Why Do Mattress Come Rolled Up?

Why Do Mattress Come Rolled Up?

A rolled mattress is a good option for people when buying a new mattress for their homes. People prefer them over traditional mattresses because they are cheaper and easy to deliver.

Why Do Mattress Come Rolled Up? Mattresses come rolled up because their transportation is easy due to their compact size, and it is convenient to move them in bedrooms and upstairs. In addition, it becomes easy to maintain their durability for a long time if you protect them from damage during their transportation. You can keep your mattress rolled up for 60 to 80 hours after buying it. Compression beyond this time will delay its expansion and cause loss of its supportive function.

They vary in quality, but memory foam mattresses with pocket springs are high-quality products. They provide efficient support to your body.

What does it mean by rolled mattress?

Rolled mattresses contain compressed foam and spring. They are packaged in a roll-up manner and are reduced to a fraction of their original size.

In addition, they contain synthetic fillings, which make them comfortable and improve body support. They are rolled up in a cover to make their delivery convenient.

Effortless transport

A rolled-up mattress is easy to carry because it is lightweight. Therefore, it can easily be transported into a small vehicle like a van and car as compared to a truck.

Other large-sized mattresses require large vehicles for efficient transport. This mattress is lighter and takes minimum space in the car.

This mattress makes its transport effortless because they are placed into the trunk of a car.

On the other hand, transportation of unrolled mattresses is difficult because we load them on the car’s roof.

You can easily and quickly transport them anywhere on the same day when you purchase them from the store. 

Quick delivery

The delivery of heavy-weight products takes time, but rolled-up mattresses are fast because they can be easily transported anywhere.

Companies are efficient in delivering these mattresses quickly and easily. 

You can go by yourself to get them without any serious effort of transferring them to your automobile.

It is easy to transport them in the form of stock because they are reduced in size, and multiple rolled-up mattresses are easy to adjust.

Their transportation in the form of stock is beneficial because it reduces the number of driver journeys. In this way, it also reduces the consumption of fuel.

They are also money-saving due to less fuel consumption, and you do not need to spend extra money on petrol to deliver them to your homes.

There is another advantage that fuel consumption is less, and it makes them environment friendly because they reduce our carbon footprint.

This product uses less packaging due to the compressed nature of mattresses.

Easy to deliver in the bedroom

A vacuum-packed mattress is easy to move into the room of your choice. 

It is difficult for a single person to transport the unrolled foam. Therefore, you need more than one person to transfer them to the room, or they use a wedge for this purpose.

The shifting becomes challenging if you have some old-fashioned foams in your home.

Nowadays, rolled-up mattresses are the requirement of each house and have replaced the outdated foams.

These are safe to handle, and you do not require many persons to move them from room to room.

Previously it was challenging to transfer their mattresses to the rooms present on the second floor. But now, it is easy to move them there without the use of any wedge.

Convenient to store

It is convenient to store them in homes because they can be packed easily in the bag. In addition, it is easy to keep them safe because they are flexible enough to be rolled.

You should use a vacuum or steam cleaner to clean it deeply.

Fungus growth increases if you do not clean it properly before its storage. For example, leave it for the whole night after you sprinkle some baking soda and then vacuum it again.

It is better to keep them stored in the proper mattress cover. Sometimes, it is enough to keep them in the plastic bag, but this plastic bag is prone to trap moisture, and the result will be fungus and a bad smell.

Storing them only in the plastic cover is not the correct way, and it becomes essential to keep them in cover bags for efficient storage.

You should place the storage container in a temperature-controlled environment for proper storage. The plastic cover will develop moisture if the temperature is not controlled.

Maintenance of durability

The durability of rolled-up mattresses depends on the quality of the material used in them. However, they are durable and provide you with comfort in many ways.

These are exposed to dust and pollutants during their transportation. This will ultimately affect their quality and durability.

It is better to prevent them from damage to maintain their durability for a long time. Therefore, it is easy to load them inside the car instead of the roof.

During their transportation, you should take care of them to prevent damage. The presence of pests and insects in your vehicle can damage them and affect their life span.

There are possible chances of grease and leaked oil in your automobile, which can also affect the durability of your mattress.

It is better to clean the vehicle before loading them and clear it from any insects and other materials to protect your foam during its transportation.

How long can a mattress stay rolled up?

There are variations in the time for keeping your mattress rolled into a bag. However, you can keep it rolled up for almost 60 to 80 hours after buying.

You should not keep them rolled up longer than this duration because its foam will start to compress.

You should unfold the product as soon as possible after the day you bought it. It will not expand if you leave your foam in the package for more than recommended time.

A newly bought mattress is uncomfortable for you at the start, but it gets better over time due to the foam’s expansion. It takes almost 5 to 30 hours in its expansion to make it ready for use.

It will not provide enough support to the body due to compression beyond the normal time.

As a result, it will not remain as comfortable as it should be. This will cause the loss of the shape of foam, and it will fail to regain its original size.

They are not designed to bear the compression for an extended period. Instead, most of them have low-density comfort layers called upper layers.

These layers become thin, and the foam loses its firmness if you keep your mattress rolled up in a box.

The company provides you a warranty card for a vacuum-packed mattress after you do this. You should follow the instructions and time duration to unroll it for use.

But, you can not blame the company for its warranty if you do not follow the instructions. 

You have some options to decompress it if the foam is not expanding after you unpack it. Place it on a flat surface and massage the foam layers to expand.

How are mattresses rolled up?

When a company constructs a mattress, it starts to expand. Then the manufacturers compress them into a box to ensure that they will occupy less space.

Finally, they are compressed and rolled up to make their transportation and delivery hassle-free.

At first, these are placed in a protective bag to pass, and they are allowed to pass through a compression machine.

Compressing it to half of its original thickness is the first step in compressing and rolling of foam.

The company uses a special type of compress machine attached to a floating table. 

The mattress compress machine uses its pneumatic lifting action is helpful to compress and pack all sponge materials.

It is then vacuum-sealed, and that’s why they are also called vacuum-packed mattresses. It is then heat-sealed for complete protection.

It then passes through a special type of machine called tumbler to roll it, and it is sealed again.

Finally, the company makes them ready to transport and deliver once compression and rolling is completed.

Are rolled-up mattresses any good?

Roll-up mattresses are a good option because they provide flexibility in their prices. In addition, it is a cheaper product, and people can afford them easily without any stress.

Rolled-up mattresses are becoming a popular choice of people when they intend to buy a new one because of their cost-effectiveness.

Many traditional foams are costly, and their delivery is also somehow tricky. People prefer them over conventional mattresses and order online with minimum cost.

Their quality varies depending on the materials used in them. Most of them are made up of memory foam, and some contain pocket springs.

These are made up of memory foam, and pocket springs will provide you with an extra level of comfort.

They are affordable and prove to be good because they are firm and convenient for people who can not spend extra charges to buy a mattress.

Our body produces sweat, and the mattress is exposed to them, but breathable mattresses are designed to manage these conditions.

Rolled-up mattresses are breathable and allow the air to circulate, and help in the evaporation of sweating.

In addition, they provide a comfortable environment for sleep as compared to other traditional foams.

Disadvantages of rolled-up mattress

Memory foam rolled up mattress is pressure-relieving, but it also contains toxic chemicals which are irritant to individual and causes some health problems.

These contain some volatile organic compounds and create an unpleasant smell when we unpack them for the first time to set them on beds.

They are soft enough to add comfort to your sleep, but some people dislike the feeling of being stuck into the mattress.

Open the windows and door to get rid of its smell and also sprinkle some baking soda to neutralize its toxic odor.

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