Can You Put a Headboard on Any Bed Frame?

Can You Put a Headboard on Any Bed Frame?

I have added 13 easy methods to attach a headboard on any bed at home using accurate size screws and nuts.

However, you have to choose between its different styles and materials to make it suit perfectly with your furniture size, color, and design.

Can You Put a Headboard on Any Bed Frame? You can put a headboard on any bed frame by drilling holes on its legs and screwing it with screws of 3 to 4 inches into the frame. In addition, use brackets or fasteners to provide additional support to the bed frame. You can also apply an adhesive to ensure the stability of the headboard.

Beds are present in every home, and their headboards are equally important to accomplish the needs of every individual by adding class, versatility, and functionality.

I have attached a separate matching part to my bed frame because it was uncomfortable and dull without it.

Headboards are not expensive and are easy to install, but you need to consider their size according to the furniture. It should be at least 2 to 5 inches wider than the bed for proper attachment.

Position the headboard on the bed frame

Firstly, pull the furniture away from the wall and remove the mattress from it. Next, hold the headboard on its head side to get the idea of its placement.

Align them perpendicular to each other and make sure to position them appropriately.

It is preferable to keep 2 inches extended on both edges when you have a 4 inches wider headboard than the frame. 

Find the predrilled holes

Usually, the bed-mounted headboards already have holes in their legs, so you do not need to drill any.

Most of them also have attached bolts in the holes, which is a bonus for you.

I suggest you these because drilling holes is usually a difficult task: it may damage the upholstery.

Some headboards come in a design that lacks legs which makes them slightly inconvenient for installation.

You have to attach separate legs on its back by drilling holes and secure them with screws.

Make sure to measure the height you want to maintain before adding legs to it.

I recommend you add wooden or plywood legs if you have wooden furniture to compliment it best.

Add brackets or drill holes to the bed

Most furniture has predrilled holes because manufacturers know that you will need this furniture part at some time.

While you have to drill holes when your bed lacks this feature, it is preferable to add brackets to attach its legs.

I used adapter plates because they are a more sleek-designed and feasible option for this process.

Line it at the bottom edge of the bed and fasten it with the sturds. Then, do the same on the other edge.

However, you have to drill holes in the furniture frame at the point where you will screw these legs.

Tighten the screws

Now, it is time to insert screws and bolts through the legs and brackets, and you will need someone’s assistance to keep it upright and straight.

Add two washers on the screws and secure them by adding nuts on the last and use pliers or wrenches for this.

Remember to double-check the screws because any loose points will damage both pieces of furniture.

It is better to screws at least four bolts on the frame, two on each side.

Attach the headboard to the platform bed

Platform beds are lower and grounded with shorter legs and a large base frame. Usually, they lack box springs or any strong foundation at the base and have a contemporary design.

  • Firstly, make a wooden bracket or legs for the headboard 
  • You will need 2 to 3 inches screws, glue, wood piece, and 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches bolts for this.
  • Glue its legs after measuring and cutting it into the desired length and secure with screws.
  • Drill holes in these legs to attach them to the bed. 
  • Preferably, drill two holes on each leg, leaving a space of 1 to 2 inches between them.
  • Drill 4 holes of the same diameter on the frame. 
  • Position the headboard in the center and screw them together using a wrench.
  • Tighten all the screws and nuts properly.

Install a headboard to an adjustable bed

These are popular in the USA because you can adjust them according to your comfort and sleeping position. They have an adjustable base that you can elevate from any side. Also, there are specifically designed mattresses for these beds.

  • Usually, these headboards have two attachment points.
  • One attachment has holes and bolts that you can attach to the legs of the base.
  • Other attachment points allow you to add hooks to the slits present on them.
  • Flip over the bed or get under it to reach its base.
  • The base has built-in fasteners to attach the headboard.
  • Align the holes of legs with the holes of the brackets and attach them by screwing.
  • Elevate the head side of the frame before tightening the screws.
  • Secure all the bolts and nuts.

How to install iron headboards?

Iron headboards are suitable for iron beds because they do not have a full-length board but have iron rails and rods.

These rails are joint on several points with crossbars. You will need an adapter kit for this attachment.

  • The adapter kit has a bracket that fits on the rods of the bed where you will bolt in it.
  • These brackets are iron plates with holes and bolts in them.
  • Attach the adapter to both edges of the rod frame by drilling holes and fixing them with screws.
  • Line it along with these adapters, insert bolts, and secure with nuts.

Should a headboard sit on the bed mattress?

