Where is Benchcraft Furniture Manufactured?

Where is Benchcraft Furniture Manufactured?

Many people know about Benchcraft furniture, the oldest and finest furniture brand, providing innovative designs in home products for many years.

Moreover, they offer upholstery couches to decorate the family rooms like the living room or bedroom.

Where is Benchcraft Furniture Manufactured? Benchcraft furniture is manufactured by Ashley furniture in many States of the US, including Indiana, Mississippi, California, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. In addition, their products are also made internationally, like in China and Vietnam. Moreover, they provide inexpensive products but cannot maintain their quality. Furthermore, you can get your favorite couch from various designs, seating types, upholstery materials, and colors.

In addition, they use high-quality materials to manufacture sofas and tables for their customers to develop customer loyalty.

What does Benchcraft furniture provide?

It provides appealing and stylish couches for a living room.

You can get a wide range of sofas to decorate your home and get an appreciation for your choice from the visitors.

Moreover, you can get a large-sized sectional sofa that can easily accommodate 6 to 7 people. It is a good choice when you have a spacious living room.

They provide recliners, ottomans, and loveseats for those who love to sit and sleep for a midday nap. In addition, you can also purchase chaise lounges and armchairs from them.

Are Ashley and Benchcraft the same?

Many people do not know that Ashley furniture is the same as Benchcraft. For almost 82 to 85 years, this brand has been a part of the home decor industry and providing customer-friendly products.

It was owned by Ashley furniture after 2010 when they purchased another brand named Berkline.

Furthermore, they retained the name of the Benchcraft but became an authorized dealer of their items.

It operated in the US from the 1970s and became popular owing to its stylish, stable, and durable products and generating good revenue.

Moreover, it is one of the largest sofa manufacturing brands in the US.

Is Benchcraft furniture manufactured in America?

Benchcraft furniture is not directly making its products because Ashley has purchased them.

Accordingly, Ashely is manufacturing the Benchcraft products in many states of America like California, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Mississippi.

Furthermore, this branded company gets manufactured products from North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Florida.

It has manufacturing industries in the US and also sources products from China and Vietnam.

So, they are making products in America and internationally to facilitate their customers globally.

Why is Benchcraft furniture so popular?

Many reasons account for the popularity of this furniture brand. However, the quality of their products and the affordable prices are the prominent reasons behind their popularity.

Affordable prices

The rates of products determine the popularity of any brand as the customers try to find inexpensive and high-quality products.

They are affordable and allow you to get multiple products at the cost of a single expensive product available at another brand.

You can get a 2-seat or a 3-seat sectional sofa for only $950 to $1350. At the same time, a range of ottomans is available from $275 to $429.

In addition, the Benchcraft chaise couches can cost you around $599 to $1039. On the other hand, the loveseats, chairs, and benches are almost $523 to $785, which are not so inexpensive.

Variety of collections

They have a wide variety of upholstered sofas with different types of fabric. You can get a durable leather couch whose material does not crack and fades for a long time.

In addition, faux leather is also available, which provides a cheap alternative to original leather.

For example, you can get a faux leather couch when you cannot afford expensive leather products.

Furthermore, they provide an upholstery covered with fabric and microfibers. You can choose a sofa having microfibers when you are searching for high-use couches.

It is highly durable and resistant to every type of stain that improves its lifespan.

Many manufacturers prefer to use it as upholstery for couches as it is easy to clean and wipe out.

So, they consider all the requirements of their customers and try to provide a customer-friendly product that does not require effort to maintain.

Style and comfort

You do not have to put a couch in your living room if it does not fit properly. Instead, searching for sofas that stand out according to the room’s theme is better.

So, they introduced multiple styles in their products so that it becomes to choose the product that fits in your living room.

They provide casual, contemporary, and traditional sofas varying in designs, shapes, and colors.

Furthermore, you can also look for glamorous and transitional products that match your room’s paint.

In the same way, you can get many colors in a single couch ranging from beige, purple, black, pattern, white, orange, etc.

The different types of seating, including swivel, reclining, glider, stationary, and rocker, ensure the comfort of the sitting person by allowing adjustments accordingly.

Better warranty offers

They offer better warranty options to their customers on all the products, but the warranty duration varies.

They offer 10 to 12 months of warranty on the cushioning material and 4 to 5 years on the frames.

However, due to poor usage, the warranty does not include the sofas’ normal aging, wearing, and tearing.

Moreover, it does not include the workmanship defects, so you have to ask the salesman about insurance coverage.

Appealing looks 

Their products look appealing to the eyes when placed in the corner of the living room.

You can choose a coach from the contemporary and glamorous category to give a luxurious appearance to the room.

The sectional sofas in a room provide an extra seating surface, fill the space in a room, and give a traditional look.

You can place a single armchair in the middle of the room, while a recliner sofa along the wall also looks beautiful.

A well-designed couch with beautiful color and a comfortable seat positively impacts your mood and makes you happy.

Is Benchcraft furniture good quality?

The Benchcraft furniture producers or Ashley furniture ensure the quality of the product and provide better prices.

Customers can easily afford their products from large to small size sofas due to moderate rates. However, you have seen probably the less reliability in customers through their reviews about the quality.

Moreover, they cannot maintain the quality of each product as it keeps deviating and becomes inconsistent.

They use engineered wood which is far better than natural wood in terms of stability.

They utilize plywood, synthetic resins, and cellulosic fibers that are durable and millable. Moreover, they use standard-quality fabrics to improve the overall quality.

What do reviews say?

I surveyed 952 people who have purchased Benchcraft furniture from Ashley to know about the durability, cost-effectiveness, and quality of products.

Of 952 people, 659 (69%) said they provide better items at cost-effective rates that remain intact for some years.

However, 219 people (23%) said they did not like the quality of sofas as it was not up to the mark. It was inexpensive but had poor quality as the upholstered sofas get puffy and wrinkles start to appear within a short duration.

While the remaining 74 people (8%) said lower prices attracted them, they regret purchasing products from Benchcraft as they have lesser durability and stability.

You can choose your desired couch from a wide collection offering multiple designs, colors, styles, etc.

One of their customers said:

“I need a 3-seater sofa in beige color with a microfiber upholster material that looks stylish. Benchcraft furniture provided me a sofa that fulfills all of my requirements.”

They provide affordable products that focus only on giving budget-friendly products and ignore the quality of the material.

Another one mentioned: “I purchased a 2 –seater sofa for $659 from Benchcraft 1.5 years ago that was cost-effective. However, it is not wise to compromise on the quality because wrinkles appear on its seat fabric, and it is losing its firmness.”

It requires replacement after 3 to 4 years when you use it regularly and do not pay attention to its maintenance.

“My recliner from Benchcraft got a problem with the movement mechanism, which is no use for me now. I have to replace it with a new one that has increased the overall cost. It is OK to spend reasonable money on good products rather than buy them repeatedly.”

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