Should Curtains Be The Same in Every Room

Should Curtains Be The Same in Every Room?

It is challenging for some people to select curtains of the right colors and fabric. Some people add the same style of curtains in every room, while many choose a separate design for each room.

Should Curtains Be The Same in Every Room? You can use the same fabric and color for curtains in every room to maintain the color palate, add style, define a theme, and make it a focal point. However, it depends on your personal preference and decoration style.

However, you should consider the matching elements in aspects of the color, fabric, and print of the curtains. They are essential factors for an open space, adjacent rooms, and to break the monotony.

Why should the curtains be the same in every room?

The curtains are an essential part of a home as furniture items. Sometimes people do not put much thought into installing the curtains according to the decor of the house.

To maintain the color palette

Curtains can add a massive amount of volume and balance to a room if chosen the right way.

Furthermore, they are required for practical purposes as well. For example, the colors of drapes play a vital role in the lighting of a place. 

Moreover, you should maintain the color palate of your house if you want a balance of shades in your place.

It is better to stay in the range of the present tones in your place and try to hang the drapes according to them. They will create an atmosphere of harmony and peace for your mind and eyes.

Adds style

The design and fabric of a curtain can surprisingly change the look of the area. They can change the image of that place in your mind. 

They can uplift the look of the place seamlessly, and no one can guess if your room is tall or wide. 

For example, if you put the curtain rod high from the borders of the window, then it can give the illusion of a tall ceiling.

Similarly, it will give the illusion of wider wall space if you put the rod wider than the windows.

They are essential for adding and enhancing a style in a place. You should add it to your home styling list to bring a sense of aesthetics to the décor of your home.

Focal point

They work as a focal point of a room as the large piece of fabric covers the windows. The curtains also enhance the frame of the windows to give them separate limelight. 

You can not leave the windows empty and plain. So the need for drapes will always be there to hang them on the windows.

Moreover, every furniture and fabric in a bedroom speaks for itself and becomes a focal point.

Some of you are more interested in the fabric, while some are more into adding colors to their place.

In addition, you can want them only to fill the empty window area and not think about what color or fabric will be better to match the décor of your room.

Adding the same drapes in your place makes them a focal point of their own as they are creating their limelight.

Personal preference

It is your personal preference whether you want to use the same curtains or not, above all the points concerning the décor, style, and aesthetics.

Moreover, the home is your comfort place, and you are free to style and décor it according to your preferences. 

However, there is no need to go by the book when you are not comfortable in a setting that looks authentic to the point of interior design.

It is the opportunity for you to turn your home into your dream house and be creative with it. 

Defines theme

The similarity of curtains in coordination with the style of the rest of your space defines a theme. 

Some people prefer to create a theme in every room and make it a signature place.

The themes can be to define the colors, such as you want to display your favorite shade in your space.

In addition, a theme can define the patterns, such as different lines formation and florals. For example, you are designing a kid’s room so that you will add all the funky and bright tones to their area.

You want to create a jungle theme for them, and you will add greens and yellows to it. Therefore, you will need to hang the drapes with the components that represent the jungle.

What things should curtains match in a room?

The curtains need to match or relate if you have planned to hang the same in your lounge or bedroom. 

They should have something in common to make them co-related and a part of the same place. 


You should never go out of the range of colors that are contrasting with each other or are neutral shades of the same colors. 

Create an atmosphere where the colors belong to the space and its components like furniture, paint, and floor.

You can overlook this fact and hang whatever curtain fulfills the duty of covering the windows. However, shades can enhance the beauty of your room and can also affect its decoration.

You should not underestimate the effectiveness of the colors in a place. For example, you can use light-colored drapes if you are into the minimalistic and light decor.

You can use sheer fabric for your curtains, which can soften the dark and bold colors. They will not give a feeling of heavy decor.

However, you can use those tones which are essential to use together, such as black and white.

This combination is a universal contrast, and you can follow the example of black and white in the area.


Printed curtains are used when you want to add texture and volume to your plain-looking lounge. Furthermore, you can also add printed drapes if your walls have printed wallpapers. 

You can use such drapes to complement the prints on the wall. Furthermore, you can use a floral curtain if your walls are painted in tones resembling the flowers.

It is better to have the same combination of color and pattern for all windows of the room. The same prints will give the area a sense of uniformity and belonging.


This is the point to ponder when you hang curtains in a room, as the fabric makes it feel dark or light.

You can change the colors and prints of the curtain in the same location, but you cannot have them in a different fabric.

You cannot hang velvet drapes at one window and chiffon on the other. However, you can make a combination of them both and hang them together on one window.

This will give you the option to create complete darkness in it when you want to sleep or let the light come in through the see-through fabric.

Things to consider when putting the same curtains in every room

You should use the same curtains in the aspect of color, pattern, and fabric in an open space that does not have visible wall separation.

Open space means a big room that needs to have relatable decoration and a pattern of colors.

Furthermore, you can use the same drapes in the adjacent areas, which are under the same roof but separated by a small wall.

Adjacent rooms belong to one space because they blend into one another.

Moreover, you should use the same curtains but different from the rest of the plain area to break its monotony.

Breaking the monotony means you are separating the same color formation of the area by adding a formation of other tones.

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