Can You Put a Freezer in the Living Room?

Can You Put a Freezer in the Living Room?

The freezer is one of the essential appliances in the home as it keeps the food fresh for a longer time. However, finding a good place for the freezer is not easy as it needs proper space.

Can You Put a Freezer in the Living Room? You can put the freezer in the living room if your kitchen is small and there is less space. Moreover, the kitchen’s temperature is not friendly in the summer, and it reduces the overall performance of the refrigerator. In addition, it needs space for breathing to exchange the heat and keep the inside temperature cool. Also, if you place a freezer in the living room, you can protect it from dirt, debris, and grease. 

It occupies more space due to the size so putting it inside the kitchen is not a good option. Furthermore, the kitchen space can be used for the other storage cabinets.

You can put it in the living room if you run out of space in the kitchen. However, it requires a proper space for air circulation, and it gets hot if it is placed in warm temperature conditions.

Moreover, if you place it in the kitchen, then you have to clean it more often as it turns greasy due to cooking.

Open kitchen or less space in the kitchen

A living room is the perfect setting for a refrigerator if the kitchen is too small or open. 

For a small apartment with an open kitchen, then placing it inside is impossible. However, as they occupy more space due to their size and airflow, it is better to put them in the living room.

Mainly, these kitchens open into the living area, and putting them in this place is a good option.

Moreover, if the freezer is larger, then it reduces the storage availability of other items. 

For optimal temperature condition 

There are a lot of electric appliances in your kitchen like microwave oven, stove, and even refrigerator. If you put all the things together, these can lead to overheating.

Some people prefer to put it in the living area to keep the kitchen’s temperature well maintained and optimal.

However, the extreme temperature reduces the performance, and food also spoils due to low cooling.

Size of the freezer

Freezer size matters a lot if you run out of space in the home. For example, sometimes, you have an open kitchen in the apartment, and the double-size freezer does not fit well in it.

As a result, you have to put it outside the kitchen to place it in a proper place.

Before selecting it, you should consider the size of the kitchen and then go for a suitable product.

Sometimes the size of your fridge is large, and it does not pass through the door, so you have to place it in the lounge.

For proper ventilation

The freezer requires a proper ventilation system for exchanging the heat and breathing space. If the area is less, it has to work harder to perform its function.

Also, the compressor has to run continuously to prevent the warm heat from accumulating.

The freezer works correctly when the proper ventilation is provided.

To prevent the freezer from dirt, debris, and grease

If you place it in the kitchen, it can accumulate dirt, debris, and grease. The surface of the fridge gets oily or smoky due to the cooking.

It always gets greasy, and you have to clean it more often. Sometimes it is placed near the stove, and the oil splashes on the surface of the freezer.

Moreover, if it is light in color, then there are more chances of discoloration if you put it in the kitchen. A pale yellow layer appears on the surface, making the overall appearance bad and oily.

Why should you not put the freezer in the living room?

You should not put the freezer in the living room as the compressor produces more noise. Moreover, the room’s temperature is also affected as it generates heat.

You have to walk around the home to take out the ingredients from the fridge. 

It produces more noise

You can sit and relax in a comfy place in your living room while watching tv. So many people rest and talk with friends in a good environment.

A freezer produces a lot of noise and sound in the living area. You cannot watch TV as it interrupts the sound, and you find it difficult to watch shows.

The on and off the sound of the refrigerator compressor disturbs you while relaxing on the sofa. In addition, the noise generated from the motor can disturb your sleep.

The freezer does not match with the interior

Many people focus on their living room’s interior and keep its look minimal or trendy.

However, placing it in the room compromises the overall look of the interior, and it may not fit well with the furniture and the color scheme of the walls.

For example, if you have neutral color walls and furniture, putting a red color freezer in the room gives a mismatched appearance.

Moreover, the overall look of your interior is also affected due to the placement in the living room.

Kids can damage the freezer

If you place the freezer in your room, it is more accessible to the kids. They always play in the lounge and even hide behind it, which is very harmful.

Sometimes, when you are not around, there are more chances that kids can damage it.

Kids may also switch off the button resulting in the spoilage of food. For example, sometimes they open the refrigerator door and take out the things from it.

They can even make a mess on the floor if the glass plate or bottle slips from their hands. Also, they open the door and explore the things inside it when no one is around.

Affects the room temperature

Placing the refrigerator in the living room increases the temperature as it generates heat. It pumps more heat outside to keep the inside temperature cold.

Even if it is still working well, it can heat up your room, and you can feel uncomfortable. 

Less accessibility to eatables

It should be placed in the kitchen to grab the ingredients for meal preparation quickly. However, it mainly contains food used for cooking purposes, and you have to get them from the freezer.

If you place it in the room, you have less accessibility to the food items. In addition, this is very inconvenient as you have to move in back and forth direction while cooking.

Moreover, if it is placed at a distance from the kitchen, then you cannot carry all the ingredients together, and it takes more time. Also, the door will remain open for a long time affecting the inside temperature.

Where to place a freezer in the living room?

Placing a freezer in the right place is essential as it requires power and enough space.

You can place it beside the dining table so that you can access the things while eating. However, some people prefer to put it near the kitchen to grab the eatables quickly.

It is better to keep it away from the living room windows to prevent direct sunlight due to heat in the summer. Also, if it is placed close to the windows, then it may interfere with the outside air.

Moreover, it should not be placed in front of the door as the warm air enters the fridge and affects the cooling. Also, avoid placing it on the carpets as it blocks the air circulation, and the heat accumulates in it.

You can put it near the wall at a distance so that the air circulates well from the space and does not heat the system. However, some people prefer to place it in a corner wall to be less prominent in the living area.

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