How to Store Leather Sofa in Garage?

How to Store Leather Sofa in Garage?

Leather sofas should be stored in a controlled environment like a garage to prevent their surface from cracking and scratches. Leather furniture and sofas are costly, so handle them carefully to use them again without damaging them. 

How to Store Leather Sofa in Garage? You can store leather sofas in the garage by covering them with cotton blankets, polythene bags, and dark color paper. However, putting them away from the wall, above the floor surface, and in a climate-controlled environment is necessary.

Many people place their furniture in the garage while changing the living room carpet because they do not have extra space in their homes.

I have added 19 great ideas to store the leather sofas carefully in the garage and maintain their quality, original shine, and smooth surface.

Use of plastic covers to wrap leather sofas

Plastic sheet covers are beneficial to use on furniture when we want to store them for a short time. In addition, these covers are waterproof, so we use them for protection from water.

Water is very damaging for leather, and it can destroy its upholstery seats.

You cannot use plastic covers for a long time storage of sofas. It is better to use them for short time storage to prevent dust, dirt, and moisture.

Long time wrapping these sheets can allow the molds to grow there, and even air can’t pass through them.

For the wrapping process, you need two persons to hold furniture and cover them with sheets.

Take plastic sheet rolls, wrap them entirely on the front and backside, and then wrap them horizontally and vertically.

It is better to wrap the wooden legs completely because wooden parts may become rotten due to moisture.

Ensure that you wrap them tightly to prevent the entry of moisture in them.

You can also add two layers of plastic covers for more protection. Now secure the wrap with the tape so it can’t slip away from the couch.

Place leather sofas away from the garage walls

When storing them in the garage, it is primarily essential to place them away from walls.

It is better to keep them 10 to 20 inches away from the wall for a better air crossing. You can also use wooden pieces to keep them away from the walls.

The sofa’s backside becomes damaging when no air passes through them when stored very close to the wall.

If your walls are coated with non-insulated paint, the high temperature of the wall can also damage the upholstery of the couch.

I always store my sofa with a light-colored painted wall to get less heat from the walls.

Treat leather sofa with oil

Take regular care of furniture, access them once a week to protect them from damage when storing them.

Dry air from outside also causes discoloration and dryness of the fabric.

Due to dryness, the surface is peeling off, and you cannot place them again in your living room.

Clean the sofa, remove dust and dirt from them, and apply leather oils once a week. It will protect them from discoloration, so they look fresh and shiny.

Use of activated charcoal

More moisture is present in the garage due to the nearby presence of the lawn. Therefore, it is better to place the activated charcoal bags beneath the sofas and in the corners of your garage.

Water also allows the mold to grow on the sofa and damage the seats.

The moisture that comes from the garage mixes with the oil of the leather couch. So now, when we dry the moisture, it also draws out the oil from them. 

The use of activated charcoal also helps to get rid of odor because when you store a sofa for a long time, it can also produce a stinky smell.

The presence of activated charcoal does not allow the moisture and odor to reside on them.

Use of cotton covers

It is better to use breathable cotton sheets or cotton blankets to cover your furniture for a long time.

Cotton sheets allow the air to pass through them, so they are better than plastic sheets.

It can also prevent scratches on the sofa when you take them outside for storage. They are also beneficial for the prevention of dust and dirt accumulation and the growth of molds.

You can also use cotton bags; these are available in the market.

Adequately cover every side of the couch for better protection during their storage in the garage.

Use of plastic sheets on the floor

It is also essential to cover the floor and walls. Take a thick plastic sheet and cover the floor and walls of the garage with them.

This covering reduces the humidity and also protects your furniture. Your furniture is damaged if the moisture from the floor is seeping into your leather couch.

The plastic covering on the floor also protects them from dirt. It is necessary to keep safe from moisture to reduce mildew growth during storage.

Clean them regularly

More dust comes on the sofa due to open-air when you are storing them in the garage. Use a cloth and vacuum cleaner to remove the dust particles from them.

Cleaning is done to keep them safe from viral, bacterial growth, and dust particles. However, they can cause non-removable stains and also damage the seat.

