Can You Put a Sofa Table Behind Two Chairs

Can You Put a Sofa Table Behind Two Chairs?

Sofa tables can serve an excellent purpose for storage and decoration. However, they are not great for placing behind the chairs.

Can You Put a Sofa Table Behind Two Chairs? You should not put a sofa table behind two chairs because it will not look good. A sofa table is made for placing behind the sofa. However, you can put it between the two chairs, which looks more aesthetically pleasing.

Moreover, there are other various table options to put between them.

Why you cannot put a sofa table behind two chairs?

The sofa table is also known as a type of console table. It is meant to be placed behind a sofa or a couch to fill the space behind them.

Moreover, it perfectly aligns with the length and height of the sofa. It covers most of it, and you can only see the top shelf of it.

It is placed behind to give the room some extra storage and stylish decor. You can put anything ornamental on it to bring the aesthetics to the next level.

Now, you cannot place it behind the two chairs because it does not look appealing to the eye. Moreover, it is somehow against the rules of putting furniture in a room.

There are some rules you need to remember when getting new furniture. For example, it should fit your room size.

Placing it with two chairs is an example of those mistakes you can make with the placement of the furniture in the lounge.

It needs to hide with the sofa, or it should be adequately exposed. However, the chairs in front of it can hide some parts while exposing some.

Moreover, these are placed at a distance from each other, and they cannot correctly hide behind them.

What kind of table do you put between two chairs?

You can put various types of furniture between the two chairs to level up the decor of the lounge. 

Moreover, it depends on the interior of your room because you need to decide which kind of table can go along with its style.

The space between the chairs should be crowded and stuffed. It should be filled with a kind of furniture which can create a balance between them.

Floor lamp

I have placed a floor lamp with the chairs. It is a more suitable item to place if there is not enough space to put a side table between them. Also, a tall and thin standing lamp can give your chairs separate attention.

You can place them in the corner with a floor lamp between them, and you have got yourself a separate and private sitting place.

There are various types of floor lamps in the aspect of length and style. Therefore, you can get it according to your preference and the interior décor.

Entryway table

You have seen these in the hallways placed against the wall. The entryway one is also a type of console table but less wide and long in size.

Moreover, they are not as big as the ones which are placed in living rooms. Their look is complete when the chairs are placed at each side of them.

These were styled this way for the purpose of a waiting seating area. These are further decorated with mirrors above them.

It makes sense when you are going out of the house, and you can have one final look at yourself.

Chest table

The chest table is like a small trunk which gives a rustic style to the interior of the lounge. It can be good storage as well and provide a large surface area.

The seaters of both chairs can use it to place their cups of coffee as it will be easy to access.

You can place a lamp and some other small decorative pieces. For example, it can be a set of small vases or scented candles. 

It can be a new focal point of your lounge area with unique designs and colors. It’s usually dark in color, but you can always have the option to paint furniture

Accent table

The accent furniture is purely made for decorative purposes to add a sleek aesthetic to the room. They do not serve any practical use most of the time.

However, their unique and slim body catches the eye for attention. You can decorate it with a small lamp, a medium-sized plant pot, or candle sets.

They do not offer storage space for two chairs. However, you can place it between them, right in the middle or slightly behind the middle point.

Place them in an angled position, slightly facing each other. This is the look for accent tables.

Coffee table

The coffee side tables consist of two shelves, one upper shelf and one beneath it. It also comes in 2 sets attached from the base.

They serve as great storage for two people sitting on two chairs because both can use their separate tops in one frame.

Moreover, its unique geometric designs and soft colors elevate a sense of versatility in the room. These are good pieces of furniture to place between two chairs.

In addition, they do not take up a large space and are placed perfectly between them.


The ottoman is placed in the middle of the sofa set, but they are also available in sizes of small side tables.

They are covered in a piece of fabric, which can be linen, leather, or velvet. Furthermore, their fabric can be plain and simple, which looks elegant.

They are also made in tufted designs, which look more appealing. They are not tall like other side tables but shorter and wider than them.

You can place them between the two chairs a little before the middle point. They offer a great surface area to place multiple small ornamental items.

How do you put a sofa table between two chairs?

You can place it with them, but it will not go behind them. You will have to put it between them.

Now, you need to place them in a straight position against the wall. They can not be in an angled position like when they are placed with side tables.

The overall angle and shape of the lounge can get disturbed if you place them at an angle. They need to be placed straight and aligned with the wall.

Keep it at an equal level, so you do not have to raise your arms to lift or place something.

Furthermore, decorate it with books and lamps. Try not to crowd it by stuffing things over it.  

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