Why Does My Chair Smell Like Poop?

Why Does My Chair Smell Like Poop?

Sometimes, chairs can smell like poop, and it becomes challenging to find its cause. You can use various methods according to the material and condition of your chair.

Why Does My Chair Smell Like Poop? Your chair can smell like poop due to sweating, mold growth, damaged leather, and wooden material. You can use baking soda, deodorizer powder, and odor neutralizer to get rid of this foul smell.

It is embarrassing to keep this chair in front of the guests. You should identify the source of this poop-like smell because it can get back if you do not remove its root cause. 

What makes your chair smell like poop?

Several factors are responsible for this unpleasant odor. Sometimes, it is hard to remove if it is due to its material. Therefore, it is better to put it in the sunlight to save money and resolve the issue. 

Due to sweating and damaged leather

The presence of bad odor highly depends upon the material of your chair. Leather has the most unpleasant smell on damping than other furniture material.

Your body releases body oils while sweating, which aggravates it. You will need more effort to get rid of this unwanted situation if the leather surface is damaged.

The best way to keep it odor-free is to put it in direct sunlight for 15 to 20 minutes. It will dry the chair and reduces its moisture which is good in this situation.

Damp surfaces are a favorite spot for molds to grow. They will damage its structure once it grows inside it. You should keep it outside regularly because it is the best solution to all these problems. 

Wooden material

Your furniture can smell like this if it is made up of wood which smells bad. Some woods have such an unpleasant odor that becomes prominent with time. Red oak is notorious for its foul odor because it is like urine and stool.

It becomes prominent when the wood is wet and fades away on its drying. You should check the material of your chair before applying any odor-neutralizing method. 

Gingko Biloba also has an irritating odor, and its furniture smells like poop. It is like rotten butter, urine, or even worse. These neutralizing methods will work for a short time if it is coming inside the wooden furniture

Baby’s poop and vomit

You are right if you think there are some poop residues on your chair when it smells like this. It happens when your baby’s diaper leaks and leaves some residue on the wood.

It creates a foul odor that is hard to tolerate. The baby’s vomiting also smells bad when left unwashed for some time.

When you do not clean the chair with a wet cloth after spillage of drink, it also creates unfavorable conditions. Therefore, it is better to clean it immediately when you face such a situation to avoid uncomfortable situations. 

How do you get poop smell out of a chair?

You can try several methods to get rid of it from your chair. Place the chair in sunlight before applying any chemical on its surface to reduce this odor. You can use an additional coat on its surface if the smell comes from wooden furniture.

Use baking soda paste

It is an effective and common ingredient to get rid of all types of odors. You can use it to remove the poop-like smell from your chair.

You have to follow a simple method to get the best results. Mix some baking soda in a half cup of warm water in such quantity that it forms a paste-like texture.

Its thickness should be such that it should not be dripping when you apply it to the chair. Use a soft fiber brush to apply it over its surface from where most of the odor comes, and wait until it dries naturally.

It will become hard on drying, so brush it off the surface and use a duster to remove the residues. Clean its surface, and you will not feel any odor by applying this procedure.

You can also add some vinegar to this paste to maximize its potential. The scent of vinegar will remain for 1 to 2 days after drying, but it will remove that unpleasant smell immediately.

Apply odor neutralizer

You must know several types of odor neutralizers if you have pets. Their feces create a bad smell, which you can not tolerate if not washed on time.

You can use a good quality neutralizer to remove it from your chair. Its strong scent interacts with this bad one and limits it.

You can get them easily from the store because they are available at every departmental store. They are safe to use on any materials like wood, leather, and fabric.

Some are available in spray bottles, and some are in pour bottles. Get a bottle and spray it over that point of the chair from where most of this smell is coming.

Take a small piece of cloth and pour some drops to make it damp, and rub it gently over the furniture. Wait for around 5 to 6 minutes, and then wipe the surface with the help of a wet cloth. Let it dry naturally to avoid all foul odors.  

Use deodorant

You use deodorant due to its multiple functions, and one of them is its powerful odor-absorbing potential. It can absorb the strong smell and neutralize it to avoid unfavorable conditions.

It is the best choice for your chair if you face such a situation. You can use it to get the best results if you do not want to apply any moist material over the chair’s surface.

Sprinkle some quantity on this chair and leave it for about 12 to 18 hours. It is better to use a vacuum cleaner to dust all powder off its surface and smell its pleasant scent.  

How long does it take to remove the poop-like smell from the chair?

The time to remove the poop-like smell from the chair varies with different methods. It takes less time when you apply a powerful odor absorbent like baking soda.

It also depends upon its condition and maintenance level. Old furniture will take more time to remove it than comparatively new ones.

It takes a few minutes to several hours to get rid of odor, according to the material of this chair.

A leather chair takes less time than a wooden one because it does not absorb this smell deeply like wood. You will need significantly less time to get the best results if you regularly take care of its maintenance.  

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