How to Move a Big Sofa Through a Small Door?

How to Move a Big Sofa Through a Small Door?

You can move your large sofa from one place to another through a small door by experimenting and try different angles.

How to Move a Big Sofa Through a Small Door? You can move a big sofa through a small door by wrapping the sofa, removing its cushions, arms, and legs. You should measure the door and the sofa and remove the door frame.

Moving a big sofa in and out of a room with a tiny or narrow door is quite challenging.

Arranging your room with a beautiful sofa that perfectly matches and coordinates with the room’s layout and has the most appropriate size is not easy.

Generally, every household needs to get sofas for the living room or any other room, and they want it to give it the most suitable location in the room. It is only possible when you can get in the room, which means moving it through the door.

Most people do not determine or identify the problem of moving a sofa through a door before buying it. They end up purchasing a too-large couch to pass through the room’s door.

Sofas have a typical size depending upon the seating arrangement and the same with the door unless you make custom sofas or doors.

Your intelligence and wisdom will play a significant role in this process. Once you get the appropriate position and angle at which the couch can move in or out through a door, you will shift it without much effort and harm.

Precautions are necessary for this process, and without following these, you will end up with severe damage or loss.

Try to make the whole shifting and moving process safe and convenient for you as much as possible. You can also take guidance by watching videos and asking people in the surrounding.

Remove the things away from the door

The first and the most necessary thing is to remove the things surrounding the door. Replace and take out all the delicate items from the doorways or place them in a safe place.

You will try with angles, so there are chances that you can break or damage the surrounding things while moving them.

Make the way clear, and it is better to place all the big furniture such as tables, single sofas, or couches to a corner of the room. Make sure you do not damage other things in the room and be cautious and careful.

Your safety comes first

You can not neglect your safety while doing this shifting. Remember, your life is more precious than any other object in the house, so you have to be very careful and attentive.

While doing it alone, you have to be more cautious because handling large and heavy furniture is not easy. Wear gloves before using any tool and follow all safety measures.

Also, you may harm yourself with its frames or any protruding nails or screws while pushing or pulling the sofa. 

Prevent damaging sofa or door

After your life, your second priority should be the sofa and the door. Try the most accurate angle or position to pass it through the door and never lose hope.

50% of the damage will decrease when you know the correct method and tips. If the couch is old, you have to be more careful because it is more vulnerable to damage.

Be patient and calm

Do not rush or hurry to move it as it can cause damage to you, your sofa, door, and other surrounding things.

Remember, you can achieve any goal with patience and calm, so never run to get it in or out speedily. Take your time to think about the correct method and never get angry. Your anger can impatience can ruin all your effort and money. 

Tools and supplies required

Generally, you do not require too many tools for this moving procedure. Simple tools available in your home are enough for it, and you do not have to buy anything from the market. Tools such as pliers, hammers, nails are necessary for it.

Drill machine is optional depending upon the process you choose. Other supplies you will need are a pen and paper, safety glasses, gloves, wrapping sheets, lifting wires.

Measuring tape is one of the most necessary things as you need to take measurements of the door and sofa. Keep all these tools and supplies by your side before starting.

Take measurements of the sofa and the door

Before starting, take a measuring tape and measure the width, height, length of the sofa and the door.

Make sure the measuring tape is long enough to measure the complete length and height. You will need another person for this to get an accurate measurement.

Make him stand on one side of the sofa and hold one end of the measuring tape. Take the tape in your hand and extend it through the length of it.

Measure width and height and note all the readings on a diary or notepad. Measure the door height and width also and write in notepad.

Remove cushions and foam from the sofa

Remove the cushions or foam from the sofa and keep them in a safe place. It is necessary to remove them to reduce the weight and make them easy to hold and handle.

These cushions or foam mattresses will become an obstacle for you and will create a mess. Also, there are chances that you may tear or rip the fabric of these cushions or foam while moving the furniture.

Many sofas have irremovable cushions or foam, so you have to move it with them. In this case, you have to be more careful because your sofa is too heavy.

Disassemble the sofa completely

Now disassemble the sofa completely, which means you have to remove upholstery, suspension frame, and other removable things. It will decrease the weight up to 40% and make it too easy to move it from an angle.

Remember, disassembling does not mean damaging the sofa, and you have to dismantle it carefully.

