How to Fix Wall Damage from Command Strips?

How to Fix Wall Damage from Command Strips?

Command strips are getting popular because you don’t have to drill holes. In addition, they provide a temporary and feasible solution to avoid damage to the surface as you can easily remove them.

However, this firm bonding between walls and strips can damage the surface when you try to remove them quickly.

How to Fix Wall Damage from Command Strips? You can fix the wall damage from command strips that result in the paint’s peeling and cracking. A drywall repair kit is readily available for $10 to $35, making the repairing process easier. This kit provides tools like a knife, scraper, sandpaper, and paste to fill the holes. First, clean the wall surface and apply the drywall paste. Then, remove the excess material using sandpaper to create an even surface. Finally, apply primer and paint the wall with a matching color, and allow it to dry. 

After removing the strip, you can quickly fix the paint chips and adhesive stains. The pastes to fill the holes are available in the stores and online.

Moreover, recolor the surface after sealing the holes efficiently so that all the cracks or peels of paint disappear and provide a smooth surface.

Why do command strips damage the wall?

Command strips help attach the pictures, hooks, and lights on the wall and avoid using any sticky material. You can use them on different surfaces such as painted, textured, or other rough surfaces.

The method of applying and removing the strip on the frame determines the extent of the damage.

When you pull it hard, the paint also comes out. Moreover, removing them quickly after application can damage the painted surface.

Moreover, these adhesive bands bind firmly with the surface and pull off the paint and wallpaper when you try to pull them straight.

Their stickiness is responsible for the peeling of the paint because it attaches firmly, and a strong bond forms between the wall and these bands. Furthermore, they have a specific limit to tolerate the weight.

When you put a heavy frame beyond its holding capacity, the frame falls, and the strips come out with the frame sometimes.

How can I fix wall damage from command strips?

You can fix the damage on the wall due to the removal of command strips by purchasing a kit.

The kit contains dry paste, a putty knife, sandpaper, a scraper, or a primer to prepare the surface for painting. In addition, this kit helps you to fix this issue by yourself.

Remove paint peels

These products leave behind paint scraps on the surface that looks bad.

So, you have to remove all the peels present on the surface with the help of a plastic scraper.

Move the scrapper in different directions to make the surface smooth.

Clean the wall

The surface cleaning helps remove the leftover adhesives and the paint chips.

Use a clean duster or sponge to remove the dust and the tiny particles of paint remaining on the surface.

Clean the surface before applying paste to fix minor holes. These particles can interfere with the smoothening process.

Apply drywall paste

You can apply a primer that restricts water from reaching inside the wall. It is good to use on the drywalls when their upper layer is not intact.

Open the kit and apply the paste to a specific spot to fill the hole.

You need a putty knife with a flat and sharp front tip for better application of the paste.

Start applying horizontally in a forward motion, take the putty knife off the surface and then apply it again in a backward motion.

Move the knife many times till the surface gets even completely. Then, use this knife to remove the excess mixture by moving the flat end over the hole.

 Sanding of the damaged spot

Wait for 10 to 15 minutes and let this paste dry. Then, use sandpaper and rub it over the applied paste to remove the extra product and make the surface even.

Take a soft cloth and clean the area carefully. There is no need to rub it hard; instead, rub the surface gently and clean the wall.

Check the rough and uneven surface by using your hand and make it flat with the help of a knife.

Use primer

Apply primer after applying the paste and cover the whole area.

The primer is usually available in the kit; otherwise, you can get it separately as a paint primer.

Furthermore, it takes some time to dry, so you have to wait for a few minutes.

Apply paint

Get a brush and a paint box with a matching color. Take a small quantity of paint on the brush and apply it to an even surface.

Try to mix it with the surface and wait for some time to let it dry. Then, you can go for another coat to get the proper color.

How do command strips ruin my wall?

Many people use these strips to decorate painted walls with hanging LED lights or attach some hooks. They ignore the integrity of paint that can get damaged when you remove them.

One of its users said, “Command strips ruined my wall, and now it is challenging to fix it”

The most common problem is peeling or cracking on the painted surfaces, which can ruin the wall badly.

The experts do not recommend using it on the painted surface, but you can use it on the regular walls, on unpainted rough surfaces, and on textured walls.

However, you have to ask for expert help or professional help if you want to use them on the painted surface.

So, it is responsible for lifting the layer of paint, or it starts to peel off from the particular spots. Cracks can also appear which look unappealing and need to be fixed quickly.

How much does it cost to fix damage from command strips?

These strips remove paint from the specific spots where they were present, so you do not need a large quantity of drywall paste to fix the small holes.

A single kit can cost you around $20 to $35, which provides you with all the relevant things to do the task efficiently.

The amount of drywall you need to fill the holes depends on the extent and type of damage. One kit is enough when there are few spots to cover the damage.

Moreover, you can easily purchase it from a nearby store dealing in paints and related products. The kit contains almost 95g of paste which can cover a wide surface area.

So, the overall cost to repair the paint ranges from $20 to $30.

How do you avoid wall damage from command strips?

There are many ways to avoid damage to the painted surface.

However, it is better to use them correctly by pressing them with gentle hands against the surface.

Remove the picture frame by moving it upward and take them off. Then, follow the path of the strip or the way it is attached to the surface.

You have to remove it carefully and avoid quick pulling from the top end.

When you try to pull them in a straight direction, there are many chances of peeling and cracking.

Therefore, the best method is to stretch them in a downward direction. 

Additionally, other ways include the use of varnish removers that helps reduce its stickiness.

Apply the chemical with the help of a brush and pull off the strip or use a scraper.

Similarly, you can apply heat to the bands to reduce adhesiveness.

Moreover, warm glue does not interfere in removing them from the surface, or you can use a floss underneath the strip to remove it smoothly.

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