Can you use Command Bath Strips on regular walls?

Can you use Command Bath Strips on regular walls?

Command bath strips are revolutionary in wall hanging technology to hang artwork, pictures, crafts, or other small items.

Many people are passionate about home decoration, which helps us exemplify our accommodation. They are ideal tools for people who do not want to damage their home walls.

Can you use Command Bath Strips on regular walls? You can use command bath strips on regular walls for decoration purposes because nowadays, people want a spotless and organized home. Their water-resistant property allows us to use these bath strips even in the shower. The idea of drilling holes in homes is terrifying but they have replaced this idea. These products leave no marks and do not damage the walls.

Strips and hooks become an essential factor in saving time and money. These tiny inclusions in life are going to serve as game-changers. These sticky strips are more costly than nails and screws, but these allow an easy pattern to set out and decorate your home.

How to use command bath strips on the wall?

You can use these command strips by pushing them into hooks for hanging purposes. First, you have to apply alcohol on the wall surface to erase dust and grime.

Divide these strips and identify the side with the red colored brand logo. Next, pull out the red liner tape, press it behind the hook, and then remove the tape from the second side on which wall side is mentioned to attach it to the wall.

Attach the hook onto the wall and press it for almost 20 to 40 seconds and then wait for around 50 minutes before hanging the item on the hook. This time allows the adhesive bond to reach its highest strength.

You can also apply the strip directly onto the wall instead of first attaching it to the hook.

For this, pull out the tape from the wall side and attach the strip straight to the wall at the site where to hang the hook. Again, it is better to press firmly along the whole strip for a minimum of 40 seconds.

These can also be used for hanging pictures to make decoration easy. 

Here, it is recommended to remove the frame off the wall and let the strips fit securely for an hour before re-hanging the frame. 

Can these be used on every type of wall?

Command strips work on most surfaces, including painted walls, drywall, metal, and tiles.

Avoid adhering them to rough or non-stick surfaces like brick walls, textured wallpaper, or concrete. These tend to repel water and can be used in showers to hang bathroom products.

Why should you use command bath strips on regular walls?

There are many advantages of using these bath strips on your regular walls. Here are the details:

Decoration purpose

Empty walls look dull but adding pictures can make them look good. These strips provide an easy and affordable way to decorate and organize your home.

In addition, they can be used for hanging frames and a piece of art. This converts the simple wall into a gallery wall without using the nails. 

These are perfect for temporary decoration at celebrations because you can take them off without damage when the event is over. In addition, these water-resistant products are ideal for hanging towels and other bathroom accessories. 

No tools required

Sometimes, it can be dangerous to hammer a nail into a regular wall. Using these strips is beneficial because they do not require a hammer, nails, or drills.

This hanging adhesive is suitable to make decoration quick and easy. They substitute the standard process of drilling and adding things to any surface.


Their water-resistant property makes them perfect for use in bathrooms where they are exposed to water from time to time.

They are commonly used for fastening hooks in bathrooms, and I have been using these for more than a year now.

Strong and versatile

These are very flexible and strong products. Both sides of these strips are adhesive, which makes their application easy. One side of these sticks to the material, and the other side adheres to the wall.

These are durable and efficient to hang frames and light mirrors on the wall but always pay attention to the weight limit. The maximum weight they can hold is between 12 to 18 pounds.

It is better to use items that are lighter than their recommended weight to make these work for a longer duration.

Also, avoid hanging expensive paintings and antique mirrors as they can lose their grip. This happened to one of my friends who lost his expensive piece of art by hanging it with these strips.

Easily removable

It’s more like magic that damage-free hanging strips are easily removed without leaving any marks and stains.

It’s not a big deal to reposition the items according to your home decor. Hole-free attachment provides the liberty to adjust the accessories where you want them.

These replace nails and gears that leave cracks and noticeable holes in the regular wall when removed. They come off cleanly without leaving fissures and sticky residue.

How to remove command strips from the wall?

When removing the command adhesive, grab the lower corners of the frame and move it in an upward manner peeling it away from the wall. As a result, this will expose the adhesive strips and hooks.

Remember, never pull the strip towards you or directly remove it from the regular wall as it can break, making the removal difficult.

Pulling out will tend to pull the material to which it is attached, especially if the wall is painted. Otherwise, you have to fix the wall damage from these products.

You should avoid pulling it fast to prevent any damage. Always pull the strip downward parallel to the wall as slow as possible. 

Slowly extend the strip keeping it straight down until the entire adhesive is released from the wall surface. It will provide you with damaged free, easy removal. 

Why are my command bath strips not sticking to the wall?

It is better to be careful when using these command strips; these products require attention for application.

These will not stick to the wall if it has a rough surface. Preparation is essential; you must be attentive to prepare the surface correctly by removing any junk and dust.

It is better to let the walls dry, and you should wait for 8 to 10 days to hang these to a freshly painted surface.

You should press the strips hard enough along the entire length of it, not just in one point. The stronger you press, the better will be their adherence to the wall.

You should not disregard the weight guidelines and avoid hanging heavier items. They will remain persistent if lighter items are used. 

If you are facing trouble with your strips sticking to any place, check the surface of the wall and side that you are adding.

Can command strips be reused?

It’s not a good point to reuse them. Therefore, it’s crucial to apply them satisfactorily for the first time.

When you adjust these bath strips properly, they will stay on your regular wall for a long time. 

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