Should your feet touch the ground when sitting in a chair?

Should your feet touch the ground when sitting in a chair?

Sitting on a chair that does not support your foot to touch the ground can make your body restless. In addition, it can affect your body posture, which can turn into permanent pain in joints.

Should your feet touch the ground when sitting in a chair? Your feet should touch the ground because it will help you to work for longer hours and make you feel less tired. Moreover, it can improve your focus and make it easy to get off the chair.

You should not torture your body into sitting in a type of chair that is not comfortable. In addition, you should use footrests under your desk to support your legs. 

Why should your feet touch the ground when sitting in a chair?

The comfortable seats should help you to touch your feet to the ground. It is not ideal if you cannot put your foot on the ground while sitting on the chair.

It will be uncomfortable and tiring for your whole body. 

For long working hours

It is essential to sit in a position that helps you to work consistently for longer working hours. 

A comfortable chair is required for every age group, whether you are a student who has to study for a few hours without leaving your spot.

Moreover, the demand for comfort increases if you are an older person who sits all day at their job place. 

In addition, it is a need for your body to be in a more relaxed posture if you are working on a laptop or a desktop.

Feels less tired

It can make you tired if your feet are not touching the ground when you sit on the chair. Therefore, it is essential for your body posture.

Furthermore, your feet can keep dangling in the air, which will put pressure on your thighs and back eventually. 

However, this practice can cause permanent issues for your body, and you will start feeling tired more often.

Your foot needs to touch the ground when sitting on a chair so that you feel less tired. 

It will help you to work efficiently for longer hours without getting tired quickly.

Improves focus

It is a fact that you can be more efficient in your job if you are sitting comfortably and your body is in perfect posture.

Furthermore, it can help you to put more focus and interest into your work. However, it can eventually be hard for you to focus if your body is showing you signs of fatigue.

In addition, sitting on an uncomfortable chair can make you feel irritated when you have to continuously change the position of your body to feel comfortable for a short time.

However, this cycle can keep repeating if you do not consider the fact that your feet need to touch the ground.

Hard to get off the chair

It is essential to sit on a chair which makes it easy for you to get in and get off from. You need to put a lot of pressure on your body to get off the seat.

However, it happens when it is not according to the length of your body. For example, you should not sit on a surface that does not support your feet and is above the level.

Moreover, you require a ground to support them when you want to leave your seat. You will have to jump off it to leave. 

Furthermore, it can cause an injury if you try to jump off the seat. Therefore, it is better to replace it to avoid these scenarios.

What things can you put to support your feet when sitting on a chair?

It is possible to change your currently uncomfortable situation with some simple solutions. You do not have to spend a large amount of money to get a new chair.

Furthermore, it is better to go for the following solutions before spending money on a new seat.


The footstools are a small part of the furniture you use to rest your feet when sitting on a sofa.

It is a shallow wooden stool covered in fabric. Its top is filled with foam inside, like a sofa seat.

The top is soft enough to make them feel comfortable and well-rested. As a result, your feet do not get tired or feel any stiffness.

You can put it under your chair on the ground to support them. This will help you with good body posture.


The ottoman and footstool are both of equal height, and you can use them to support your feet. The ottoman is usually a round tufted piece with short or no legs.

Moreover, you can either rest your feet flat or lay your legs straight on them. This piece of furniture usually comes as a matching part of a sofa set.

This is also covered with soft fabric and foam inside it. The soft fabric also gives a sense of comfort as your feet brush against it.

Supporting wooden slat

You have seen the wooden chairs with wooden slats between their legs on all four sides. These slats are installed to support your feet if they cannot touch the ground.

Moreover, it can give support to the people sitting around to adjust their feet on them. It is not hard to install one in your wooden seat.

You only require some good quality wooden bars in the size of the distance between the legs. 

However, you should first ensure how low or high you want it to be because it should help your legs rest at a 90-degrees angle.

It will lessen most of your worry and save you a lot of money. You can also fix a wide slat in the forward position from the legs of the seat as you find under a seat of a coach.


A footrest comforts your legs with the help of supporting your foot. It is designed at a specific inclining angle.

It is not a leveled footstool but a foot-resting tool with a certain angle. Moreover, it is not high and sits perfectly on a flat surface.

It does not have any legs like a stool or ottoman. Instead, they are placed under the desk because they are called under the adjustable footrest.

In addition, it will help you achieve a 90-degrees angle which is beneficial for the posture of your body.

Things to consider when sitting on the chair

However, you should consider some things if you are going to get a new chair. It is essential because you need a seat, which can help you work for a longer time.

You should know that the chair should be according to your height. You cannot sit comfortably on a seat that is high and not according to the length of your legs.

It is better to sit and check that your legs and feet are in good posture. You should consider getting a seat that has a lever that will help you to adjust its height.

Moreover, the desk you are using should be at your arm’s level, so you do not have to bend your back. 

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