How to Decorate Around a Burgundy Leather Sofa?

How to Decorate Around a Burgundy Leather Sofa?

Burgundy is an outstanding shade for leather sofas that gives hues of deep red, purple and deep pink under different reflections and light.

However, you have to think artistically to match cushions, pillows, wall art, curtains, rugs, decorations, and accessories with it.

How to Decorate Around a Burgundy Leather Sofa? You can decorate around a burgundy leather sofa with deep yellow or golden color pillows and with wooden flooring. Moreover, add a lot of colorful paintings and delicate decorative pieces around it. Also, keep your eye-catching burgundy furniture in the center of the room to make it a point of focus.

I have added tips for you to arrange everything surrounding your stunning piece of furniture.

I have the burgundy leather sofa in my living room that appears to be a style statement, and it is 90% easy to decorate everything around it.

Typically, the center of the room is the best location to place a sofa, but its location varies with the room’s dimensions and space.

Place it in front of the TV, against a wall, or in front of the window. I prefer to keep it in a place where it is most prominent.

I have an open kitchen apartment, and my kitchen opens into my living room, so I place my burgundy sofa facing opposite the kitchen.

This setup complements my room’s layout and arrangement and serves as a dividing item between two areas.

However, I keep replacing my leather couch in different areas with time for a change. In this case, I place it against the wall having windows where it brightens up more in direct sunlight.

What should be the color scheme of walls for a Burgundy Leather Sofa?

You should know one thing before purchasing bright-color furniture that the more you lighten down everything nearby it, the more it looks appealing and attractive.

Here are few tips for you to color contrast walls with it:

Cream, beige, white, and light brown are the most appropriate colors for the walls.

You can also use pastel color schemes such as pastel pink, peach, ice blue, blush pink in contrast to the leather sofa.

Gray is another best option for this setup but never use dark shades of gray.

I prefer to keep my rooms wall white or cream with dark-toned couches, whereas light brown is on the second number of my priority list.

On the other hand, dark colors like black, maroon, red, green, and dark brown will overtone the room and mask the beauty of the furniture, so I never use these colors.

A two-tone color scheme such as painting the wall behind it lighter and painting other walls dark is another option for you when you like bright colors.

However, there is an unusual color contrast of burgundy and blue that sounds awkward but looks splendid.

I once tried this combination for my leather sofa and added several colorful pillows to it, and it turned out mesmerizing.

You can also try this when you want your living area to look modern and fashionable but choose a turquoise blue or teal blue instead of royal or navy blue.

Altogether, monochrome and undertone colors are preferable for your sofa as they intensify the impact aesthetically.

Patterns for walls

Many people paint walls with loud colors and patterns that dim the tone of burgundy.

You should not choose patterns and print wallpapers or any wall art that diverts the attention from your couch to the walls.

I recommend you to keep the walls plain with no designs, stripes, blocks, or art and do not add any texture-feel to them.

What furniture suits well with burgundy leather?

A typical living area has at least one 3-seater leather sofa and two single couches with a center table, but it may vary in homes.

There are also consoles, a chest of drawers, ottomans, bookshelves, TV stands, side tables, and other items in the room.

What colors go with burgundy leather couch?

A rule of thumb for a bright piece of furniture is to keep other items dull and subtle, and you should keep this in your mind. 

Make sure to choose light-toned fabric for the single burgundy couches and ottomans and keep all the other items light brown because colors like walnut or black darken the entire theme.

You can also select the same burgundy color upholstery for these but in this case, keep all other things white and minimal.

Printed fabric with red, cream, pink colors will also suit it by adding designs to the entire look.

The structure and design of these items should be simple and not expanding because any exaggerated object will take over your main burgundy leather sofa.

I prefer bronze, brass, copper, gold, and silver metallic furniture in contrast to it, while light brown oak and maple wood also go well with it.

How to match rugs and mats with the Burgundy Sofa?:

Rugs and mats are vital components in a living room because they add definition and a sense of space by creating a territory of sitting area.

Colorful rugs with solid accents and geometric prints complement best with a burgundy couch and bring out the life in the room.

