How to Make a Twin Bed into Full?

How to Make a Twin Bed into Full?

Twin beds are a reasonable choice when considering the small spaces but switching to a full size is always a better option. 

How to Make a Twin Bed into Full? You can make a twin bed into full by disassembling the complete frame of the existing bed and adding several slats into it. In addition, you have to reconstruct the boundaries and other bed components to turn them into a full-size bed. It will take around 10 to 12 hours and costs between $50 to $100.

Full-size or double beds are popular in America because of their suitable size and adjustability in different sized and shaped rooms.

Usually, there are numerous reasons behind this conversion, but it depends upon the style of existing furniture.

A slat frame design assembled with screws and nails is easy to upgrade while a high-build, the improvised structure makes the process 90% more difficult.

Turn a simple slat twin bed into full

You need materials like the woodcutter, lumber sheets, screws, wood stain, sander, drill machine, and safety items for the process.

Check for the brackets, sockets, or other attachments in the frame to get an idea of where you can expand it.

  • Unscrew and remove the headboard and footboard to reach the base frame.
  • Remember, you need to expand the width, so examine the vertical slats, whether you can attach more expansion elements to them.
  • Do not disassemble the boundary, instead add slat at a distance of 15 to 17 inches to the frame collage from one of the lateral sides.
  • Remove the wooden sheets on the base first and add new slats horizontally for support.
  • Reconstruct the headboard and footboard into the same style but wide using the same wooden lumber.
  • Reassemble all components together, sand, and stain the wood for perfect matching.

Use a larger plywood sheet or box spring

You need only a hammer, screws, lumber pieces, or plywood sheet for this method, while safety gloves and glasses are essential.

  • Remove the mattress from the bed and start pulling off the horizontal slats that act as box springs or support for the mattress.
  • Clear the whole boundary but do not remove the headboard and footboard because you are only expanding the width of the frame and not anything else.
  • Get larger wooden lumber of around 54 inches and place them on the frame boundary horizontally, so they extend equally on both sides.
  • Secure them firstly with the nail and add screws for more strength.
  • Do not worry about the extending slats because they are the elements of increasing width.
  • Get a full bed mattress and place it on it to make it look like a larger piece of furniture in appearance.

Remember, this method is less reliable because the slats can break anytime if you choose less thickened ones.

Also, be careful while putting weight on it and keep it for a single person only, and the mattress should also be lightweight, in this case.

Can you turn a metal twin bed into full?

The possibility for this conversion is too less because metal frames are not like wooden ones.

Most of the time, they have welded metal rods that you can not separate feasibility unless you cut them using an electrical machine.

The box spring consists of several rails that are relatively easy to cut because of their small diameters, but you need to destruct the whole structure to expand and reconstruct it.

  • There are two vertical rods on the boundaries, while there are two extra legs in the middle of these rods support, dividing the whole width into two sections horizontally.
  • Weld the same size vertical rod to its one edge, so you will have two units and a total of 9 legs of a single bed.
  • You have to build the same horizontal rails perpendicular to the long rod to create the same base as in other sections.

It is possible with a welding machine only if you have the same material and color metal rods because slight change will look awkward.

In addition, you can do these upgrades to only those frames that lack a headboard or footboard because these are extremely hard to expand or disassemble.

Similarly, the intricate designs and modern-style build metal twin beds are impossible to convert to the full, so you should abort the idea and move to purchase a new one.

Adjust the size of its mattress

Usually, the manufacturers make mattresses for every bed according to their dimensions and stability.

The firmness, comfort, height, and inner composition of the mattress determine the comfort level.

It means the one designed for the twin can not fit perfectly onto the full, while a one designed for full can not adjust suitably onto the queen or king bed.

For sure, you have to buy another piece that matches the size because there is a considerable difference of few inches in both furniture items.

In my view, a foam mattress or a spring mattress with a thickness ranging between 10 to 15 inches is suitable.

In addition, a firm mattress is preferable over soft or much hard with a softness scale of 7 or above.

You can choose on your ease and comfort because some people have back, neck, lumbar pains, sciatica, and disc slip issue.

Whatever be the choice, you have a purchase a new mattress for this up-gradation which will cost you around $300 to $500.

What is the difference between a twin bed and a full bed?

Double size furniture is usually 53 to 55 by 74 to 75, which shows that the twin is around 16 to 17 inches narrow than these.

This variation makes a huge difference in the comfort level and accommodation capacity with room compatibility.

Space for a person: One person will have around 26 to 27 inches of space when sleeping two on a full bed, while no one can imagine two people sleeping on the twin furniture.

Suitable room dimensions: A room of 8 x 8 or lesser will not look congested with a twin, but a room less than 10 x 10 dimensions can not hold double ones.

Affordability: There is a difference of around $300 to $600, while the sheets and accessories for both are relatively reasonable.

Popularity and purchase: There is an average of 15% purchase of twin beds in America, while full ones have more purchase value of around 20%.

Comfort for an obese person: Full or double furniture is best for an overweight or obese person when sleeping alone, while it is impossible for the twin.

Can a twin bed frame convert into king size?

It can be surprising for you, but you can turn your two twins into a king-size by just placing them side by side without leaving the space of a single inch.

Typically, a king bed is around 75 to 81 inches, which means it is double in width of a standard twin, while the length remains larger with only 4 to 5 inches.

Remember, all of them, either single or full, queen or king, are different in width majorly, so you have to expand it considering this fact.

  • Twins are always the same in design and style so move the pair into the desired room.
  • Bring them together and place them touching each other from the lateral.
  • Place either two twin mattresses of the same type and quality or bring a king mattress.
  • Place a bed bridge that is foam pieces to cover the center exposed frames from the center.
  • Add a sheet, pillows, blanket, or comfort, as per your choice, and no one can recognize the modifications.

Usually, a king mattress will be slightly longer for this setup because the length does not increase up to king size and remain at 75 inches.

You can modify or order a custom piece in this scenario but do not place it as it is, or it will be easily distinguished.

On the other hand, twin XLs are perfect for this conversion because there are the same length and have the width of the king when considering a single item.

Why would you convert a twin bed to a full-size bed?

The need for this conversion is the lesser comfort and narrow space, which is not feasible for a person of a better physique to sleep on a twin bed all night.

It should be your next step for growing children who are increasing height frequently and can not fit perfectly into it, leading to the bending of the legs.

The standard twin bed is compact with sizes 38 to 40 by 74 to 76 inches and designed for congested spaces, while it is comfortable for a 5’5″ person only and not the taller ones.

However, the cost is the concern for which people purchase these while it is only preferable for occasional use.

On the other hand, full-size beds are 50% more comfortable for a single person, while two adults can also sleep on them.

Their overall dimensions and wide-area are perfect for a room that is lesser in length and more in width. Moreover, they have a surface area of around 4000 square inches.

Also, you can place them against a corner or under an alcove when you have an asymmetric and angular-shaped space.

However, 70% of people feel uncomfortable for a couple and mark them as furniture for teenagers and single adults, but they are ideal for cozy winter nights.

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