How Thick of a Mattress Can You Put on a Sofa Bed?

How Thick of a Mattress Can You Put on a Sofa Bed?

It is challenging for many people to select a mattress of suitable thickness for their sofa bed. Sometimes they do not consider the size and capacity of their sofa, which proves a waste of money.

How Thick of a Mattress Can You Put on a Sofa Bed? You should put a mattress of 4 to 6 inches on your sofa bed because a regular one does not provide a comfortable sleep. It is better to avoid a thick mattress because it is unattractive, hard to rearrange, and affects sitting positions. In addition, its heavy weight weakens the structure of the sofa frame due to its low weight-bearing capacity.

Everyone wants to get a comfortable bed to sleep properly. A thick mattress has the ability to trap heat which is not good for your sleep. It is better to use that one which is breathable and suitable according to the size of your sofa. 

What should be the thickness of a mattress for your sofa bed? 

The thickness of a mattress is significant in getting restful sleep, especially at night. You can find several types of different qualities and thickness.

It should not be thick enough that it disturbs your sleep all night. It is better not to use an extra thin mattress because it will not help to provide comfort from its boundaries.

A recommended thickness for a sofa bed is between 4 to 6 inches which is ideal for providing comfort to your body. They are categorized into groups of low-profile to slim.

It is ideal for kids and elderly people in your house, but adults can also use it without any issues. Avoid using an extra deep mattress because it will not provide the needed comfort to the body. 

A sofa bed is not as strong as a regular bed frame. However, you can put the one up to 16 inches on the regular frame according to its quality.

It can carry it without damaging its internal structure and frame assembly for many years. Several people try to put a regular mattress on it, which is not preferable.

They consider it wrong that a thick one will be beneficial for their body. It will not be suitable because it is available in a large size. Its sides will remain extra and will not get the frame under them.

Its sides will be in hanging positions and can be dangerous, especially for kids. They used to jump on them, so the risk of their falling increases from these sides.

You can use that mattress with are specially designed for these sofa beds. They are according to their size and provide the best sleeping environment. 

Why can you not put a thick mattress on a sofa bed?

You should not put a thick mattress on your sofa bed because it does not provide a comfortable sleeping environment.

In addition, it puts heat in your bed and keeps it hot due to poor airflow, which is problematic, especially in summer.  

The less weight-bearing capacity of a sofa

Sometimes you put extra weight on it, which damages its internal structure. For example, it will become susceptible to cracks and break when you put more weight than its capacity.

You notice a knocking noise when you put a thick mattress of 10 to 12 inches or more on it every time you sit on it. It is a warning call for you to reduce its weight.

It does not have the capacity to bear its heavy weight and your weight together. As a result, its longevity will be compromised when you put the heavy mattress extra than its ability to tolerate it.

It is better to use it in recommended thickness to avoid an uncomfortable situation. 

Affect sitting positions

You should put a mattress that is suitable for your sofa bed. The significant reason is that it affects your sitting positions.

It is hard to sit on it due to its increased distance from the floor. You will feel your body is not comfortable in making extra efforts to get in it.

It is better to use that one that is compatible with its size and weight-bearing capacity. It is uncomfortable to use, and it does not support the side sleepers. 

Looks unattractive

You put a sofa bed in your room to get additional space for sleep and a classy look to your room. A good quality one with a suitable size and color enhances the overall look of your room.

Sometimes the situation changes, and this good-appearance sofa becomes unattractive to the eyes. It happens when you put a heavy mattress on its structure which looks weird.

It does not look compatible with its structure and gives a bulky appearance. However, this type of bed is a beautiful addition to your house, which needs a compatible slim mattress to look good.

A heavy one does not look good on this type of sofa, especially when you cover it with a sheet.  

Weakens its internal structure

It is not good to put a mattress of more than the recommended thickness. You have to put a suitable one to save its internal structure.

Sometimes you consider it a good choice for your sofa bed, but it proves the wrong decision. It is because it affects the joining system with which it is assembled.

Its frame becomes weak due to carrying constant heavyweight. You can put it for one day or two in need but do not do this for a longer time.

It can lead to the breakage of its some slats, which leads to their further weakening. Slats are part of the sofa frame, which gives additional support to carry more weight without facing unfavorable conditions.

The bed frame becomes susceptible to collapse when some slats break, and you continue to put an extra-weight mattress on it.

Difficult to rearrange

It is the most common reason why you do not prefer to use a heavy mattress on a sofa bed. It is hard to put it on the sofa and then put it off from its frame.

It mostly happens when the guests arrive at your room, and you need an additional bed for sleeping. The real problem occurs when you have to do this every day, which is tiring.

It is hard to rearrange when you have to put it at night and put it off in the daytime. This regular rearranging practice is not preferable because it needs your time and energy.

It is better to use its recommended thickness to save your energy and utilize it in some productive matter. 

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