Saturated colors like amber, maroon, gold, plum, and deep red in rugs will create a synchronized harmony.

I have a floor mat with light gray on the base and symmetrical maroon blocks all over it, and it matches exceptionally well with my sofa.

You can also add a bamboo mat or shag rug instead of a typical rug, but the shag rug should have multicolored prints.

Consequently, a rug having striking patterns and a solid print with several colors is the best choice for bright furniture.

However, you can place a white or gray furry rug of 5 by 8 inches to let the leather dominate itself.

What accessories should I use with Burgundy Leather Sofa?

Side lamps, flower vases, table decorations, sculptures, and other small items come under accessories of a room that add more to its aesthetics.

Contrast gold accessories with the burgundy couch because they enhance their maroon and purple hues.

You may need to spray-paint your old items with gold or bronze, such as vases, lamps, and table decor.

Silver metallic decorations are also preferable, but you must look for sleek and delicate pieces instead of massive objects.

I have two red vases that I place on both side tables beside my sofa and keep white orchids in them, and they look super gorgeous.

While I decor everything around it with metallic gold and brown that accents perfectly with my bold furniture.

Decorate the room with red or pink flowers and wooden sculptures when you have light-toned decorations around it.

The choice of wall paintings

Wall paintings are the elements of decoration that bring art and soul into a plain, dull area. Choose them in correspondence to your room’s layout and flow, and here are some tips for you:

Several small paintings or frames on the wall behind the couch will look good instead of a single large painting. This color scheme works perfect for a burgundy sofa.

Mandala, sceneries, traditional paintings, ethnic paintings, vintage paintings, abstracts, portraits, and doodles will look outstanding for such a setup.

You can also add motivational quotes but choose the frames of dark brown, yellow, or red for these.

In addition, add one or two small mirrors on the wall to create iridescent reflections around the seating area.

I recommend adding a chandelier above the sofa or light wall scones on the same wall above both armrests.

The choice of curtains

Traditionally, sheer curtains are the best option, while draped satin curtains with rich texture and finishing will also look great.

You can also add bamboo blinds on the windows, but it will slightly dull the whole vibe, so I do not recommend them.

You should not choose curtains with bold prints or patterns and try a monochrome theme.

You can also hang plain, burgundy curtains if you have a big room, so they do not give a compact and conserved feel.

The choice of center table

A center table, known as a coffee desk, sits in the center of all the seating furniture of the living area. Think twice before buying it because it remains near your sofa and any wrong choice can destroy the look.

Look for a glass top table, having a metal body and is small and decent to give an impression of open space.

The wooden table also looks classy, but I prefer to look for a mirrored top while the frame remains maple or cider color.

Also, an antique black and rusty metallic table will look outstanding with the whole scenario.

You can also make a custom leather table with the same burgundy color. This combination is the most luxurious and impressive, but it is only possible with a big budget.

Silver or brass framed tables having marble or plain white top also suit it, but you need to get all the other furniture and paint all the walls white for this setup.

Flooring for a burgundy leather couch

The room flooring has a role in its overall look and appearance, along with coordinating accents. You can match the flooring with your couch following these tips:

Wooden flooring is the best way to complement any color and style of furniture, and I prefer light wood in this case.

Marble floor can also contribute to the beauty of all items in the room, but you have to be very particular about other things for this.

Never use dark flooring in any case because it overshadows everything in the room. The rugs cover the floor area beneath the sofa, so it has less impact on individual items but affects the overall view.

Place Cushions and pillows

The soft pillows are a decorative part of a couch and provide extra support and comfort to the person sitting on them. Their choice decides whether your furniture will look good or bad.

I prefer bright-colored fabric with solid prints and asymmetric patterns for pillows and cushions.

Mustard, blue, purple, teal, turquoise, brown, red, and peach are appropriate colors for a burgundy leather sofa.

Sometimes cream, beige and white also look better with it, but it depends upon the room’s layout.

However, yellow and golden printed cushions are more popular and preferable for it.

Olive green and navy patterns also look splendid on it with some other sharp and strongly-hued pillows.

You should add differently-themed pillows on it instead of adding the same and always place at least 4 to 5 on a single sofa.

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