Can You Use a Bathroom Exhaust Fan in the Kitchen?

Can You Use a Bathroom Exhaust Fan in the Kitchen?

Exhaust fans are used in the kitchen to improve air circulation and eliminate smoke produced during cooking. They also maintain the internal environment by cooling down the area and removing the warm air.

Can You Use a Bathroom Exhaust Fan in the Kitchen? You can use a bathroom exhaust fan in the kitchen as it helps remove the excess smoke, moisture, and unpleasant odor from the surrounding. It also improves the air quality by removing toxins, harmful substances, and fumes to purify the environment. It is suitable when there are no windows or chimneys in your kitchen. However, using a bathroom exhaust fan results in the accumulation of grease on the walls and cabinets. 

You can use it to maintain the optimal temperature and circulate the fresh air. Sometimes you have an extra fan, so you install it in the kitchen instead of spending money.

To remove the excess smoke, moisture, and odor

Cooking produces a lot of heat, smoke, steam, and even fumes in the air and is hazardous if not properly vented.

An exhaust fan removes the smoke, moisture, and odor present in the air.

The primary function is to control the unpleasant odor, and you can use a vent to fix this problem.

Proper ventilation helps in preventing the mold from forming. In addition, clean air keeps the kitchen environment better.

To keep the temperature normal

It also helps to maintain the kitchen temperature. For example, the stove produces heat during cooking, which increases the temperature.

Proper ventilation helps decrease the heat from the surroundings and maintains the internal environment.

You can keep the temperature regular by simply turning on the exhaust fan, and the fresh air will circulate.

In extreme weather conditions, the hot air rises above the ceiling and gathers around it, and you can use an exhaust fan to fix this issue.

Improve indoor air quality

Exhaust fans filter the air and circulate the fresh air in the kitchen to keep the environment healthy.

You have to remove the indoor air to prevent moisture and molds.

It helps improve the overall environment by removing dust, poisonous gases, and carbon monoxide. In addition, it prevents suffocation as it controls the level of humidity and purifies the air.

It also helps improve air by removing the toxins produced due to smoke fumes.

It also reduces the chances of infection and keeps the environment clean. In addition, the carcinogens present in the air due to smoke fumes are removed through the exhaust fans.

No windows in the kitchen

Windows provide proper ventilation and improve the temperature of the kitchen. In addition, it allows the flow of air and gives a feeling of openness.

If there is no window, then excess heat, moisture, and smoke accumulate on the surface of the cabinets. For this, you have to use exhaust fans to keep the polluted air out and bring in the clean air.

My friend also uses this as the kitchen is small and there are no windows for air circulation.

Spare exhaust fan

When you have the extra bathroom exhaust fan in your home, you mostly install it in the kitchen. It also saves your money, and you can use it when you need it.

Moreover, there are openings for the vents, so you can place the spare bathroom exhaust fan in it instead of investing in new ones.

I also use it in my kitchen to get rid of the polluted air and breathe in the fresh air.

Why should you not use a bathroom exhaust fan in your kitchen?

You should not use the bathroom exhaust fan in the kitchen as they can only remove odor and moisture. Due to this, grease deposits on the walls.

Moreover, you have to clean the debris, dirt, and grease more often for maintenance. Also, they cause damage to the paint due to moisture and humidity, which makes the overall appearance bad.

Accumulation of grease on the exhaust fan

Some kitchens rely only on bathroom exhaust fans that eliminate fewer pollutants and capture grease on the surface. They filter the contaminated air and recirculate the air through vents.

If used for commercial purposes, there are more chances of grease buildup as they are not maintained regularly.

Furthermore, the cooking pans, grills, or fryers release a lot of burned oil, fats, and grease stuck on the fan.

As the exhaust filters capture the grease, they can not work correctly. Instead, it generates a black layer of debris on the fan or blades and reduces the airflow.

For this, you have to install chimneys with proper vents to clear away the buildup and avoid unnecessary suffocation in the surrounding.

Moreover, clean the flap of the fan to save your money and minimize the harmful effects.

Kitchen Walls can get greasy

Sometimes your gas stoves produce high levels of smoke due to cooking at high temperatures. 

As a result, the grease and smoke accumulate on the walls, resulting in the walls’ discoloration.

Bathroom exhaust fans are specified for eliminating the unpleasant odor and steam produced in hot showers. That is why the debris stuck on the fan, and it causes damage to the walls.

For this, ducted hoods in the kitchen are a better solution to remove the contaminated air.

Also, they help remove the air and toxins from the surroundings to the outside of the home.

Regular cleaning

With time, the dirt accumulates on the fan and gives a bad look to the interior. In addition, you have to clean it more often as the fans stop working efficiently.

Sometimes the fan’s movement is blocked, and it takes more time to start. Cleaning from the outside is not the permanent solution; you have to take it off by turning off the power button.

Then you have to remove the cover and thoroughly clean or soak it in the detergent. After this, you have to clear away all the debris, grease, and sticky material from its unit.

You can also use a spray to clean the blades and use a soft cloth so that its edges do not bend.

You can also use a vacuum and then put the all unit back to the housing. Ensure that the flap outside the vent is clean and swings freely without the blockage.

Damage to the paint

Cracks, peeling, and damaged paint make the wall look unattractive and worn out. In addition, you have to remove the moisture and humidity from the kitchen to prevent damage to your interior.

Furthermore, moisture accumulation can damage the walls, and the paint can show cracks on the surface.

When you touch the wall, you feel the wet surface as the steam does not correctly vent out from the place.

It gives a bad appearance to the entire interior due to the black surface and moldy walls. Moreover, bubbles appear on the walls due to the accumulation of humidity.

Used exhaust fan

If you want to install a bathroom exhaust fan, avoid the used one as it spreads many infections. You cannot use it as you are exposed to many germs present in the surrounding. If you want to place it, go for the brand new as it is free from germs.

It is not recommended to install the used one in the kitchen as it spreads many infections. In addition, germs can circulate in the air and lead to many diseases.

Difference between bathroom exhaust fan and kitchen exhaust fan

Kitchen fans are designed in such a way to eliminate the stubborn smoke and oily fumes produced during the cooking of food or deep frying.

These are high-power devices containing metal blades or stainless steel. At the same time, the bathroom fans help eliminate the moisture, steam, and smell from the surrounding.

They need more maintenance and wear out quickly if you install them in the kitchen as they are low-powered. Also, they are made up of plastic material and produce less noise.

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