How to Fix Scratches on White IKEA Furniture

How to Fix Scratches on White IKEA Furniture?

Scratches on white IKEA furniture are more visible because of their lighter shade, which can give them a bad appearance. In addition, these markings can cause moisture to enter the inner side and damage the wooden material completely.

How to Fix Scratches on White IKEA Furniture? You can fix the scratches on white IKEA furniture by using 3 in 1 repair stick and a mixture of vinegar or cooking oil. It is suitable to use mayonnaise, walnuts, and Vaseline to remove scratches because it contains oil to buff and stain the wood. You can also try wood filler, touch-up paint, and iodine solution to remove these scratches.

The scratches on furniture come from the scraping of treated wood, and you can see the different colors from unfinished wood. Marks also decrease their resale value, and you cannot sell them in a second-hand market.

Repairing sticks

It is the 3-in-1 repairing stick that is used to remove marks from white furniture. It consists of three parts wax filler, a leveler cap, and the painting end.

These sticks are available in various colors, and you can select them according to the shade of your item.

The painted part contains paint of different colors, which gives the furnished coat to the scratched markings.

You can see the lines on your table because of untreated or unfurnished wooden material. You can refurnish to hide the marks.

Make your accessories neat and clean before using this kit on it. Use a filler side and rub it on the affected area at an angle of 45 degrees.

Wax filler is used for leveling purposes of the affected area. Remove the access of wax filler and give a smooth appearance using a leveler cap.

The leveler cap is helpful in giving a smooth appearance for paint application on IKEA items. Remove the wood dust with a cloth after using the leveler side.

Shake the stick well for 20 to 30 seconds using the paint side. Then, take the cloth and press the tab on it to ensure flowing of paint.

Now move the tip of the paint side on the affected area and tap it with your finger to remove the excess paint.

Leave it for a few minutes to dry, and check that the scratch has disappeared from your furniture.

The average cost to do this procedure is about $15 to $20.

Mixture of cooking oil and vinegar

Mixing cooking oil and vinegar is helpful to buff the scratched wood and remove the marks from it. You can also take olive oil for this purpose.

Take an equal amount of cooking oil and vinegar in a bowl and mix them well. Mixing these two products takes time, and shake it for about 5 to 6 minutes.

The primary purpose of using oil is to expand the wood so it can fill the cracked area. Dip a clean rag in the solution and put it on the damaged surface.

Wait for some minutes, and then remove the cloth from it. You cannot feel any scratch when you run your finger on the table, and these are completely disappeared.

Touch up paint

The idea of touch-up paint is best when the scratches are deep, and you cannot cover them by treating them with oil or repairing sticks.

Repainting is the original solution to fill the groovy cracks of your table or sofas. Match the color of the paint with your furniture for a furnished appearance.

Purchase the white shade varnish according to the color code of your IKEA chair. Prepare the surface for repainting by sanding the surface.

The sanding is necessary to remove the old paint and prepare the surface for coats. Apply the new coats using a brush or roller and let them dry before using them.

Use Walnuts

Rubbing walnuts also removes the cracks or thin lines from your wooden items. In addition, walnuts contain oil that is beneficial to buff the untreated wood and expand them.

Take a small walnut and rub it on the scratched area for a few minutes. You must use it carefully when doing the procedure on white furniture.

Rub it gently on the surface to stain the wood to restore its original appearance. You have to rub it for 2 to 3 minutes, and you can see that marks are barely visible after this procedure.

Wood filler

The wood filler is used to fill cracks and is made up of byproducts of wood and plastics. Clean the area and remove the dust from it.

Add the wood filler with a putty knife and leave it to dry. Sand the surface to remove the excess wood filler and give a smooth appearance.

Coat it with paint to restore the original color of your furniture. It is time-consuming because you need 4 to 5 hours to do this.

Use of Vaseline 

Vaseline contains oily substances that can stain untreated wood and make the scratches invisible on your IKEA furniture.

Take a butter knife to get Vaseline from its container. Apply the Vaseline in the direction of the thin marking present on the table.

Let it sit for a few minutes so that the wood can absorb the oil from it. Wipe off the wood after a few hours and fix this problem.

In addition, you can also use mayonnaise because it contains oil in its ingredients. It is the cheapest method and costs about $2 to $4 because Vaseline is present in every home.

Sticky vinyl stickers

Sticky vinyl or adhesive stickers are also suitable for fixing scratches on IKEA furniture. However, you have to carefully use these adhesive stickers to hide the marks on your table.

Air bubbles and unaligned markings are significant issues when applying adhesive vinyl. You can also call the expert if you are unaware of using it.

Remove the dust from your table and cut the vinyl paper according to the required size. Start from one and move to the other side by slowly removing the back paper.

Keep the vinyl paper close to the surface to prevent air bubble formation.

Use Iodine solution

You can use the iodine solution to retreat the scratched IKEA wooden furniture. It is the most suitable process for darker color furniture, but you can use it on lighter shades.

Dip a cotton swab in an iodine solution and dab the affected surface with this cotton swab. The iodin provides the finish to the untreated and damaged parts.

Wipe off the excess iodine solution with damp tissues or cloth to protect the lighter color tables from staining.

The iodine stain on lighter shade items looks bad when dry, and you do not remove it with wet tissues.

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