Can You Use Real Wood Flooring in Kitchen?

Can You Use Real Wood Flooring in Kitchen?

Many people use different types of flooring in their kitchens, including vinyl, marbles, and real wood.

Wooden floors are best because they are best to maintain the temperature and keep it cool during hot summer days.

Can You Use Real Wood Flooring in Kitchen? You can use real wood flooring in the kitchen to give a stylish and modern touch. In addition, natural wood does not look old, and these are long-lasting nature and more durable. Their color also remains the same and never becomes yellowish. In addition, these are also better than rugs for people who are allergic to the rugs’ fabric. However, some people do not want to use wooden floors because they think it comes in less variety of colors, and it is challenging to maintain their look.

You should apply the oils on their surface for their proper maintenance and refreshing look. In addition, you can also match their colors with your doors and cabinets for a more attractive touch.

Stylish look

The stylish look for the interior of your home is necessary for this modern era. Many people add real wood flooring to their kitchens to look trendy.

In addition, they also give them a farmhouse theme which offers a modern appearance to your whole room.

The cooking area is where people spend most of the time cooking and serving food to their family and friends.

Living in a stylish or good place will also make your mood good and refresh your mind. Moreover, they are also beneficial because they will also attract the attention of incoming guests.

Long-lasting and cost-effective

It is important to add things to your homes that are long-lasting and durable. These things will also reduce your purchasing and repairing costs.

People add natural wood flooring in their kitchens because they are more long-lasting than the other materials. They are also sanded repeatedly, increasing their life and maintaining their good quality.

In addition, there are also less costly than the marble tiles ones. The durability also depends on the quality of wooden material used to make floors.

You can use high-quality materials to make them long-lasting and reduce the refurbishing cost.

Easy to clean

Wooden floors are easy to clean and take less effort during washing purposes than other materials.

You can easily clean the dust and dirt by using a damp mop and then dry their surface by turning on the fans.

In addition, you do not need any particular kind of detergent to make them clean as you need marble ones.

Moreover, you can also make them free of dust in a short time and with less effort. This is because people cannot get tired will removing dust and dirt from them.

You can also remove stains of beverages, tea, and coffee from it easily compared to other materials.

The oil and grime stains are easy to remove because they do not stick on the surface.

Natural wood maintains its color

 The color of the natural wood flooring remains the same for a long time, reducing your refurnishing cost.

If not regularly treated with cleaning agents, the marble ones become yellowish and give your whole interior a bad and old look.

These materials have a special type of brown color which makes them attractive. This brown color remains the same for a longer time and helps maintain the interior.

You should use them and adequately maintain their cleanliness for long-term use. In addition, when marble ones become yellowish after some time, people prefer the wooden types.

Easy to install

The real wooden floors are easy to install than the marble ones. The ones that are easy to install will also save your time and cost.

Moreover, it will also reduce the labor cost because you can also add them on your own without the help of a technician.

For installing other materials like marble ones, you need proper techniques and a cutter and cement for their perfect installation.

You can appropriately attach them to the floor using glue, making their installation easy.


When selecting something new for their homes, many people always demand variety. They want to add new things that have a variety of designs so they can choose their favorite ones.

Their variety also depends upon the quality of wood that you can prefer for the kitchen floors. You can select the darker colors designs because the kitchen is where food spillage can occur.

The darker shade will also help to hide the stains from the floor. In addition, the grim and steam of the oil also produce stains on the walls, so it is better to select the ones with darker shades.

Wood is better than rugs

Many of my friends use real wood flooring in the kitchen, and they also think it is better than rugs. This is because they cannot accumulate the dust and dirt as the fibers of the carpets.

Rugs are also challenging to clean and dry because of their material, but the wooden floors are easy to clean. In addition, people who are allergic to the fibers of the rugs can also use them to make their homes stylish and modern.

They are also a better choice than rugs because more dust will accumulate on the lower side of rugs and cause issues.

It is also challenging to remove stains from mats, and the stains on them look bad, while you can easily remove stains from these floors y using a damp mop.

Keep the kitchen less warm

The kitchen is the place where more heat is present due to the cooking of different dishes and food materials at the same time.

When you cook 3 to 4 dishes in consecutive hours, it will accumulate more heat. Therefore, it will also be difficult for you to stay there longer during hot summer days. Using natural wood will keep your kitchen floor cold.

Utensils less susceptible to breakage

When your dishes, glass, and plates fall on the floor, they are less susceptible to breakage due to the wooden floor.

The accidental falling of utensils is common while serving people or washing utensils. The ones with these types of material can reduce the risk of breakage of utensils.

When pots of glass material fall on the marble ones, they can break immediately because of their hard surfaces.

Always look new 

The natural wooden floors are preferable because they always look new for a longer time. In addition, you do not have to maintain them repeatedly because of their less color change.

Less maintenance will reduce your time and also save the maintenance cost. It is a cost-effective option because of less costly than marble ones.

The new looks will give an aesthetic look to your home because your home looks old with old things.

Less hard than marble

Many of my friends complain that they feel pain in their feet when they stand most of the time in the kitchen.

The pain in feet and fatigue occur because they have marble floors in their homes. I recommend using wooden types, which can resolve this issue.

They are less hard than the marbles ones, so you can easily stand on them for a longer time without getting tired.

Why should you not use real wood on the kitchen floor?

Some people do not like to use the wooden floor for their kitchens. Here are the main reasons:

More vulnerability to humidity

The kitchen is where water comes on the floor when preparing food material and washing the dishes.

It is not beneficial to add wood because of more humidity and exposure to water. In addition, the presence of water will cause damage to this material.

They start to swell, and soft white spots will also produce on different sides. In addition, the excessive humidity will also make them weak, and when you place heavy things, there is a chance of their breakage.

Produce more sound during walking

The other drawback of using the wooden floor is that they produce more sounds during walking. When you enter the kitchen during the nighttime to cook something, it will disturb other people’s sleep.

This sound will also disturb when someone is doing the office or job work at their home while sitting in the dining room near the cooking area.

Requires refinishing

The wooden material also requires more maintenance than other materials. You also have to add oil to maintain their fresh look after some time.

You also have to polish them every year to maintain their appearance and stylish touch. Moreover, you can also add polish to prevent cracks on their surface.

Wear and tear

The kitchen is the place where heat is produced most of the time due to food cooking. Therefore, the exposure to heat on the wooden floors will decrease their longevity.

The presence of heat will also increase the risk of cracks and produce wear and tears. You have to fill the gaps by using putty to maintain their look.

Furniture slipping 

People are also reluctant to use real wood flooring in their cooking area because of furniture slipping. Instead, they add the dining and cooking in the same room and add chairs and tables on one side to save space.

The placement of chairs on these materials will slip due to their plain surface. In addition, the furniture will also produce more squeaking sounds during movement from one place to another.

Fewer colors

Many of my friends also avoid using this type of flooring in their cooking area because they are available in less variety of colors.

The common colors in this material include dark brown, maroon and gray.

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