Common Problems With Coffee Table

Common Problems With Coffee Table

Sometimes you become impressed by the overall look and finish of the coffee table but selecting it is not an easy task. Many people complain about problems related to their coffee tables.

Common Problems With Coffee Tables include burn marks, broken glass material, leaning to one side, damage to wood, wrong shape, and incorrect height.

It is better not to compromise on its quality and dimensions because it can negatively affect its look. 

Problems with the coffee table Solutions
Leaning to one side Avoid moisture exposure, use glue on joints, put bed risers
Burn marks Apply a mixture of baking soda and toothpaste
Wrong size and shape Choose it according to the layout and dimensions of the living room
Broken glass material Prefer wooden table, use tape at edges of glass table
Incorrect height Use wooden extensions for short table

Leaning to one side

This problem occurs when your coffee table is made up of wooden material. You notice that it starts to bend from one side. Sometimes you wash your living room and use a lot of soapy water to make the floor clean.

Some water penetrates its surface and makes it swallow. It absorbs the water, which makes its internal structure weak. It will bend the table to the side where most moisture is absorbed.

You can put a sheet covering on the ends of its legs to prevent a direct water attack. Sometimes the significant cause of leaning is poor-quality glue.

This glue works well in joining its legs to the table base but starts detaching after some time. It happens due to a decrease in its adhesive abilities.

You can get a good quality glue to address this issue. Get a new one with high adhesive power and fill the gap where you notice most of the leaning. Check the level of your floor when you do not have any other reason for its leaning.

Sometimes the builder makes a mistake during construction, and the floor does not become balanced. You can not see it clearly in an empty room, but it becomes visible when you put some small furniture like a coffee table on its surface.

You can fix this problem with the use of bed risers. Lift the leaning side and put a bed riser between its end and the floor.  

Burn marks

The presence of burn marks affects the overall look of your table. For example, sometimes you put a hot cup or any plate on its surface, which leaves a burn mark.

Try to remove them as early as possible because they become hard to remove when they are old. You can easily get rid of these marks by practicing a simple method.

You do not have to spend more money to get a chemical cleaner. For example, take 1 to 2 tablespoons of baking soda in a cup and add 1 tablespoon of toothpaste.

Mix it well with the help of a stirrer. Keep both ingredients in such quantity that they make a mixture. You can also increase the amount of these ingredients when there is more than one burn mark on its surface.

Apply it with the help of a brush and keep its fiber in the direction of wood grains. 

Wrong size and shape

It is essential to consider the dimensions of your living room before choosing a coffee table. Sometimes you select the wrong size according to the size of your living room.

You should not get it in a large size when your living room is small. It makes your place congested and bulky, which looks bad to the eyes. Similarly, its short size for a large room is non-suitable because it does not have much space for more items.

Its size should not be large enough that there is no space left between the table and the sofa. Some people consider it an easy decision to select its good shape, but the fact is different.

You have to make it compatible with the shape of your sofa to enhance its look. For example, if its shape is the same as rugs, it will create a uniform look that looks unattractive.

Its round shape looks welcoming and gives a pleasant feeling when most other objects in this place are rectangular or square. A rectangular one will be suitable for conversations when it has a large sectional sofa.

You can use it between the two sofas when they are present in front of one another.

Broken glass material

It is essential to carefully select the material of the coffee table. You should not choose a glass material when you have kids and pets in your house.

They play all around the house and do not consider the objects in front of them. Sometimes they hit their toy with its surface, which becomes the cause of its breakage.

It will be harmful because they can get injured after hitting this broken table. In addition, sometimes the edges of this glass material are not properly filed, so they become extra sharp.

It can injure your hand while putting or picking some items from this table. It is better to choose a wooden coffee table for your living room when you have toddlers.

Try to limit them away from the table for the safety of your children. You can also apply adhesive tape on its edges to avoid this unfavorable situation. 

Incorrect height

A common problem with a coffee table is its wrong height. You can spoil or enhance the look of your living depending upon its height.

You should not use its low height when you used to eat in front of your TV. This is because you have to bend your back to reach the table, which can affect your body.

It leaves a bad impact on the guests and visitors to bend down to get the coffee. In addition, you can not see the other person you are talking with due to its large length.

You can use wooden extensions under the legs of a short table to give it extra height. Paint these extensions or bed risers in the same color as the original color to prevent weird color contrast because it does not look attractive.

It looks good, especially when it is made up of wooden material. However, it gives a feeling of fullness to this room and does not look compatible with other objects in this living room.

It is better to use a table with medium height according to your sofa. It should be at the same level as your sofa seat to create a comfortable environment.

It will not block the view when you put some decorative items in its center. You can keep a round vase and some fresh flowers to give it a classy look. 

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