What is a Bedroom With Attached Bathroom?

What is a Bedroom With Attached Bathroom?

The bathroom is an essential part of every house. It has various types and designs depending upon your choice.

What is a Bedroom With Attached Bathroom? A bedroom with an attached bathroom is called Ensuite because the bath is present within your room. Bathrooms vary in size like full-length, half-length, and quarter-length restrooms. You should have an ensuite because it allows privacy, safety, and convenience to older people. However, it also causes many problems like it occupies more space, difficult to clean, and not suitable for big families.

It gives you complete relaxation to use the toilet or take a shower. You need not share it with any guest or family member.

What are bathroom types and their sizes?

You can classify bathrooms into different types depending on their size and the accessories present in them. Here I have described a few types of restrooms.

Full baths, as the name indicates, have a large area; each of its components occupies one-quarter. It contains all the necessary utilities like a toilet, shower, sink, and bathtub. It has a minimum size of 40 to 50 square feet.

A half bathroom is smaller in the area and has two necessary components toilet and a sink. It is smaller in size but efficiently serves its purpose in houses. It is 3 to 5 feet wide and 7 to 9 feet long.

The three-quarter bathroom contains three necessary components shower, toilet, and sink. It is smaller than the full but large than the half restroom. It has a minimum area of 35 square feet.

What is a bedroom with an attached bathroom?

A bedroom attached to a restroom is called an ensuite bedroom. The bath attached to this room is called the en-suite bathroom.

En suite is a French word for attached, connected, or in the room. This restroom is present inside the room, and there is no other access to such restrooms. Many times they are part of the master bedrooms.

It contains a toilet, commode, sink, shower, and bathtubs. It can also have an enclosed shower, shelves, or closets to store your accessories. It is approximately 1200 to 1400mm wide and 2200mm long.

If it is attached to two rooms is called the Jack and Jill bathroom.

You can get inside directly from the bedroom. Like the ensuite, it also contains a toilet, sink, shower, mirror, and closets.

Are Ensuite and private bathrooms the same?

People usually confuse between an ensuite restroom and a private bathroom. However, both are different from each other in many aspects.

An en-suite is a restroom that is present inside the room. The private washroom is part of any public hotel or guest house and is present outside the room.

It has all the facilities of an attached bath and provides comfort to the visiting guest.

Why would you have attached bathrooms with your bedrooms?

The attached or ensuite bathrooms are different from the common restrooms. However, it can provide us with many benefits. Here is a brief description of all of them.

Allows more privacy

These restrooms are a blessing for introverts and shy people. However, I always like to protect my privacy by having an attached restroom.

It allows you to enjoy more privacy than a common or shared toilet.

You are not worried about people waiting outside the washroom. Furthermore, couples or partners can maintain their privacy by having an ensuite.

You can keep and store your valuables in your personal closet.

You can save money by wisely saving your toiletries and skin product in the closet. You will not feel awkward using the toilet frequently.

Provides safety

The attached restrooms are more hygienic and safer to use. In these baths, you to use your soap and towel.

Toilet seats contain a lot of germs and disease-causing bacteria. In addition, they can transmit many harmful bacteria in your body.

It protects your health from various diseases and germs. Shared restrooms get dirty because too many people use them.

People with poor hygienic habits can make the situation worse. 

You can clean it up according to your preferences and protect yourself from infectious diseases.

It will also prevent to spread of any causative agent to other places. It is also safe at nighttime. You need not go outside of the room to use the toilet.

Convenient and easily accessible

They are always easily accessible because no one except you use them. In this way, they become more convenient for you.

You can use them during the morning or nighttime whenever you like. You do not have to wait in a queue and worry about getting late for the workplace.

It is more convenient for elderly and disabled people. The disabled people have restricted mobility and can not walk a lot to reach the toilet.

On the other hand, older people can easily access it without any help.

You can also design it specifically for disabled people by adding holding rails and bars near the toilet and shower.

Add value to your house

Besides all the benefits, it also increases the economic value of your house.

In addition, it increases the aesthetic appeal of your home and gives it a lavish look.

Adding accessories other than a shower and toilet can give it a spacious and luxurious look.

People usually prefer to buy a house with an en suite to get comfort and convenience.

However, you can make a huge profit by reselling the home. It can increase the value of your house by 5% to 10%.

Problems with having an attached bathroom

You can suffer from many problems by having an ensuite in your house. It can increase your daily life stress in many ways.

Occupy more space

It is a good idea to have an attached bath in the bedroom but not suitable for all houses.

It occupies 36 to 40 square feet of area.

It is difficult to dedicate such a big area to the bathroom in tiny houses.

You have to dedicate a specific space to all other rooms to adjust your valuables. 

Difficult to maintain

It requires more attention and maintenance because it is present within your room.

It occupies more space and contains more bath accessories as compared to the shared washroom. You also have to spend more money on its construction.

It requires regular cleaning of the toilet, sink, and tiles to keep them in good condition.

You are the owner of this place, so you alone have to do this hectic task.

You have to spend more money on its display and interior decoration. You stress more about the odorous smell in the presence of gests.

Not suitable for big families

In big or joint families having bathrooms within a room is a big problem.

It is also inconvenient for your guest to use your personal restroom. So in big families, it is preferable to have a jack and jill restroom for more comfort and ease.

All family member organize their toiletries in your space and create a mess in a small area.

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