Will a 36 Inch Couch Fit Through a 30 Inch Door?

Will a 36 Inch Couch Fit Through a 30 Inch Door?

Many people buy furniture without taking the dimensions of their doors. So, they have to face many challenges when their sofa is oversize than the hallways or passageways.

Will a 36 Inch Couch Fit Through a 30 Inch Door? You can fit a 36-inch couch through a 30-inch door by measuring the width and height of the sofa. Remove the cushions and dismantle the couch to decrease the surface area of the furniture. Moreover, you can also change its position by tilting it horizontally or vertically. You can also remove door handles or wooden frames if they are interfering in moving your sofa.

A sofa is a basic element of furniture that gives a complete look to the interior design of your home. It also provides warmth and comfort as it is used for relaxing and sitting.

Many manufacturers design sofas that are upholstered with soft fabrics that occupy additional seating areas, making them oversized.

What are the dimensions of the 36-inch couch?

You can easily take all its dimensions by measuring its exterior and interior frames. You need a measuring tape to take all the measurements of it.

You can measure the width of a couch from the front side of the armrest to the back side.

You have to measure the height of the sofa by starting from the bottom to the highest point of the backrest, which is usually 32″  high.

You have to measure from one armrest to the other one to determine its depth, which is 36 inches in a 36″ sofa.

Can you fit an oversize couch through a narrow doorway?

It can be a bit challenging for you to move your oversize couch through the narrow door. However, you can pass it after considering many possible options for it.

In addition, you can fit through it if the width of the passage is more than its height.

Usually, its standard size is 30″ wide and 80 to 82″ high, and you can fit a standard size sofa through it. However, it can be difficult if it is bigger than your doorway.

How would you fit a 36-inch couch through a 30-inch door?

Sometimes, you think you can not overcome any problem, but there is always a way through it.

Similarly, you can face a few issues passing a big sofa through a small door. However, you can do it by following a few steps.

Remove sofa cushions

You have to remove the seat pillows and their covers from the couch to take their measurements. Also, remove the cushions from the seats and then remove the seats.

Before taking all the measurements, you have to ensure that you have removed all the unnecessary stuff from it.

These days, the sofa comes with extra deep seats and pillows to give you more space to curl up, but they are removable.

You have to take out all the seats from it to make it as thin as much possible.

Get measurements

 After removing all the stuff, you have to consider all its dimensions. For that purpose, you need to measure it again.

Use a measuring tape to measure its width by starting from one armrest to another.

After that, measure its distance from the floor and mark it to the highest point of it. Then, you have to measure all the interior dimensions along with the exterior ones.

Also, measure the height and width of the opening from where you have to pass your furniture.

It will give you an extra 2 to 3 inches of width after removing all its accessories.

Write down all the measurements on paper so that you can make a proper plan to move your sofa.

Remove door hinges

It is better to remove the hinges or even the exterior part of it while you are facing difficulty passing it through the passageway.

It is better to remove the wooden frame temporarily if it is still difficult for you to move it through the narrow opening.

You can take out all the nails by yourself with the help of a screwdriver.

You can fit your furniture through the way once you make a wide-open space for it.

Take help

You have to take any human assistance while getting your furniture through the passage.

It is difficult for you to take it through a narrow passage by yourself without asking for any help.

You can do this if a person holds the sofa from one armrest and the other holds it from another side.

Disassemble the couch

You can also dismantle it if you cannot get your sofa along the way. Most furniture comes with an easily removable backrest and seat cushions these days.

It is easy for you to remove all the exterior parts of it so that you can move it through the desired passage.

You can also assemble it yourself or with any help after you take it to its placement.

Tilt-up the couch

Move your furniture through a narrow passageway by changing its positions.

Firstly, you have to place a soft cloth or a rug on the floor to avoid any damage.

You can take it horizontally at a straight level throughout the way and push it forward with both hands to move it straight.

Moreover, you can tilt it vertically if you determine that it is possibly easy in this way.

However, you have to keep changing its positions back and forth and also sideways accordingly.

What size couch will get fit through a 30-inch door?

You have to co-relate the measurement of your sofa with the opening dimensions.

So that you can determine how you can pass your furniture through the opening.

A couch that is lesser in width than the passage, like 32″ 3 seaters, can pass through a 3o″ door.

If it is 32″ in size then it has 80″ width and 30″ height accordingly.

It can be challenging if you have to move more than a 32″ sofa through a 30-inch door.

However, it can be fit through a narrow passageway considering all possible options.

What to do when your sofa does not get fit through the door?

You can have different options if your furniture is not able to pass through the way to your desired space.

Place couch in another room

You can place your sofa in another room if you cannot get a proper way to put it in your desired space.

You can decorate it to another nook of your house where it is easy for you to move.

Select a Flatpack

It is better to get your furniture ready to assemble packaging so that you can quickly assemble it wherever you want to place it.

You can fix it by yourself according to the instruction manual without asking for any professional help.

Moreover, flat pack furniture is convenient enough that you can take it anywhere in your house, which enhances your aesthetics.

Replace the couch

You can replace it if you try all the possible options and still you are unable to move your furniture to your desired room.

You can return it to the company and ask them to give you a custom couch that can easily fit through the passage.

How to determine if your sofa can fit through the door?

You can determine whether your sofa can fit through the door by comparative measurements of your sofa and the passage.

Moreover, you have to compare the height of the furniture to the width of your passageway.

Also, take an estimate of extra few inches from both sides to avoid any inconvenience.

You can move it easily through it if the entrance is wider than its height.

It can be challenging, but you can make it easy by measuring all the dimensions of the passage before buying your furniture.

What are the challenges to move an oversize sofa through a narrow door?

You can face many issues while moving your oversize furniture through a narrow passage.

It consumes more time than usual and takes lots of your energy while pushing it. Moreover, it requires professional help if you have no partner to help you at this time.

You have to pay extra charges when you hire a professional that adds to the overall cost of a sofa and makes it expensive.

Also, it can damage your couch while pushing it through a narrow passageway or squeezing it to move through.

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