It is better to clean them once a week after removing the cotton clothes and plastic sheets.

After cleaning, wrap them again properly for their protection.

Wrap the legs with a bubble wrapper

It is also important to wrap the wooden legs of the sofa. It will protect against the rotting of wood due to moisture.

These can also protect the wood from the attack of insects. 

Take the roll of bubble wrapper that coils them properly around the legs of the couch.

Do not place a heavy object

Please do not place any heavy things on the leather sofas when putting them in the garage. It can cause damage, and scratches appear on them if you place heavy stuff on them to save space.

Scratches are difficult to repair, and they give a bad look to the sofa.

Placing heavy objects also damages the cushions seats. In addition, it can also damage the underneath material of the sofas, like elastic webbing and springs.

Due to this damage, it becomes saggy, and you do not feel comfortable using them again.

The placement of heavy things also leaves a permanent spot on them. For example, when you place a table on them, it may fall out on the couch and damage its upholstery seats.

Maintain humidity and temperature of the garage

It is necessary to store the leather furniture in climate-controlled conditions. It is made up of delicate material, and they are readily affected by changes in temperature.

Heat, cold, dry, and moisture are all conditions that affect the leather badly. So it is crucial to store them in a stable environment.

The safe moisture level is between 20 to 30%, and temperature ranges between 50 to 60°F; these are favorable conditions for storage.

Take the precautionary measure to maintain the humidity and temperature level for storage without damaging them.

Place them under the shed

Many people have a small shed area in their garage while the rest is open air.

You should carefully store them under the shed to prevent them from rain and dust. Place them under the shed because of high-temperature damage to the surface.

The direct air draws out the oil of the sofa so place them under the shed to prevent this.

It can also reduce the moisture in them and prevent them from damage.

Avoid placing on the cemented floor

When you move your sofa back and forth to adjust its position, it can damage the lower part due to an unsmooth or rough cemented floor.

Due to the rough surface, the water resides in the holes, which can damage your furniture.

Due to cemented floor, more dust and dirt stay on the furniture. Use the floor protectors, rubber, or cotton pads beneath the sofa to fix this issue if your garage has cemented floor.

Place leather sofa away from direct sunlight

Store them away from direct light because it fades the color of the sofa and makes discolored patches on them.

Do not place them on that side where direct sunlight strikes with them. The heat of the sunlight is also harmful to the cushion seats of the sofa.

It is better to use a low-light environment to maintain their color and texture.

Protect from insects

Always wrap them properly that insects cannot enter from their covering sheets. To prevent the attack of rodents and small insects, clean it properly and remove dust from every side.

Bugs and insects sense the smell of the leather, and they ultimately damage your couch. 

Birds also need space for making their nest in a safe place. Therefore, you should take proper care that birds can not make their nest on the stored furniture.

Place away from metal materials

Place them away from the metal doors and windows of your garage. The corrosion and rust stains of metal can comes on the sofa, and it is difficult to remove these stains altogether.

If your sofa has metal legs, then store them separately because they are rusted due to moisture. Wrap them in a bag and keep them in a safe place.

Use of dark color paper

Use dark color paper to protect the furniture during storage. The dark color paper helps to maintain the temperature of the leather and protects its surface.

Moreover, dark color also protects them from ambient light. Finally, dark color maintains the temperate and covers your couch.

Slightly raise them

It is essential to place the leather sofa on a raised surface when storing them for a long time. Use the cotton pads to raise them for protection from dampness.

It also provides a good crossing of air under the furniture.

Use of polythene

Polythene bags are the most common and widely used to protect furniture. Purchase the polythene covers; they are readily available in markets at a low cost.

Wrap it in these covers; they are highly protective against dust, dirt, and moisture.

I also use these bags for my furniture because you can seal them tightly, preventing the entry of harmful elements.

Why would you store a leather sofa in a garage?

During the renovation of your home, you can store your leather sofas in the garage.

You can place them for some days with proper handling and care while shifting the house.

When you paint your house to change its interior look, you can store the furniture in the store to prevent paint stains.

I always store my extra furniture to keep them in good condition for months and even years. You should follow all the guidelines mentioned above.

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