How to Make Your Kitchen Cabinets Taller?

How to Make Your Kitchen Cabinets Taller?

Cabinets are an essential part of our kitchen to store and organize our cooking utensils. You can alter or completely renovate them according to our needs to utilize the space in a better way.

How to Make Your Kitchen Cabinets Taller? You can make the kitchen closets taller by adding a medium-density fiberboard and crown molding on their upper side. Add new cabinets on the upper or lower side of the closet or add metallic trim on the edges to add height to the existing cupboards. Add new segments or shelves on the existing cabinets to make them taller. Adding height will provide more storage space, fill the space gracefully, and make it taller.

There are many ways you can use to make cabinets taller to create more storage space. 

Add medium density fiberboard and crown molding

It makes them taller and fills the gap between the cupboard top and ceiling.

You will need a medium-density fiberboard crown molding, nail gun, and caulk to add a few inches to their size, or you can also use plywood to make them taller.

First of all, check the size of the cupboard and decide how much height you want to add to it.

Then take a sharp knife to remove the crown molding from the top. You have to be careful while scraping off the molding.

Now measure the horizontal length of the closet to cut the medium density fiberboard according to its size.

Cut it into small pieces and join them using wood glue or a nail gun. The small pieces will fit easily where the closet has angles.

Now decide how many inches to add and cut the MDF into the same height. Then place the boards on the cupboards and join them with the edges of the kitchen cabinet.

You can use a nail gun to fix them on the cabinet top. Construction adhesive gum is another option to attach them to it.

Finally, use caulk to fill the seams or gaps between the boards and the edges to give it a smooth finish.

Now you can add old crown molding on the MDF boards and fix it there with the help of adhesives.

Next, you can add decorative moldings to make it more attractive and eye-catching. Finally, apply a layer of prime and paint on the doors for the final look.

Add height to the existing cabinet

It is another way to make kitchen cabinets taller, and it will also enhance the storage space in the kitchen.

In this method, you will increase the number of portions or shelves in the cupboards. However, it is a lengthy procedure to reconstruct the whole closet.

To do this, you will need plywood, a nail gun, a screwdriver, and adhesive glue. First, measure the length, width, and depth of the cupboard with the help of measuring tape.

Then decide the number and height of each segment in the cabinet. Now remove the doors and crown molding on the top of the cupboard.

Use a screwdriver to remove the nut and bolt of hinges. Then cut the plywood board into segments, and each segment should be equal to the desired height of the new shelf.

Now fix the board on the walls of each cabinet and fit another board in the horizontal direction to divide it into shelves. Apply caulk to fill the gaps between the board pieces and closet walls.

Now you can add wood veneer to the front edges of the closet to fix new doors.

It will increase the height of the cabinet and give a new look to your kitchen. Next, fit new crown molding on the top and polish the doors with different colors of primer and paint.

Add new cabinets

It is an excellent way of making them appear bigger and creating a lot of space in your kitchen.

You can add new cabinets to the upper surface or attach stack cabinets to the lower side of the existing cupboards. Many people replace the cabinets but keep the countertop.

You should have approximately 14 to 28 inches of space above or below the closet to add new compartments.

You can select new cabinets or use medium-density fiberboard to construct them at home.

First, measure the dimensions of the existing cupboards and the space above them. Then take the fiberboard pieces and cut them into pieces to construct the same size cupboards.

You can use nails or adhesive glue to put all the pieces together to make a cabinet. You can also construct a single horizontal compartment to attach it to the top of the previous closet.

Now remove the molding and place new kitchen cabinets on the top and fix them with the help of nails and adhesive glues.

Next, you can drill holes with the screw gun and join both cabinets with the help of screws. Finally, apply caulk to fill the seams and gaps between the edges of both cupboards.

Another option is to add the cupboards on the lower side of the existing cabinets. You can add them when there is enough space below the cabinet.

First, measure its width starting from the back to the front edge of the closet.

Then buy the same size stack cabinet and install them on the lower side. Then add filler on the gaps between them and paint the front face to give it a smooth look.

Add metallic trim

Adding a metallic trim on the upper and lower side can add sufficient height to the existing cabinet.

You can use any decorative strip of metal to add as a trim on any side of it.

Aluminum or stainless steel trims are best to add height to the kitchen cabinets. First, measure the inches you want to add to them by measuring the empty space.

Then take the aluminum plates of the same height and fix them on the top of the cabinet.

Next, draw holes on the metal plates and fix them with the help of screws on the upper or lower portion of the closet. Then apply two to three coats of the paint to give it a beautiful look.

Why would you make kitchen cabinets taller?

Adding height to the existing kitchen cabinet will give your kitchen a decent and stylish look.

It also allows you to fill the space between the cabinet top and ceiling. You can make this dead space a part of your interior design by extending the height.

Various people fill this dull space by placing different plants and decoration pieces, giving your kitchen an untidy and clumsy look.

Adding new cabinets will create a lot of space which you can use as a pantry.

However, you do not need to make a separate pantry to store different things.

Instead, it will help you give a cleaner look to your kitchen and help you organize it in a better way.

Apart from all the advantages, you have to consider the drawbacks of raised cabinets.

The taller kitchen cabinets are difficult to reach, and it is only suitable for taller people.

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