opening. Always pull it according to the structure. Never apply excessive strength to get the maximum length of the recliner cable.

It leaves a specific edge for the adjustment of the structure. It can reach all the attachment parts.

Nothing can restrict such activities due to the design of the sofa and cable. Hold it for some time and then move it slightly downwards. Leave it at that spot and make sure you have pulled it.

Tighten screws back

Get back to the handle sideway of your couch. Take new high screws for the adjustment of this tool in the upper portion.

Adjust the Philips screw on the hole and push it through the drill machine. Allow the screwdriver to tighten it firmly in one spot.

Use a similar method for the other side of the handle. You can replace the handle on your recliner.

Always use new tools to reduce the chances of installation issues.

Readjust new clips and hooks

Adjust the new clips back into their previous locations. For example, click the top recliner clip by adjusting it with the recliner.

Push it with strength for the handling of this structure. Repeat the similar process for the bottom clip. Fix it firmly, and then hold both.

Handle them with fingers and click the clips simultaneously. You hear the sound of closing during such procedures. It is an indication that you have adjusted the structure.

Hold the sideways of the couch and change its position. Then, move it in a direction that you can access the bottom side conveniently.

Hold the clip and adjust it in the recliner, and pull the recliner back in the original position. Then, insert the hook in the opening of the structure.

Adjust it firmly and observe the movement manually. Never leave this attachment point because the installation of a cable depends on it.

Insert it in the previous position with fingers. Push it inside with a thumb for accurate adjustment. Stabilize it before proceeding to the next step. The loops are beneficial for the insertion and settlement of the hook.

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