The headboard should not touch or sit on the mattress and be a little high.

Generally, 12 to 14 inches height is preferable because it looks more visually appealing but varies with design.

You can create a distance of 50 to 60 inches when you attach it to the wall instead of the furniture frame.

I prefer you keep it at a minimum height of 5 to 6 inches because it is hard to stabilize these self-installed headboards at more height.

However, it should sit behind the mattress when you attach it to the platform bed frame. 

I recommend attaching its bottom line 4 to 5 inches below the mattress for proper support.

Do I really need a headboard with my bed frame?

The headboard is the part of the bed that attaches on its head side where you rest your head or back while sitting.

It is an essential component and remains in demand in both old-style and modern style furniture.

However, several brands manufacture them without headboards, but I do not appreciate these designs because they do not appear to be as relaxing as needed.

Protects the wall behind the furniture from scratches, scrapes, and stains by using a barrier.

Increases the value aesthetically by acting as a decorative piece, especially those having fancy touches and bold patterns.

Provides additional support and comfort while sitting because it usually has soft padding inside.

Prevent the cushions, pillows, and other bedding elements from falling on the floor.

Multifunctional pieces having shelves or drawers give extra storage space to keep several things in them.

How to stabilize the headboard on the bed frame?

The term stabilization indicates proper positioning, securing, and holding on to the furniture for a long time.

You can stabilize it by using a fastener adhesive that prevents the loosening of bolts and nuts with use and time.

I recommend you to use a thread-locking adhesive, which is a thin, liquid glue and applies only a few drops of it.

It will also protect all fasteners and bolts from corrosion, seizing, and leaks and gives additional strength.

Follow these simple steps to apply the glue:

  • First, apply 3 to 4 drops of glue on each nut and screw holding the headboard to the frame.
  • Tight all the bolts and screws properly and make sure they are not loose.
  • Wait for a day to cure the glue and avoid using the bed for that time.

Tools required:

You will need screws, bolts, washers, pliers, wrench, nuts, mounts, or brachets, Allen keys for this.

Keep different sizes of Allen keys with you because you may need any of them, preferably 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm.

You will need a drill machine and differently sized bits to drill holes in the frame and headboard. 

What size screws do you need for its installation?

The appropriate size of bolts and screws determines the successful attachment. 

Generally, they should be long enough to pass through the frame and headboard, while I suggest you keep them an extra half-inch long. 

It depends upon the thickness of both pieces of furniture, but 3 to 4 inches is perfect in my view.

The washers will also take around half to one-forth inches so keep this in your mind before buying them.

However, the diameters of bolts depend upon the holes you choose to drill, and I recommend drilling wide holes of around a half-inch.

Look for the same diameter bolts that are strong enough to hold the weight and pressure for a longer time.

Moreover, you should keep at least 8 to 10 screws by your side while doing the whole process.

Common types of headboards for beds

These headboards come in a variety of designs and are made from various sources.

Made of wood

Wood is the luxurious material used traditionally to construct headboards for the beds.

There is no doubt that wood is the most classy and elegant furniture material, which is also long-lasting and strengthened.

These boards give the vibes of nature and purity in the room, and you can paint and furnish it as per your desire.

Made of metal

You can find iron, brass, steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, and other metal headboards with different colors, prints, and designs to match other furniture in your home.

However, there are chances of rusting of these materials because they are not resistant to corrosion, and it is their biggest drawback.

Headboards upholstered with decorative fabric

These are most comfortable and relaxing because they usually have cotton pads inside for insulation and suspension.

Typically, manufacturers use velvet and linen fabrics having some fancy details and texture for these. It makes your metal bed frame look nice.

Nowadays, printed and patterned decorative fabrics are also popular. However, I like plain and elegant padded ones with unique velvety buttons.

What type of headboard can you add to your bed?

Generally, they are of three types based on their installation styles and attachment options.

Standing on the floor

These headboards stand on the floor on their own as they have legs and do not need attachment with walls or furniture.

They usually have wheels, so you can quickly move them wherever you want with zero effort.

You just have to place them at the head side of the bed, and they will stand all alone. 

Attached to walls

These are the best headboards because you can attach them to any wall and place your bed in front of it.

It looks like a part of furniture visually and has better support and strength.

You have to drill holes in the wall for this and secure them with brackets or wall studs.

Attached to the bed frame

You can fix a headboard to the bed by matching them appropriately, and it looks like an original combination.

They suit all types, sizes, and furniture designs and have predrilled holes for attachment.

This installation option is more reliable when you know the attachment procedure accurately.

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