Record a video on your phone while disassembling it so when you have to assemble it, you can do it conveniently. You can also note on paper the correct placement of everything.

Remove doormat or carpet

Anything in the doorway will create obstacles and hurdles for you in moving the sofa through the door. It is advisable to remove all the doormats or carpet from the room before moving it.

These carpets or mats can get damage in the shifting process. Also, there are chances that you may slip through them because they are on tiles or floors. 

Remove arms or legs of the sofa

Some sofas have such an assembly that you can easily remove their arms and legs. These legs are easy to remove by screwing them out, and you need to pull out the nails or screws from the arm.

It is very risky as you can destroy your whole sofa if you can not reassemble it in the same way.

Wrap the sofa

When you have an old, loose, and destructured sofa, you should wrap it with a transparent sheet to hold it tightly.

It will increase your convenience and make it much easier for you to handle the sofa. This idea is best for old ones, but you can also wrap your new sofa in this way.

Take a transparent roll and move around the large sofa, covering it completely. Hold one end of the sheet from the arms and wrap it all around.

Add padding to the door

Usually, this idea is not preferable because it will cover more space and leave less area to pass the sofa, but you can do it when you move it vertically.

Add pads to the sides of the door and attach them with scotch tape. It will protect the frame of the door and sofa.

Try to add thin pads rather than thick ones as they will take less space. You can also use foam sheets for this purpose as they are thin and serves the same function. The thickness of foam should not be more than 1 to 2 cm.

Correct positioning

The most significant step is the angle or position of the sofa to pass it through the door. Usually, there are three ways, and you should try all three to get successful.

Move it horizontally through the door when your sofa is less broad than the door. These can be more lengthy than the door height, and you can not move them vertically.

You need to slide it carefully on the floor through the door by applying stress and pressure on the sofa.

You can also move it vertically through the door, and you need more people for this. Fasten the safety wires or cables to it, wear gloves and stand it vertically.

Another option is to tilt it slightly by holding it with a backseat. It is the ideal scenario for a huge-sized sofa that has a large frame and extending arms.

Remove door frame

When you tried every option and tip and still can not get the sofa through the door, remove the door frame.

It will be the last option for you, and it will cost you much more but less than a sofa. Remove the door frame to move it and reattach the door frame carefully if it is in good condition.

Usually, we can not determine or identify a specific time limit or time required for the whole procedure as it depends upon you.

If you have some knowledge about it, you can do it in less time. Also, it depends on the number of people or team, which means more people will move it in less time and fewer people will take more time.

Generally, we can say it will not take more than 1 to 2 hours if you have any experience or help. Doing it alone can take your whole day as it is not the work of a single person.

Look for an alternate way

After measuring both, you found that it will be too hard to move it through the door, look for another way.

Usually, rooms have large windows, and you can use them to move in your large sofa, but care is essential in this case also. This way is preferable when you have no other option. 

Take help from others

Take help from your friends or surrounding neighbors to help you in this process. Taking risks is not a good idea, and you can regret doing it.

The best way to do it is to make a team of 2 to 3 people. Teamwork will help you save time, cost, and effort, and you can prevent damaging anything.

Call an expert

Expert is the professional personnel that can deal with any sort of problem regarding shifting. You have to spend money, but it will be more feasible for you.

The expert will carry all the tools and supplies with him, and probably he brings a team. He moves it alone or with others, will reduce your effort and stress of moving the sofa and will do it within an hour. 

How to know the correct size of sofa that will enter through the door?

It is necessary to know the correct sofa size that will fit easily into the room and pass easily through the door.

Most people buy the furniture for the first time and come to know that it can not move through the door. You should measure the dimensions of the room’s door first before buying it.

It is preferable to choose a size of 2 to 3 inches smaller than the room’s door in height and width. When your sofa is smaller than the door, you can get it into the room.

Why is it difficult to get a sofa through a small door?

Usually, moving a sofa through a door is easy, and it is the size of the door and sofa that makes the shifting difficult.

You will never face this problem if you know the correct dimensions of the door and sofa. A huge-sized sofa and a small door are the reason behind this problem.

Generally, sofas and doors have a typical size. When you make custom sofas or doors, you can face an arrangement issue. Moreover, a sofa becomes extended or protruded with time and uses that further increase your problem.

You should follow all the easy methods mentioned above when moving a sofa through a door.

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