What Does ScS Sofa Insurance Cover?

What Does ScS Sofa Insurance Cover?

Every sofa insurance company covers many sofa defects like problems with the framework, upholstery, spilling, etc.

ScS company is famous due to its fantastic customer support and provides insurance on their sofas that helps you claim your benefits in case of any damage.

What Does ScS Sofa Insurance Cover? ScS sofa insurance covers many aspects, from mild to severe damages, broken wooden frames, and defects in the furniture. You can claim a repair and replacement for accidental spills and structural defects, including internal and external manufacturing faults. Moreover, they can provide their services for all types of accidents including damaged recliner systems, broken handles, and faulty cables. 

Moreover, many people who invest a heavy amount in the furniture would prefer to take its insurance for protection.

It is better to get registered for the protection programs as it gives a sense of protection that you claim the product at any time.

Who manages the ScS insurance sofa?

A company in the UK named Castelan Group is managing all the ScS insurance holders.

In addition, it provides many other services, including furniture care, commercial, and care products.

The furniture care services help the customers facing problems with their furniture. It can resolve such issues quickly to avoid returns.

They offer benefits to customers and the business holders by handling claims fairly. You can claim insurance through Castelan Group if you are an ScS policyholder.

What is covered in the ScS sofa insurance policy?

The ScS sofa insurance policy covers multiple aspects of damage and provides a wide range of services to its customers.

Accidental spills

It is a common observation that children spill drinks on a sofa cover when enjoying a movie on a couch. Moreover, you can drop a glass of juice on the couch cover when you hear a loud noise.

In addition, your friends can make your couch dirty when you have a party at your place. So, all these factors account for accidental spilling, and you have to fix them.

They can leave dark stains on the fabric if not cleaned quickly. However, you can ask them to repair a fabric by cleaning the cover with highly effective cleaning agents.

You can remove the stains using home remedies like baking soda solution. It can help save your chance to claim it next time.

Structural defects

The failure of workmanship leads to defects in the furniture’s structure and makes it useless. Sometimes, you have to face splitting seams within a short duration of product delivery.

Moreover, poor-quality wood begins to crack soon and has lesser weight holding capacity. They appear in good condition at the delivery time, but the problems start to occur with time.

The manufacturing faults and defects in the interior and exterior parts of the furniture make you able to claim the sofa insurance policy.

Accidental damages

The presence of sharps and needles on the couch can puncture them that look bad. In addition, the inner fillings start to get out of the fabric when the fabric cannot tolerate the pressure.

A jumping child can damage the fabric of a couch when it falls on its cushion aggressively. Moreover, some unexpected incidents can also damage the furniture, like flooding.

ScS covers all these accidental damages or unexpected events and adds them to your policy.

You can ask them to change a punctured couch when its foam leaks and the springs are visible. In addition, they can replace a damaged frame or springs with an intact one.

Faulty electrical components

Many modern sectional sofas or recliners have a side power mechanism that allows you to charge your mobile.

Electrical components like sockets or a battery that is present underneath a couch can become faulty. They can also get broken and require quick replacement and repair to work properly.

Therefore, you can avail yourself of an opportunity for free repair from the ScS insurance company. Furthermore, they can quickly fix or change the faults if they are not repairable.

Recliner mechanism issues

The recliners require regular maintenance and cleaning to keep them working; otherwise, faults can occur in their motion mechanism.

Actuators are responsible for the sofa’s reclining motion and help bend the backrest in the backward direction. They can get out of order sometimes and requires repair.

They can fix the actuators’ issues and restore their motion.

Broken upholstery frames 

Its wooden frames can break into separate parts that require a complete replacement usually. It can cost around £400 to £900 when you ask the manufacturers to fix them.

However, an upholstery replacement can cost you a few extra dollars. Spending money again on a new couch when it breaks or gets damaged is frustrating.

So, you can claim the product to this company so that they can manage all the dues for replacement.

Damaged handles and cables

The handles on the sides of the seats help in changing the position of the chairs can get damaged. As a result, they lose their function and cannot pull up and down the seat.

Some of the armrests in sofas act like storage boxes and open up with the help of levers.

The broken cables and damaged handles can lose their flexibility, so they need a quick replacement.

Ask the ScS insurance to replace the cable with a new one that can pull out the lower side of the couch.

How do you claim ScS sofa insurance?

It is easy to claim your product for insurance by following the instructions. First, go to the official site of Castelan Group and search for an option to make a claim.

Provide all the relevant information and inform them about the type of damage.

They can visit your place to look at the furniture and check whether such a problem exists.

They can try to fix the problem and restore your furniture.

However, you can ask them for a replacement if the repair process is not working correctly.

It is better to report the problem within 2 to 3 days of damage so that they can quickly act upon the stains and other issues.

Accordingly, it can help avoid the accumulation of stains leading to permanent damage. You can also call their customer service to inform them quickly.

What are the conditions to be eligible for ScS sofa insurance?

It is essential to make proper use of the furniture to avoid damage like restricting your children from eating, drinking, and jumping over a couch.

Moreover, you must use the product in your residence because they would not repair a commercial couch.

Quick reporting is essential to fix your problem as the insurance service providers ask the customers to claim the damage and defect within 2 to 3 days.

Any delays in reporting time can have a negative impact on the acceptance of your repair request. Furthermore, take proper care of the furniture and clean it regularly.

The accumulation of dust can affect their quality and make the metallic surface dusty and corrosive.

In addition, you are eligible to claim for the repair and replacement if you have never claimed complete replacement.

What is not covered in ScS sofa insurance?

The ScS sofa insurance policy has some limitations like they will not pay for the damage due to excessive exposure to sunlight and radiation.

Moreover, their protection policy for furniture does not cover the accumulated stains and the damage by pets like scuffing and scratches.

Furthermore, they allow a claim for the pet and children damage for only a time to a particular area.

They will not provide you the benefits when you have used non-recommended cleaning products to wipe out the couch surface.

In addition, you can claim only for £14000 to £15000, or they can give you service only for the amount you have used while purchasing your furniture.

Can I cancel premium sofa guard insurance?

There is no compulsory requirement to register yourself for the premium sofa guard insurance and warranty plans.

You can exclude yourself at any time, and they will give a full refund of the paid money. Contact the ScS sofa manufacturer at their official number provided on their website or send a mail.

They will process the request and respond to you within 14 to 15 days of posting a request and refund all the dues.

However, you can cancel the premium plan after many years, but you will get no refund if you have claimed a damaged product single or multiple times.

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