Common Problems With Fabric Sofa

Common Problems With Fabric Sofa

It is challenging for many people to tackle the problems of a fabric sofa. Some are obvious and need less maintenance, but others need proper time to fix.

Common Problems With Fabric Sofas include fading color, accumulation of dirt, damage due to pets, multiple stains, and pilling of the fabric.

You get a fabric sofa to enhance the look of your room, but it starts to show some issues after some time.

It can also affect the look of other furniture when it is not compatible with them. 

Problem with fabric sofa Solutions
Wear and tear Use a fabric patch or some glue
Fading color Change its location
Accumulation of dirt Regular dusting
Damage due to pets Roll gently with a lint roller
Multiple stains Apply a mixture of lemon and baking soda
Pilling of fabric Use a good quality razor

Wear and tear

Sometimes your sofa tear for several reasons. It makes it look so bad and leaves a bad impression on your guests.

You do not want to replace the sofa for this little issue and want to tackle this problem on less budget. It is not a wise step to get a new one after seeing some holes in the old one. 

You need to assess the level of the tear before making a solution. Usually, you need one or more patches according to the situation. You should not use a patch when the tear is minimum, and only some of its fibers are missing.

Take a needle of matching color thread and try to close it. You can also use powerful adhesive glue to join both ends of a hole when you do not want to use a needle and thread. 

Fading color 

Many people notice the color of their fabric sofa is fading when they put it in their living room. However, you do not observe any other visible thing that may be the reason for it.

Notice its location because sometimes the color of the fabric fades with direct sunlight. This is because sunlight affects the original color and makes its surface less shiny.

Close the windows when the sun is at its peak, and more sun rays are coming towards the sofa via this window.

You can also use curtains in front of windows when there is no option of relocating them. Use thin curtains for this purpose because you can still enjoy the warmth of sunlight while preventing its direct entry into your room. 

Accumulation of dirt

The first common problem you can notice on your fabric sofa is the accumulation of dirt particles. Sometimes you sit on it, and you feel your hands and dress become dirty.

Its original color becomes dull, especially when it has a light color. It mostly happens when you come home after spending some days on vacation. You will see a pile of visible dirt particles after a windstorm.

It can also occur when you do not take proper care of your couch. Your kids are also a reason for this dirt because they come on it with dirty feet, which make its surface dirty.

It is essential to dust it every day to keep its original color fresh. You should have to do this dusting every other day when its daily cleaning is not feasible for you. Try to vacuum clean it every week to avoid such unfavorable situations. 

Damage due to pets 

You are aware of the fact that pets are a common reason to affect your fabric sofa. You can not stop them when they used to play everywhere in the house. They will rest with you on its surface, especially when you eat a snack or other food in the living room.

They rub their body to get your attention for some food. This constant rubbing leaves the furs of their body on your sofa. These furs damage the overall look of your sofa and mask its original color.

They are not hard to remove because you just have to pick them up. I advise you to use a lint roller, which works effectively to remove these furs. Get a good-quality roller and gently roll it on its surface.

You will notice all furs are accumulating at one point in the form of a softball. It is easy to pick and discard them when they convert into the form of this ball.

You can also use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose. It is essential to vacuum clean your fabric once a week to get rid of this issue. 

Multiple stains 

The presence of multiple stains is a significant problem for a fabric sofa. Sometimes your children play on them and make marks with their colored pencils.

They also use it as a favorite spot to eat ice cream. It will leave brown chocolate stains on melting when you do not give them a plate to put under the ice -cream.

Sometimes you have to use the fabric sofa for dining when more than the expected number of guests come to your home, and you can not adjust them on the dining table.

The chairs of dining tables are in specific numbers and do not accommodate a large family. In addition, it can become affected by tough food stains, mainly when the meal contains oil or cheese.

You will damage its fabric when you unintentionally spill some wine on its surface, which looks terrible.

However, you should not worry about its solution because they are easy to remove, especially when they are fresh.

Take 6 to 8 lemons and extract their juice. Add a cup of ¼ to ½ amount of baking soda. Mix them well with the help of a stirrer to get the desired results.

Apply this powerful cleaner with the help of a brush in a circular motion for about 4 to 5 minutes, then leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes. Remove it with a damp cloth to get a clean fabric to fix this issue with your fabric couch.

Pilling of the fabric

It is a phenomenon that occurs by the buildup of fibers at one point. They build up to make the shape of small balls due to their excessive use.

You notice no pilling on a new fabric sofa, but it starts to appear as time passes. The reason is the new fibers take time to set on the fabric, so make small fiber rolls.

It does not affect its overall working and does not make it less durable. However, you should try to remove it as early as possible because it affects the look of your sofa.

Its removal is a short process and takes hardly 4 to 5 minutes, depending upon the level of fabric pilling. It disappears and makes the surface smooth when you remove extra fibers.

It is a cost-effective process because you have to use an already present component. For example, take a good-quality razor and start to rub it gently on its surface. It is essential to use it in the direction of fibers to avoid damage.

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