Can You Put a Dresser in Front of a Window?

Can You Put a Dresser in Front of a Window?

You can place a dresser anywhere you like in your room, as it depends on the size and layout of your room. 

However, adding it in front of the window is not a weird place, as it can work for you in many ways.

Can You Put a Dresser in Front of a Window? You can put a dresser in front of the window because it can save you space and cover the area beneath the window. Moreover, it can create a balance and provide your natural sunlight.

However, you should avoid placing a tall dresser in front because it can damage the wood and block the light. It can also block the outside view and can be hard for you to close and open the curtains.

Why would you put a dresser in front of the window?

A dresser is not only an accent piece but also a practically perfect item of furniture to place in a bedroom. 

It serves you well in the aspect of providing space and aesthetics to the place.

Saves space

It saves space efficiently because it occupies more linear space than the width. It is the reason why the dresser is placed against a wall. 

However, it is not limited to only a blank wall space. For example, you can put it under the window and fill the space in front of the window.

You can save space for other items in a bedroom if you want to add something more. Moreover, if you want to free up the wall space to place a furniture item that cannot be fixed in front of the window.

The dresser will be a perfect choice to place beneath it. It is available in different lengths, widths, and heights, so you have the option to put it in front of the window.

Furthermore, placing it in that space will provide you with enough inner space in the room to walk without getting hit.

Creates balance

The placement of the dresser under it will create a sense of balance in the room. In addition, it will look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. 

In addition, it can disturb the balance of the room when you place all the furniture against the wall leaving the window area empty.

Furthermore, you should place the furniture in a balanced way and divide the place equally between the items.

Moreover, you should give every piece of furniture its specific place to let it define and own that place itself. You will have symmetry in this way.

It is better to put a dresser under it because it is a suitable item for it. You cannot place a bed or a couch in front of it because they cannot provide the balance you require for your place.

Provides natural light

A dresser is where you get ready and do your makeup. It can help you to do your makeup in natural light. 

Furthermore, you can have a better and clear look at yourself to notice all the imperfections in your makeup.

The artificial lights do not give good results. As a result, you can miss the essential details when you get ready.

It is better that you place it under the window for this purpose. 

In addition, it gives an aesthetic and minimalistic look to your bedroom.

It looks ethereal when you place your light-colored furniture beneath it, and sunlight reflects on it to spread light in the room.

In addition, the light spreads more beautifully in the room with a little bit of hue if you place decorative items made of clear glass and a mirror. 

Covers the area under the window

It depends on the layout of the room if it has more than one window in the room. You can utilize this space to place your dresser at that spot. 

You can place it in front of the window to cover it if you do not want to have more than the needed sunlight in your room.

Furthermore, often the area under it is left unoccupied, but it upsets the balance of the room.

In addition, you can place a dresser in front of it if the wall beneath it is damaged. It is better to hide those hideous marks which can affect the decor of your room.

Similarly, you can place it to hide if there are any ugly marks on the floor.

In short, it is a better option than all the other furniture items to put on that spot. 

How do you put a dresser in front of a window?

Decorating and putting up a dresser is not a challenging task because it is such a unique of furniture which can serve you different purposes. 

You can decorate it like a study table, a console, and a sideboard. You can utilize its drawers to store your essential and precious items.

It depends on the size of your furniture and the window. You can place it in front of it if there are two windows on one wall.

It is better to place it between the two, but it should be long and low in height to cover the required place.

Furthermore, you can place a dresser with long legs so light can come beneath the space if it is long and narrow.

Moreover, it is essential to cover the top with a beautiful tablecloth if you think that heat of the sun can warm up the wood.

Decorate it with photo frames, fancy glass jars for makeup brushes, mirrors, and crystal-textured perfume bottles.

Furthermore, you should put it under that window, which is near to your bed, so that you can have easy access to your things such as books.

Things to consider when placing a dresser in front of a window

However, you should consider these points before placing a dresser in your room.

In addition, it affects the decor, space, and maintenance of your furniture.

Damages the wood

Placement of the dresser directly in front of it can damage the quality of wood because the sunlight also consists of the sun’s heat.

The heat can damage the material of your furniture. Moreover, if it has metalwork, the sunlight will heat the metal, and you can get a burn.

It can also affect the color of the polish and can dull it over time. It is one thing you should consider before placing it.

Blocks the light

It can block the light, as it is the only source of brightness in your room if you have only one window. 

However, it can happen if the dresser is tall and covers half of the opening of the wall.

You should not put it there if that is the case and your furniture item is tall.

The sunlight is essential to have in a room so that it can make your room look spacious and lively. 

No access to the window

It can happen if it is tall and wide that you cannot reach the curtains to open or close them.

It can be challenging for you to clean the area properly because you cannot pass through it. 

In addition, it is more work to do if you have to push it out to make a space every time you want to open and close the curtain or clean the area.

It will also be challenging, but there are tall decoration pieces on it that you do not want to destroy and damage.

Blocks the outside view

Placing it in front of the window can also block the outside view if there is a beautiful garden or mountains to see every morning. 

You do not want to block that outside view because of your tall dresser. You can place it at the other spot if you have more than one opening in the wall.

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