What to Put Behind an Angled Couch?

What to Put Behind an Angled Couch?

The angled couches are popular for contemporary interior design. They are also called crescent sofas because their shape resembles a crescent moon.

What to Put Behind an Angled Couch? You can put a tall floor lamp, house plants, a small sofa cabinet, and a console table behind an angled couch. Furthermore, you can have a built-in bookcase on the wall behind it. In addition, you can place a small dining table, a bench, and wooden shelves in that empty space.

Empty spaces bring opportunities to add your favorite furniture items to give a touch of your personality to the place. You should keep experimenting with designing and styling your place.

Tall floor lamp

The angled couches are placed in different ways, such as, you can put them against a wall and in a big open space. However, an awkward space is left at the corner from where it is turning.

The space left is not usually large, but it gets portrayed as a big empty area. This space cannot be filled with large and wide items.

You can put something which is not wide and small. This kind of specification matches the tall lamps, which are usually 7 to 8 feet tall.

They are large enough to be seen and get attention. The tall lamps are the focal point of any living room if placed behind it and sofas.

These lamps have been in use for a long time for traditionally. They are placed at a height to provide light in a large area.

Sofa cabinet table

The sofa cabinet table is often confused with the console table because every table, which is placed behind couches, gets mixed with the console table.

It is different in height and width from the thin and long console table. It is a low-height table with two parts of vertical cabinets and a top.

It is better for small empty spaces and can add well to the aesthetics of the lounge.

It is the best choice to make if you are considering putting with the sofa. Moreover, it will not take much space and not seek much attention.

In addition, it can provide enough storage to put books or sofa covers in it. It is available in different styles, like traditional, vintage, and contemporary.

Small dining table

The small dining table accommodates two to three dining chairs. It is an amazing decision to change the empty area behind the furniture.

It is possible if it is placed in such a position that it does not have a wall behind it. This small setup of the dining table will look versatile and perfect.

If putting a table behind it still leaves space and place the small dining table at a distance from the couch.

It needs to complement the area that it is sharing with the furniture but still look like a separate setup. You need to maintain the décor of the room when you add a dining table and chairs.

It should not look big and bright, and its chair should not be big. Try to keep the balance in the décor and style of the furniture.

House plants

The world interior décor and furniture industry is going crazy after filling every empty corner of the house with indoor house plants.

I like the placement of green plants in the house myself. It changes the whole look of the décor in the lounge, bedrooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms.

Placing a house plant behind the angled couch can literally highlight the space. It instantly lightens the look of the living room.

Adding greens to the décor also have a positive effect on the mood. Furthermore, choose a tall plant which leaves spreading to occupy the space.

There are a few examples, such as weeping fig, fiddle leaf fig, corn plant, and parlor palm. Moreover, plants are the source to represent life and nature inside a house.


A bookcase is usually an essential part of lounge decor. It does not matter if it is a big one or a medium-sized one. It is never too late to add one to your lounge.

You can place a solid bookcase to fill the space. Moreover, you can build a bookcase inside a wall because it will be space efficient.

The built-in book wall will blend well with the room’s décor to enhance the architectural finish of the lounge. Moreover, it will provide you with more space in the room.

It can give you more chances to add furniture and decorative items to represent your style and personality. 

Wooden Bench

A bench is a sitting furniture piece placed in living rooms to increase seating options. It is the better option to place it with the couch if its back is facing the entrance.

It is a short-legged and long piece of furniture without any supporting back. You can place it to increase the sitting options, or you can simply decorate it with table lamps and tiny plants.

There is nothing wrong with shifting a piece of furniture’s supposed place to put it where it can fill the space more perfectly.

The bench also comes in different styles, sizes, and shapes. 

Moreover, they are different types, such as simple wooden long and narrow benches. 

Some are covered with fabric, such as linen and tufted velvet-covered benches. You can place any type and style you prefer, which can complement the couch.

Wooden Shelves

Wooden shelves are tall pieces of furniture consisting of shelves. Its figure is thin and sleek, which grabs the attention but does not make the space stuffy.

You can paint it into any desirable wood color you want. Moreover, you can paint it black to give a metallic look which gives a modern, glamoured look to the lounge.

It will be a wonderful selection you can make to fill the space behind the angled couch. The huge piece of a unit of shelves can also cover the wall.

You can place wooden photo frames, tiny, cute plants, books, decorative items, and your favorite collection of liquor.

Console table

A console table is probably the most common furniture item to put the couches and sofas.

In addition, you are going to put a console table as your first choice of décor because a console table is a solution to every empty area.

It is a better choice without any doubt because you can have extra hidden storage along with decoration.

The console table should not be taller than the couch. It should be equal to the couch’s height.

You can decorate it with ornamental items such as scented candles, fancy candle stands, lamps, and vases. 

Fill the space behind the angled sofa and turn it into a colorful, stylish place to sit and enjoy the overall vibe of the lounge.

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