How to Cut a Metal Bed Frame?

How to Cut a Metal Bed Frame?

I have added 15 DIY methods to cut a metal bed frame along with the required tools and materials you will need.

However, you have to choose a suitable method out of these, depending upon the purpose you are doing this for, so you can reuse the rods and rails.

How to Cut a Metal Bed Frame? You can cut a metal bed frame with power cutters like a hacksaw by matching the blade with the bed material. However, a circular and reciprocating saw can also be helpful to cut it easily. It will take 5 hours to cut the bed frame when using an electric tool.

These bed frames are a good choice because of their high durability, more convenience than wood, and sturdy look.

You will find them in many designs and styles, and you can also make a custom bed for yourself according to your room’s layout.

Metal bed frames last for a long time and are affordable in comparison to other materials. It is the reason behind their increasing popularity.

Also, it is much feasible to assemble and disassemble them while rearranging the furniture and are exceptionally lightweight.

However, cutting metal is a slightly difficult task because it is hard, requiring more pressure and force to get apart.

Match the cutting blade with the bed frame for better results. The material used in this furniture is either iron or steel, and you have to choose the correct blade for it.

Usually, blades and discs are made of iron, so they cut both iron and steel with their sharp edges.

However, aluminum and copper tools are not that tough and can not cut the iron frame and damage furniture.

Stainless steel is much rigid, and you need to put more effort into it than silver and other metals.

During the process, you will see small chips and shards spreading all around, which are harmful in many ways.

Clean by gathering these residues with an abrasive cloth in a sweeper and throw them in the dustbin.

Do a wet wipe afterward to ensure the removal of all particles.

Be cautious while using sharp blades and discs.

Always wear gloves and safety glasses, and I recommend you to wear face shields as well.

Do not immediately touch the cut part as it can be hot and hold from the other end, if necessary.

Place the rods at a side or corner of the rooms as they can harm anyone.

Preferably, move the bed to another room, if possible, or bring it to the center of the room to get enough space.

I suggest you discard these metal rods after covering them in a wrap or plastic sheet.

Read instructions on the box or covers of tools before using them.

What tools do you need to cut the metal bed frame?

Usually, bed frames made of these materials contain fours boundary rods screwed together and make a rectangular assembly.

There may be additional rails and pipes on the headboard and footboard, but these are thin and less rigid.

Moreover, some beds have thin rods weld horizontally on the base of the frame, making a stencil to place on the mattress.

There are generally two ways to get the task done:

  • Use of electrical and power tools
  • Use of manually-operated tools.

I prefer to use motor tools because they do the task in less time and effort. There are also fewer chances of damage to the furniture with these.

On the other hand, the manually operated ones require professional handling and applicable techniques with proper angular alignment on the surface.

Also, you will need at least 2 to 3 tools to cut the whole metal frame, so keep aside many things.

Make use of a hacksaw

Hacksaw is the cheapest tool you can use for this purpose, but you have to apply more force to it.

A smaller hacksaw is suitable to cut small rods and rails which are less thick. These are present on the base or headboard of the bed.

It is a tool containing a thin metal blade on the lateral side with a plastic handle at one hold so you can hold and get your grip on it.

It does not require any professional technique, take it in your hand and hold the rod with your other hand at a distance of around 1 foot and start cutting.

Make it rest on the cut place and apply as much pressure as you can. I suggest you use hard, carbide-grit, and larger teeth blade to cut big rods.

Get an Angle grinder

An angle grinder is an abrasive disc with irregular edges, which is the best choice to cut iron frames without much effort.

It is the most reliable tool you can use because it provides better abrasion on the surface and cut within seconds.

You need to attach it to an electrical power machine for running it and place it where you want to cut it.

I prefer to use a diamond disc because it works more efficiently and cleans without causing damage to other parts.

Circular saw

A circular saw is another option, and you can get it on rent from a mechanic shop for this task.

Most people know it as a woodcutter, but it also cuts metal with equal efficiency as long as you have the right blade in it.

Choose a disc having pointed teeth to cut thick boundary rods of the bed of around 4 inches diameter.

However, check first on the user’s manual which circular saw can cut these because all of these are not suitable for this purpose.

Use miter saw to shorten rails

Sometimes you need to cut only a few rails of the bed frame to make them into the accurate size, and a miter saw is best for it.

The machine has an arm-mounted system that allows cutting any metal rod from the angle required.

Place the rail on the base tray of the saw and adjust the point you want to cut onto the area where the blade will descend.

However, it will be the second step of cutting because you can not operate on an assembled bed.

Moreover, it will create mess and debris in the surroundings while working, so be careful.

Reciprocating tool

The second best option is a reciprocating tool because it is specially designed to cut metal.

It is a heavy-duty power saw that can cut many materials and even screws and nails when you mount a carbide-tipped blade in it.

For this, you need to set the saw straight and choose a 22 TPI blade for thick metals and a 15 TPI blade for the thin rod.

In addition, select a bi-metal blade for better performance, so you do not have to worry about the material of the bed.

Keep in mind that it will not perform with much precision, so use it when you want to discard the frame.

Get a Utility knife

The utility knife is not the most appropriate method for the bed frame, but it can cut small rails on the headboard and footboard.

Just hold the rail from one side with your hand and starting cutting from another side, keeping the knife straight and positioned.

However, there are risks of injuries when using it, so you have to take precautions and use it only when you want to cut small pieces.

Use an oscillating saw

It works better on metal pipes and fixtures because of the vibrating horizontal blade, which means you can cut the frame from any point with several angles.

You should focus on the positioning of the saw as it can shift to the target point due to movement, so keep your firm hold on it.

In addition, it does not provide clean edges due to vibrations, so use it on the ends of the pipes and grind the edges at the end using a grinding device.

Why would you cut a metal bed frame?

Several reasons can get you to the point where you need to break the furniture. However, it varies from situation to situation as you do not always need this process and can use alternate ways.

To discard it: Many people do it when they want to throw away their beds after long-term use. 

It is not easy to throw away huge rods, so bringing them to shorter lengths is necessary to avoid harming others.

Metal corrosion: The metals are vulnerable to rust and corrosion, typically when placed in a humid region.

This rusting results in stuck screws, bolts, and nails, and it gets hard to take apart all pieces.

Shorten the frame: It becomes essential to shorten the frame of a larger-size bed which does not fit well in the designated place.

Most of the time, you need to decrease the length, while a decrease in the width also becomes necessary in some cases.

Cut the posts: A poster bed has four long metal rods or posts weld to the four corners of the frame, and you can tie any cloth and add decorative light to it.

I once bought four-poster furniture, and it looked stunning in my room, but the only drawback was the high foot posts.

I wanted to get them shorter as they looked slightly exaggerated with my room’s layout and cut around 2 feet.

How much time will it take to cut it?

It will take around 5 hours when using power cutters and will take many hours, depending upon the supplies you have and your working efficiency.

Also, it becomes much faster and easier when you have professional help while doing it the first time will consume more time.

I prefer you to watch 2 to 3 videos of professional metal cutting from online sites before starting with the process.

Can you reuse the metal bed frame?

You can reuse these pipes and rails for several purposes, such as making small bed frames, table legs, kitchen use, shelves holders, and other furniture.

It is only possible when you cut them with care from the ends, so you have enough length of the pipe to reuse.

I recommend you to use power machines because they have sharp blades that cut metal without causing dents on the surface.

Also, grind off all the corners and edges necessarily, before using them for other purposes and place them in a moisture-free space to prevent corrosion.

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