How to Paint Old Wooden Sofa?

How to Paint Old Wooden Sofa?

Here are 9 DIY methods to paint your old wooden sofa at home. We have also added the required tools in this step-by-step guide.

How to Paint Old Wooden Sofa? You can paint an old wooden sofa by cleaning the wooden structure, removing the old paint, use sandpaper, paint the sofa, and let it dry. It takes around 5 to 6 hours with an average cost of $300 depending on its size and condition.

If you have an old sofa at home, you should learn to paint it and repair it. Access the condition of the sofa, you should estimate the size and get the required paint. Let me explain all the steps here:

Clean the structure of the old wooden sofa

First, you have to clean the structure of the sofa. You can take a scraper to clean it. You must remove paint from the legs and the arms of the sofa. It will take around 35 to 45 minutes to clean it. When you have used the scrapper on all the sides, you may start using the cleaning mat.

After using the scrapper, you will see different stains in the paint that will start appearing on the surface. If you start painting it on the structure of the sofa without using a mat, then new paint will not last too long on the surface.

You can use a mat on all the sides. It will remove all the stains and remove the upper layer of paint from the sofa.

It will equalize all the corners and sides of the sofa with the paint. It will make it easy for you to paint with little effort.

Move sofa to a suitable position

You may check that a suitable position for the sofa. You can take it to the ground or any floor that can clean easily after painting. You can roll down a sheet to save the floor and put the sofa on that sheet.

You can use any sheet depending on the availability, like a plastic sheet, metallic sheet, or any other you can arrange at that time.

After finding the right place for the sofa, you should change its position to upside down. It will help you to paint from its lower side.

Cover the cushions of the sofa

If the cushions of the sofa are fixed, you must cover them with some paper or cloth so that the paint’s stains may not fall. If these cushions are easy to remove, then you can remove them otherwise, it can cause sagging in a leather sofa.

You can paint on all the sides and corners of the sofa after doing it. It will help you make sure that the products you are using should look better on your sofa.

Choose the paint color for the sofa

After making all the arrangements, you can choose the color and brand of the paint. You can consider a few things while doing it. You must start looking for the color of the cushions that you are placing on it. If these cushions are of dark color, you must choose a dark color like black or dark brown.

If these cushions are of lighter colors, then you can paint them with silver or off-white shade. You must note it while planning the shade for your sofa. You can this method to frost a glass table top.

You can choose any one of these sofas if your sofa has already been painted before. If there is polish on its structure, then you must choose the shade from that polish. There are few choices in the colors of the polish.

You can use light yellow or brown color polish for that sofas. You should check the size of the sofa while deciding on the paint because you will choose the amount of paint accordingly.

You should choose the color that resembles the previous one because it is challenging to paint the sofa with a new shade for an inexperienced person.

Paint the wooden sofa

After choosing the exact quality and quantity of the paint, you can paint the wooden sofa from one side. You can paint it in the day time by keeping it in the sunlight. If you can manage to take it to the roof, then it will be the best combination. You can paint the old dining chair to make it look new and modern.

You will start painting it and cover all the sides. You can use a small brush for this purpose and practice it for some time before painting the sofa.

Older sofas usually have hardwood that requires some smooth brushes to paint its surface. You can increase its size by looking at your conditions.

You should leave it for 30 to 40 minutes after painting. You can give them time to make it dry by air and sunlight. You can use the ceiling or pedestal fan if you are doing all this activity in closed doors.

You cannot leave any corner without painting because it will look odd. You can recheck the color combination after completing one time. When you think that the paint has dried, then you can start painting for a second time.

This turn will require more expertise as it will not look like you have painted one side with more paint and the other with less. You can remove these problems by just reviewing them after completing them for the second time.

You will leave it for some time to dry it. After drying it, you have to decide that it requires third-time paint or not. If you think that the shine of the paint has started coming out, then you can stop it here. You should fix the sofa bed frame after this procedure.

You can repeat it if there are few flaws are remaining. There are small chances that you will face any problem after following all these guidelines.

Make designs with the paint

If you want to make any designs in the paint of the sofa, then you can make it after drying the base paint. It is not a compulsory step that you have to perform at any cost, but it will depend on the design you want to make. It will also make a small bedroom look bigger.

You can make a wooden shade after painting it. You cannot do it if you do not have a good experience with painting. You can choose any style of design that suits the settings of your sofa.

You can use a sprayer to paint a sofa. It can make a blend of multiple colors. You must have a good practice of doing it.

Cost of painting a wooden sofa

There are multiple varieties in the paints and polishes of the sofa. The price will also depend on the quantity of paint that you are buying. If you have all the painting tools that are a brush, scrapper, mat, and sprayer, you can paint a sofa for $100.

You will see considerable fluctuations in these paints’ prices as you will change the quality or brand.

You can increase this amount to $300 if you are arranging for the best quality paint. You can manage the paint as low as $60 also. If you do not have all the material, then you have to pay more price. It will depend on the quality of the products that you are buying.

How long it takes to paint an old wooden sofa?

The duration of the painting will depend on the number of seats on the sofa, the environment, and the painter’s expertise. If there is normal weather, the average number of seats, and the painter’s intermediate level of expertise, you can paint it in 2 to 3 hours. You have to dry it for one hour after completing the process.

You can manage all the things in six hours. If the available circumstances change, then the time to paint the sofa can also increase or decrease. You have to take care of all these things while managing the material for painting it.


You have to take care of a few things while painting the old sofa. Some of them are as follows:

  • You must choose the right color for your sofa that does not look odd in any scenario.
  • You must understand the location and purpose of its use while choosing the paint color of this sofa.
  • You cannot paint in a closed environment as it requires the air and sunlight to dry in minimum time.
  • You should cover all the parts of the wooden sofa that can look bad with stains of the paint.
  • You cannot leave any stains on the floor while painting. You can arrange different sheets and other materials to save it from falling the paint.